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  1. The Lickspittles are a rowdy group — and Lord knows I wouldn’t use the same words as some do even to describe an enemy. But none of us would cheer on the prosecution (civilly or criminally) of someone who didn’t do the thing they’re accused of.

    If there’s any proof needed of Schmalfeldt’s complete evil, the tweets which support the latest lawfare should do it. He’s cheerleading this latest mess not in the name of justice — but because he is hateful and twisted. Toss Osborne in that basket too.

    • Exactly, Dave. Even after multiple peace/restraining orders from multiple states; even after being rejected by virtually all who’ve ever suffered contact with him, including his own children, and including being cuckolded by at least two wives; he continues on the same path, oblivious to the true source of the abject failure that was/is his life. The perverse, repugnant, vile, twisted, hate filled, cyberstalking freakshow is evil at his core.

    • I always loved that scene because of the intense double-meaning in the knight’s words. Donovan had put his faith in Elsa, whose loyalty really, really was up in the air after he’d shot Indy’s father. And it cost him his life. Truly, he had chosen poorly — his allegiance and his allies as well as his choice of grail.

  2. Roy and Jane have linked to an excellent op-ed. This jumped out: : “Evil begins with fantasies, poor choices, and small steps and ends in sin, degeneracy and cruelty.” Safe link to pj media, http://tinyurl.com/pwoh7mn.

    That is what we have here.

    • To be fair, the article discusses moral boundaries. That is something Team Kimberlin is not familiar with.

  3. Heh. In trying to persecute one of the targets of a vexatious and fallacious federal civil RICO suit, they are proving a federal criminal RICO. Keep attacking fools, you will be hung by your tongues …

  4. Now Matt Osborne has shown what kind of man he is. His words have been captured forever onto the internet.

    At any time in the future, one will see Matt Osborne’s own words that show that Matt Osborne is the kind of man who lies and smears people because they practiced the freedom to point out that Brett Kimberlin is a sociopathic convicted bomber, forger, and perjurer. All one will need do is describe the situation that surrounded the sociopathic convicted bomber, forger and perjurer, and then read Matt Osborne’s words to get an idea of the character of Matt Osborne. His PHD parents must be so proud.

    I wonder why Matt Osborne would support a sociopathic convicted bomber, forger and perjurer? For money? For political relations? Because he admires Brett Kimberline? Maybe Matt Osborne admires people who set bombs to go off at high school football games. Maybe we’ll find out sometime in the future why Matt Osborne supports the sociopathic convicted bomber, forger and perjurer Brett Kimberlin. Or maybe Matt Osborne is man enough to tell us himself.

  5. Give them a break John, Bill and Bunnyboy have their marching orders and they’re going to go all the way supporting their most excellent friend.

    • Do they have to take an oath?

      “I wholeheartedly support Brett Kimberlin, who set a bomb to go off at a high school football game.”

      • I think the oath that Bill Schmalfeldt and Matt Osborne seem to have taken:

        “I wholeheartedly support Brett Kimberlin, who set a bomb to go off at a high school football game.”

        given Bill Schmalfeldt’s and Matt Osborne’s close, long term relationship with Brett Kimberlin, is implied.

    • I wonder if Osborne knows creepy-kid BK not only kept assorted snakes and reptiles as pets, but was suspected of snatching, killing, and burying pets that were disappearing in the neighborhood. The report is second hand, but by a person who grew up in indianapolis and was friends with people he hurt – including one guy who testified at his trial and made it onto the yellow-pad hit list.

  6. Bill Schmalfeldt is harassing Nancy Gilly by posting photos of her daughter, without permission. What is his strange fascination with little girls?

    • A jury and judge are going to look at what BS has done and side with Eric Johnson. Jolly good show!

    • You know…. if some “creepy old guy” was posting pictures of my underage minor daughter from his trailer I would want to find out who that guy was. I probably wouldn’t like what I read about him because he sounds like a creep and a pervert.

      Then I would ask my daughter if she liked the idea of this “creepy old guy” with multiple RO/PO’s in multiple states posting her pictures online (never mind what he MIGHT be doing with the pictures int he privacy of his trailer). She would probably say she was afraid of that person and what they might do and then she would ask me WHY he would be downloading her photos.

      Now…. I wouldn’t COACH her but I would make sure she understood what she had to tell the nice people at the police department and the court house so THEY knew just how SCARED she was of an “old creepy guy in a trailer” posting her pictures online. Minors get more leeway when it comes to “old creepy guys” posting their pictures online and downloading them for “personal use.”

      You never know just what MIGHT happen with that……….

  7. I sincerely hope LibraryGryffon pursues all available legal avenues to stop the harassment, including criminal charges. Let’s not do anything to make light of this serious and possibly illegal activity, please.

    • This coming from a guy who pisses his pants when the cops show up. It’s also the same guy who was so scared of Patrick Grady he didn’t come to his own hearing. It’s also the same guy who whines and cries for days about the cold. Maybe Tubby’s wife will give him his nuts back (they’re in her purse) and he won’t be so jealous of other people having theirs.

      • Don’t forget the time I offered plane fare to fly the actual violent felon Kyle
        Kiernan (not our charming zombie lickspittle of the same name) to MD for “crab cakes”. The fearful quaking from Elkridge registered 6.0 on the Richter scale.

    • This kind of bravado always cracks me up. The only thing stopping me from physically harming Shakey is the fact that I think it would be morally wrong. If you don’t believe that, I simply don’t care enough about his antics to do it. He’s only a plane ride away, and he’s old, weak, and sick. I could have him dead or seriously injured in the amount of time it takes me to book a flight online, drive to Austin, fly to Baltimore, rent a car, and drive to his trailer.
      What’s he gonna do- throw a diaper at me?

      But I ain’t gonna do that. I don’t hate him- I pity him. And he provides INCREDIBLE LULZ. As Heath Ledger said in “The Dark Knight,” “YOU COMPLETE ME.” In as much as a comedic distraction can make a man complete.

      OTOH, If I ever found him on my property, I would simply kill him (A psycho like that that took the effort to dox me, travel to me, and confront me is presumptively a threat, and lethal force would be reasonable.) So let’s review:

      I ain’t going to him.

      He ain’t coming to me (unless he is unsatisfied with the seven holes and 2 skull-dents he already has. And unless he can figure out who I am and where I live.)

      So that means all his ridiculous tough-talk boils down to “SAY HARSH THINGS ABOUT ME ON TWITTER, AND FEEL MY WRATH!!!!!”

      Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Schmalfeldts.

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