Netanyahu Wins

After listening to sources such as the BBC and NPR talk about how tight the polls were in the Israeli elections, it was a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning and find stories like this and this.


14 thoughts on “Netanyahu Wins

  1. I recall the “Mouth of Kimberlin” over at BU were hopeful of a Bibi loss.

    Man, what a bad, awful, crappy (heh), no good day yesterday for Team Kimberlin.

    • That brings up an interesting metaphysical question. After I wrote that I thought to myself, “Self, with a day going that bad, I’d be afraid to go outside lest I get hit by a meteorite.” But is that true? Is that accurate? Or are you actually hit by a meteor because it doesn’t become a meteorite until it hits you?

      Questions, questions.

      • Technically, it doesn’t become a meteorite until it hits the ground. So if it hits you, and you keep it from touching the ground, you (or your survivors) will be the only owners of a meteor. Everybody else has meteorites.

  2. The prophet Kimberhommad (pleading be unto him) has called on all his worshippers to riot outside the Carol county courthouse this morning, the chief of police issued the following statement:


  3. Bibi won, Kimberlin failed…
    … Kimberlin failed(1) to plead the existence of both a RICO enterprise and a pattern of racketeering activity. the Court agrees with the RICO Defendants
    Kimberlin has failed(2) to adequately plead elements one and two.
    Because Kimberlin has failed(3) to state a claim under § 1962(c), his “charge of conspiracy to violate RICO pursuant to §1962(d) is also without merit.
    Put simply, Kimberlin has failed(4) to allege any material facts about the enterprise’s structure.
    Kimberlin has therefore failed(5) to plead the existence of a RICO enterprise.
    For this additional reason then, Kimberlin has failed(6) to adequately plead the existence of a RICO enterprise and his § 1962(c) RICO claim is dismissed.
    …he has failed(8) to sufficiently plead the existence of racketeering activity, and, even if he did, he has failed(9) to adequately plead a pattern of such activity. The Court agrees.
    Kimberlin must adequately plead the elements of each of these predicate acts. He has failed(10) to do so.
    Kimberlin has therefore failed(11) to allege the predicate acts of mail and wire fraud under 18 U.S.C. §§ 1341 and 1343.
    Here, Kimberlin has failed(12) to allege any acts relating to a federal judicial proceeding
    Kimberlin has therefore failed(13) to plead obstruction of justice as a predicate act.
    Here, Kimberlin has failed(14) to plead that he was retaliated against in relation to an “official proceeding.”
    To the extent Kimberlin is relying on § 1513(e) of the witness retaliation statute, this attempt would also fail (15)
    Kimberlin has therefore failed(16) to plead the predicate act of extortion and/or attempted extortion.
    Because the Court has already concluded that Kimberlin failed(17) to adequately plead facts to support the predicate acts of wire fraud and mail fraud (discussed above in Section III(A)(2)(a)(ii)), the predicate act of money laundering necessarily must fail(18), as it is based on the same set of facts and circumstances as were the mail and wire fraud predicate acts.
    he has failed(19) to establish money laundering under § 1957.
    In short, Kimberlin has failed(20) to adequately plead the predicate acts of mail fraud, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, witness intimidation, witness retaliation, extortion, and money laundering
    Even if Kimberlin had adequately pled the existence of racketeering activity (which he has not), his § 1962(c) claim would still fail(21) because…
    Kimberlin has failed(22) to satisfy both elements.
    Accordingly, Kimberlin has failed(23) to establish a pattern of racketeering activity.
    ..his § 1962(c) would still fail(24) because he has not pled a cognizable RICO injury.
    Kimberlin has failed(25) to satisfy both showings.
    Finally, Kimberlin has failed(26) to allege that his injuries – to the extent they are even recognized as such – were proximately caused by the predicate acts of racketeering activity that make up the violation of § 1962(c).
    Kimberlin has therefore failed(27) to plead a cognizable RICO injury and, as a result, has failed(28) to state a claim under § 1962(c).
    Kimberlin’s claim under § 1985(3) must be dismissed as he has failed(29) to plead facts that plausibly suggest he is a member of a protected class
    Kimberlin has failed(30) to satisfy this pleading burden.
    Because Kimberlin has failed(31) to state claims against Defendants Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club…

  4. Yet another blow for the Obama administration’s political meddling in the Middle East.

    You could make a fortune taking Obama to Vegas and doing the opposite of what he says.

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