Turning Brett Topsy Turvy

Here are some tweets that Brett apparently found on Topsy that he introduced into evidence during Friday’s peace order hearing.perjury1

Here’s a cleaner view of what the first two look like when one does a Topsy search of daughter from:wjjhoge.TopsyTweets

The sharp-eyed Gentle Reader will have notice that there is a cursor sitting on the 2 years ago button for the top tweet. Clicking on it shows this—

ClickOneThat reveals that the original tweet came from Patterico and that I retweeted it. That is consistent with what is in my Twitter timeline.MyTLOneClicking on the 2 years ago button for the second tweet, reveals this long thread—ClickTwoAClickTwoBAgain, this is revealed as another retweet. The original tweet was from Lee Stranahan. (BTW, notice that Kimberlin closes out the thread by whining about the comments that were made.) And again, this is consistent with what’s in my timeline.MyTLTwoWhile there is no proof (yet) that Kimberlin knowingly misrepresented his evidence to the court, it is clear that it was not what he purported it to be. This creates three issues for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin.

First, what is his culpability for proffering false evidence to the District Court during the hearing?

Second, since his evidence is no good, what impact would that have on a possible appeal?

Third, since the facts support my refusal to authenticate the tweets as mine and my denial of posting a comment to the Gazette article in question, … oh, I think I’ll let him puzzle over what the third issue is. Matt Osborne should contemplate it as well.

24 thoughts on “Turning Brett Topsy Turvy

  1. That presents BK with a nice little problem- at what point does he cross the line into knowing frivolity in maintaining an appeal? I mean, we all know his conventions are bogus, but once the court would reach the same conclusion there are penalties that would be imposed.

    The old saying, “If you are going to strike the king you need to kill the king” would appear to be apt. Brett failed to kill the king. I don’t think the road ahead looks very good for him right now.

    • That would be the moment he is declared a vexatious litigant. Brett Kimberlin won’t back off to prevent that outcome, and, the judiciary in Maryland doesn’t seem interested in pulling that trigger. So, the appeals will probably continue until they are exhausted.

      The other possible outcome is a repeat of the Norton cross-Peace-Orders hearing.

  2. “Contentions,” not “conventions.” Sorry- I hate it when my iPad tries to read my mind.

    • As long as your IPad doesn’t try to say that his convictions are bogus. In one context that’s dead accurate, but in another it would be promoting one of his many lies.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt, during one of his “admittedly demented” phases pulled the same trick with topsy, and was corrected, and is fully aware of this topsy bug/feature (which it is I suppose depends on whether one scruples to get things right and tell the truth). http://hogewash.com/tag/sore-loserman-bill-schmalfeldt/ I was looking at it last night. I doubt Brett was unaware of that error… He also made a pretty wacko error using postings of a team-kimby run attack site that used your blog name in the URL as evidence of YOUR perfidy.

    IIRC that led to schmycle phase “lamentations” and confession of some disability.

    • This is a very good point.

      Our Gentle Host posted about the Topsy scam over a year ago: http://hogewash.com/2014/01/27/topsy-turvy/

      On information and belief, Team Kimberlin pores over every jot and tittle posted to this blog. It’s inconceivable that they were not aware of this Topsy “bug/feature” (as Onlooker so aptly characterized it). It’s unlikely that their decision to utilize it was not knowing, willful, and intentional.

      Or, as Justice Oliver Wendell Jones might put it, “with malice and forethought.”

  4. How typical… Just find “evidence” that looks bad, without regard to either its accuracy or provenance, then present it as a “gotcha.”

    Methinks our host is well aware and ahead of the game.

  5. Channel 26 live action news team turns to The Semi Naked Spokesman for their comments on the Conair LLC failure to properly forge evidence

    “Mr Semi Naked, how would you characterize yesterdays devastating loss at the hands ofa rookie judge?:”

    Account suspended

    The profile you are trying to view has been suspended. To return to your home timeline, click here.

    “Apparently the issues with the Twitter account and his blog have not been resolved yet after several days”

    “this has been a Channel 26 live action news reporting from the crying and wailing Conair legal office in the beautiful state of MD”

    • Wishing Kimby had been asked if his tweets evidence was from Topsy. And if he were aware that searches on Topsy require a detail breakout to see the original poster.

      Also I kniw Hoge’s remarks or comments never appeared at the gazette. I was interested in his narcissistic display in that article and remember the comments well.

      Worthy of note…..kimberlin made the gazette pull all the comments, and the gazette will probably still have records of his demand

      • Worthy of note…the Gazette article would never have surfaced if not for BKs manipulation and lies. the premise was that his daughters video earned 50,000 hits. The reality was that 40,900 of them were from YouTube bots that BK paid for.

  6. I’ll just let Brett ponder just how much time he will have to spend in a federal medium security prison for a state felony conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice (as well as other counts that he and Bunny Boy are guilty of committing).
    I wonder if Brett remembers that an arrest on any criminal charge sends him back into federal custody, that a writ of attainder is automatic for anyone under the Federal Parole Commission care and control who are merely arrested? It’s what they tried (and failed) with me.

  7. They remind me of the Gang that couldn’t shoot straight. If it wasn’t so burdensome to John, it would be very amusing.

  8. Only thing is that Montgomery County Courts have set the precedent that forgery of evidence is not punishable. They are perfectly okay with it. Well, a judge might get a little peeved, but they won’t actually do anything about it.

    I think that at some point in the future the courts will rue the day that they set that precedent. But until then, forging evidence against someone you are suing is a valid course of action in Montgomery County courts.

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