Global Warming

The Boston Globe reports that city has set new records for the snowiest winter and snowiest month.

And February, with nearly 65 inches of snow in 28 days, marked the snowiest month ever recorded in Boston — by more than 21 inches.

Al Gore was unavailable for comment.

15 thoughts on “Global Warming

    • Religion masquerading as science isn’t exclusive to the left, but the pretense that religion has absolutely nothing to do with the supposedly scientific conclusion definitely is a leftist thing.

    • And never mind the sly “adjusting” of data to sway things one way or another. Because the temps must be homogenized. WTF over, man? Either the thermometer is correct or it isnt! If it isn’t, then replace it. DUH! WTF do you need adjustments for? Because it doesn’t fit your little narrative? Awwwwww. Think the excess heat in cities wasn’t enough? (yes, I know the actual term for this but am having a brain burp. Pardon me. Nom, nom.)

      Stupid is as stupid does. And stupid people will continue to be stupid.

      • Adjustments are sometimes necessary, but what is mandatory is that the reason for the adjustment be clearly understood and explained and applied consistently, with the original data preserved and the changes recorded.
        Lacking this the ability to damage the date through intent or carelessness is too great to allow.

      • Even if they could explain why they needed adjustments, the data itself is not an indication of CO2 levels going up or down, which is their devil. It is merely to boost the argument the planet is undergoing unprecedented warming (because it’s been warming since the last ice age, but that’s neither here nor there.) The key word: unprecedented, but unfortunately, the geologic record sorta blows that out of the water.

    • Facts schmacts.

      To the bleeding-heart, bed-wetting, non-thinking, rabid leftists… feeeeeeelings are far more fun, and far simpler to understand and defer to while balling up their widdle fists and stomping their widdle feet at the downright injustice of… well… nothing really.

    • He, nor any of the TK contingent can explain the first thing about man made climate change. They just parrot the talking points. But you know, talking points are important.

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