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I’ve been asked if it’s difficult to have something to post about The Dread Pirate/Performer/Pro-Se Kimberlin every day. The answer is, “No.” In fact, the Vast Hogewash Research Organization has turned up lots of information. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide which strand of The Saga to be featuring.

I haven’t written about a great deal of what’s been uncovered for several reasons. Some of it would give away sources that are still useful. Some of it would compromise legal strategies related to various bit’s of TDPK’s lawfare against me or other defendants. Some of it is related to ongoing investigations.

But most of it is banal. While evil often makes headlines, for the most part it’s boring.

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  1. I think we should quote some of Mr. Schmalfeldt’s greatest hits today. Presented without commentary. Well, not much.

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · 15h
    Yeah, being fucked by Hoge put a head hurt on me. It put me into a spiral of depression. But the change of meds has me out of that now.

    • Oh Reader! You’re being sent love notes again. It’s so precious! I think he wants to ask you on a date. lolz

      Schmalfeldt Radio
      No life of his own, no accomplishments to call his own, just a queer little toady existing only to serve the Great and Powerful Hoge.

  2. WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8
    Get a Twitter account. Do SOMETHING other than suck the dingleberries out of Hoge’s beard, you fucking brownnosing want-wit! GET A LIFE!!!

    • Amazing how “GET A LIFE” + “Do SOMETHING” = “Get a Twitter account.” in his book.

      Explains a lot, really.

    • Buh? To me “getting a life” means, oh, I don’t know, GETTING OFF THE INTERNET! Which, you know, would include Twitter. So so sad that this is all Biwwyy thinks there is to life.

      Oh, wait. He wanted you to get a twitter account. So he could stalk you. How congenial of him. Ass.

  3. Ah, this one is from the months he misidentified Chris Heather as Howard Earl. Mr. Heather and his family are still waiting for their apologies.

    Occupy Parkinson’s @BlitzParkinsons · September 29
    /@embryriddlealum With my FISTS, Chris. It would take me about five minutes. But, as God is my witness, I would pound your face.

  4. I remember where someone said they were going to chew a face off – cant remember who said it but it was a beaut

  5. The banality of evil is so insidious you don’t realize what is attempting to overtake you sometimes. But this time, we see it, and many people are forming bulwarks against it. That’s all that matters.

  6. I agree with A Reader #1 and how could any compendium not include the “work” that initially got him banned at Daily KOS? Warning: This is incredibly and offensively disgusting; is a big window into the soulless center of that mass; and vividly describes one of his most common fixations – link to Daily KOS. You’ve been warned.

    This isn’t a comment by the cyberstalking freakshow, but by a KOS-kid describing him:

    ha. i tried to reason w/ him at one point. (7+ / 0-)

    i recall he wanted to do a story on a fellow kossack (something about exposing things at her place of work). he harassed and pressured her, and clearly ‘stalked’ her. demeaned her…because she wouldn’t give him the story that would likely elevate him to the levels of woodward/bernstein…or something.

    creepy.anal rape.

      • Pablo, I wish comments such as yours could be made a sticky for a day or two, for continued public pleasure.

    • Seems like the question to ask Demented Stalker Bill Schmalfeldt is: If “A Reader #1” is so insignificant, why do you care what he says? Unless the truth hurts?

      “The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.”

    • I don’t have a blog, or a Twitter account, Facebook, or even myspace.

      Even, which I link to, is not mine.

      Guess I don’t “have a life”, according to my oh-so-erudite cousin.

      However, as I experience the joys and happiness of my life every waking moment, I am beginning to suspect Dear Cousin might be wrong…a little.

      Rule 5 wife…check.
      Kids and grandkids that love and respect me…check.
      Plenty of hard-earned worldly goods…check.
      Good health…check.
      Plenty of true friends…check.

      Remind me again, Cousin…who lacks a life?

  7. Guess who wrote this hypocrisy:

    … You do not have the right to go through your life unoffended. But you DO have the right not to read my stuff any more.

    C’mon; who else is thinking, “Physician heal thyself”?

  8. Hey. I am going to disagree with our host here (in a polite respectful way of course). However often evil is also banal, Witless Willie is not. His inconsequential absurdity and mind-boggling narcissism dwell perpetually on peaks soaring above the dusty plains of banality.

    Willie often wonders why he gets so much attention. If you are the greatest inadvertent clown in the history of the planet, you must expect people to gawk in bemusement or to hoot and holler in laughter. The Navy missed a sure bet: displaying Willie in action would have quickly reduced the most motivated and disciplined military force imaginable into a hysterical, helpless mob giggling and rolling on the ground. Of course, the Navy would have had to use specially programmed drones to operate him; he would have been as dangerous to our own sailors as to the enemy.

    • I think it is more weaponized malice. Rectal Mouthpiece Bildo knows he is a laughing stock to the world – his only “useful” role in life now is to be the pointy blunted end of the stick for BK, much like Grima Wormtongue to Saruman at the end of the LOTR……

      • For purposes of Team Kimberlin, Witless Willie is almost certainly the opposite of useful. He keeps attention focused on Kimberlin. Suits at law grind out at such an agonizingly slow pace that people move on to other things. But the wantwit* of Elkridge provides on a daily basis new absurdities that scream for attention. I mean, who else engages in public ponderings of his degree of dementia while opining that calling him demented is defamatory.

