In Re RICO Madness

Judge Hazel has issued his order ending the RICO Madness.

The case is now Kimberlin v. Frey, and the judge is moving it along to the next phase.

Although I am no longer a part of the lawsuit, the Gentle Reader should expect that Hogewash! will continue to provide close coverage of the case.

29 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

  1. If our good host is so inclined, I would truly enjoy seeing some screenshots of some of Acme Legal’s greatest hits and predictions regarding the RICO suit and the fate that would befall the “RICO Racketeers.” *Cough, cough.*

    • First one is probably to go over the ground rules and framework for this phase of the case and workout what will and will not be allowed. It will give both sides time to come back to the second conference call and start getting in to the real meat and bones of discovery.

  2. Still furious. Bk has no right to consider himself above suspicion, given his long felonious career and nasty connections, and animus against someone who assured BK he would take down anything *false* written about him.

    Frey could have been killed, bystanders harmed, police injured, his family injured…. And kimberlin is an obvious person to suspect. If only through rauhauser he has connections to the crazy creeping trolls of the internet. He hangs out with an assortment of defectives with criminal backgrounds or history of harassment. He has expressed violent animus against enemies, is suspected of having an enemy killed because she thwarted his control of a little girl, is known to have set off bombs that resulted in maiming so severe it resulted in demise of a formerly healthy, active, happy person. Why would anyone be wrong to rule in or rule out his connection to that swatting? Why should he be free of suspicion and investigation? He earned his poor reputation.

    • He planted one of those bombs at a high school. Who do you think he intended to hurt with it?

      • Theory, pure speculation: his “target” was people who had been under his thumb getting out of his control and thwarting him. Goal – get them frightened, swoop in protectively, or block egress from his clutches, or just get revenge if that’s all there is to be had.
        I suspect he chose a football game to make attending school events (perhaps with other boys) too dangerous for one or both of the Barton girls. Maybe he wanted S. Barton to think “he can get to us”. Maybe he wanted to offer comfort and safe diversion to the girls at his horse farm. Everybody’s happy families again. Maybe he wanted to block or punish the girl for stepping out on him, or a boy she liked. Maybe he wanted to eventually case suspicion on a rival. I really do think there was something else besides mere distraction motivating him.

        What I thought I observed in Ctitizen K is a pattern of kill two birds with a number of his schemes, like John Muhammed the sniper was picking people off in a way that might cover his ultimate revenge-target. The larger motive for Kimby cops suspected, was to cause a disturbance that would divert priorities, attention, and resources from the investigation of Julia Schyphers murder. But… his choice of targets might not have been altogether random, and motivated by sociopathic logic.

        One of the explosions damaged a business he had had a little conflict with, a stereo equipment store. The third bomb was about 100 yards from the Scypher’s residence….

    • The Court hasn’t said that Frey is wrong, only that Kimberlin’s claim has been presented such that IF TRUE would equate a cause of action. Further, Kimberlin has not been definitively connected to the SWATting, so it can’t be hung on him as a matter of law.

      • I think definitively ruling him in or out is why there are such things as investigations. Considering who he is and the friends and enemies he’s chosen, and it would be ridiculous to say anyone in any capacity investigating that crime, including the crime victim, is out of bounds to suggest or believe in his possible involvement or knowledge of the crime.

        Of COURSE it’s not him calling, not him on the tape. OF COURSE it might only be someone who is a fan of Kimby’s or just has some common interestes with him. But Kimberlin is not above suspicion or investigation. Notorious violent felons with yellow pad hit lists and possible murders for hire in their background do not get a free pass from suspicion because they have a rain garden now.

  3. Just curious, why did the judge issue 2 different letters on the same day for a Rule 16 conference on 2 different dates? Does the 2nd one supplant the first?

    • The RICO claim is dead. There is only the 1983 claim left…for now. Deprivation of civil rights under color of law. Thing is, the little diddler was not deprived of any rights.

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