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  1. Say John, you wouldn’t happen to be related to Brigadier General William Hoge (commander, Combat Command B, 9th Armored) that captured the bridge at Remagen during WWII would you?

    • I don’t believe john Hoge has called BK a pedophile, before or since that silly defamation suit. Not sure how he expects to make John Hoge accountable for not suppressing the opinions of others..and on the basis that it makes someone else, not being disparaged or contacted, upset besides himself.

    • question, the lunch break, does that give the judge enough time to get the Marshall Service to arrive

  2. ohohhhhhhh nooooooooooooo

    Matt, not too late to shop for an insurance policy……. oh that right – need to own property first…..

    THis post was brought to you by: Team Pedo Rape and the members of Conair legal – shooting airballs in court since 2013

  3. If BK had Aaron barred from the court room because he was calling him as a witness, and BK has now rested his case, can Aaron now return to the court room?

    • He just went from adamantly stating that he is not, down to, “even if he were.” Interesting, very interesting.

    • It especially doesn’t work if your “harasser” isn’t saying that about you in the first place. Let alone saying it to the person seeking a TRO. He’s trying a “these guys” case again.

  4. You know what is a source of amusement? That right now, Team Evil is following Aaron’s every tweet. The man they have maligned and smeared for years.

  5. You know what I find interesting?

    That WhoIsNumberNone’s twitter hasn’t been updated all day.


    • Here is what he thinks:

      Account suspended

      The profile you are trying to view has been suspended. To return to your home timeline, click here.

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