        Willie is not nearly so stupid as Kimberlin, who must ache to plant a bomb under Willie’s trailer. If I wanted for people to forget about my past and had encouraged Willie to “help” me to construct a new and better image, I would find the temptation to go a-bombing well nigh irresistible (but I am not known for being patient).

        *Thanks to Reader for reminding me of that word; the doubling of the w’s makes it more FUN than lackwit.

  9. I see that Bill Schmalfeldt is thrashing around like a wounded snake again today. I wonder what has him so upset?

  10. I don’t know why he gets so upset. I do not call him names. I do not denigrate his family members. I truly wish that he and his wife did not have the illnesses they have, and I hope they are getting top notch care. I am on record in my respect for the Mrs. in overcoming cancer, and her weight loss, done the old fashioned way, through plain hard work.

    I quote him. A lot. If he does not care for the things he has written, that is his responsibility, not mine.

    • Bill Schmalfeldt thinks other people are the cause of his ruined reputation, but one only need do an online search of the words “Schmalfeldt hate tweets”, then click on images. The results are what he himself has written, not what others have written about him.

      Bill Schmalfeldt would be happier if he didn’t spend all day in front of his computer trashing other people online. All he accomplishes is placing his rantings onto the internet, which are then on the record forever.

    • When I used to write more actively, I called someone who quoted me a lot “a fan”, and I liked it.

      But then, if someone were to unearth a vast repository of tens of thousands of my old works (for example, my old pc-relay bbs politics forum postings) I would be delighted! I would NOT be abusing people for “digging up nine year old posts” and wishing they could be deleted. And I certainly wouldn’t be worried about being investigated for violating the Hatch Act.

      As an aside, someone once called my old employer and complained that I was posting to an online discussion group while on company time. The employer replied “well we sure hope so, otherwise the high speed data link he asked for is going to waste”.

      • all I ever know is what I read………….

        and there is lots and lots and lots to read out there

  11. I know it isn’t supposed to be, but watching William’s mental state deteriorate is FUN! He’s now at the point where you don’t know where the madness stops and the stupid begins.

    For example, William has determined that the “sterling reputation” of a decade-long public anal fetishist and all-around homosexual rape enthusiast is worth $109 million, or well over twice that of casino magnate Steve Wynn!

    How is it that Schmalfeldt is funny when he’s trying to be scary and scary when he’s trying to be funny? Is it performance art, psychosis or just incompetence?

  12. I stand totally with WJJ Hoge!

    For years, I have defended the downtrodden, the abused, the bullied in courtrooms and on the streets. I have relished seeing the Brett Kimberlins, the Bill Schmalfeldts, the William Fergusons, the Matt Osbornes, the Craig Gllettes and the other loser inconsequentials that comprise the core of what has become to be known as Team Kimberlin begin to face the harsh realities against them that are now manifesting themselves, in my opinion. In particular, I have focused on Bill Schmalfeldt whom I usually refer to as The Elkridge Horror (of Lovecraftian fame) because, in my opinion, he reminds me so much of Joseph Isaac (Ike) Clanton; a sniveling whiny coward most notably famous for his OK Corral “wimp-out”. Just like Wilbur Whateley of Dunwich fame.

    Not terribly bright and prone to garnering courage from the acts of his “betters”, the Elkridge Horror or “Brett’s [Johnny Ringo] Ike Clanton” has the misfortune of always shooting first and checking later with his trademark “Fire, Ready, Aim” shooting skills. One only need to review ALL of the Horror’s lengthy internet history regardless from where it is/was posted….at work or home, to see that trademark shooting skill in action. He is indeed a terribly cruel individual, in my opinion.

    The is no subtlety to the absolute cruelty that permeates all that is The Elkridge Horror. He FAILDOXXs with reckless abandon and manifests absolutely no remorse whatsoever for the damages he inflicts. He slanders and libels all with absolute abandon with the exception of his “team”! He now is beginning to experience some small “pushback” from those who are offended by his presence in our sphere. His reaction is fairly predictable…..”If you don’t like me shitting on the sidewalk, then stay out of the area. I will shit wherever I please. It is your duty to stay away from my shit!”

    What a complete irresponsible buffoon.

    His criminal attempts to coerce Mr. Hoge, coupled with the concomitant criminal acts of the other conspirators (Oh my!! There’s that nasty RICO term again!!) will eventually result in serious legal consequences for the entirety of the horrible monstrosity that is Team Kimberlin.

    For Mr. Schmalfeldt, there is also the looming prospect of legacy. No one claims him now…..i wonder who will claim him once he has ‘passed on’. I, for one, will take pleasure in ‘watering’ his grave.


  13. I think Shakes has moments of lucidity. Not many, but it’s easy to see when he’s having an episode of lulz and when he’s viewing the world slightly more sanely. I think his periods of lucidity are heavily shaded by denial. Denial leading to rage, blame and all the fun tricks sir jiggles a lot has in his bag.

    I think the denial is key. If he were to ever consciously admit to himself the terrible, inhuman and psychotic deeds he’s committed, he would have a serious breakdown. So he has to keep climbing the Bandini mountain of his delusions and face planting on the way down.

  14. Still waiting for Mr. Neal Rauhauser (and all around failure at social media) also life, to collect his mellun imaginary dollars from James McGibney.

    I will be LULZing over this one for a long time to come.

    More later, to the great shame of one Mr. #NEALRAUHAUSER

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