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Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign will not be presented this evening. Johnny is on a special assignment out in the Pacific Northwest this week, but he’s expected back in time for next week’s program. Join us at 6 pm ET next Monday for next intriguing episode.

100 thoughts on “Programming Announcement

      • Waahhhh! Waahhhh! No Free Ice Cream!!! Waahhh!

        Wait, what, sorry wrong web site.

        Remain strong, keep your priorities straight, and Mrs Hoge comes well before “Murum aries attigit.” But please remember, “Murum aries attigit.”

        If nothing else this week should have reminded you of that. A stupidly contrived tactical error, that.

        Remember, when you ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” Flipping over tables and taking a bullwhip to somebody’s ass is not out of the realm of options. And that’s just the New Testament.

        Remember, it was not “Thou shalt not allow a witch to live” it was “Thou shalt not allow a poisoner of wells to dwell amongst you.” Mistranslations. Bill and Brett poison the well.

        Be strong. Be well. In the non Bill sense of be well.

    • I wonder if Johnny will have the opportunity to meet Brenda Elaine Matlock who had the poor fortune to post as BEMatlock? The Grouch was cyberstalking a critic using the pseudonym bematlock as in “Benjamin Matlock” the TV attorney. When the Grouch discovered the similarity in handles he jumped to conclusion he had found his woman!

  1. Anybody remember when Bill tried to tell us he “barely knew” Kimberlin? Now he’s privy to his deepest secrets.

    • Well, let’s be fair. William’s had teenage daughters. Sure, they hated him and everything, but he does have experience is parenting.

  2. Let me see if I have this down correctly….Bill is crowing that Mr. Hoge is “stalking” the teenage daughter of Brett Kimberlin, a “man” who had an unhealthy attraction to a 10 year old girl when he was 20, who slept with a 15 year old when he was 42, paid an unhealthy amount of attention to that girl’s 12 year old cousin, and allowed a convicted child pornographer to stay at his house and shoot his daughter’s music videos.

    Strange logic there, Schmalfeldt.

    • I would love to comment on the allegations against our gentle host, but I am taking a cue from his book and not commenting pending the outcome of the hearing. It appears to be a baseless complaint, but I will let his attorneys make his arguments in the only forum that actually matters. They sure are loving that they got even an ex parte emergency Order… on the word of a convicted perjurer no less. Exactly what he promised. law suits for the end of their lives.

    • Well, in a nutshell…

      Your comments with regard to the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s “not-for-profit” organizations (in the blog post concerning his… um… interesting tax returns) must have been over the target — as you have been taking flak, Dianna.

      The Domestic Terrorist’s Rectal Mouthpiece Bill Schmalfeldt has had much to say about the Lickspittles discussing those “not-for-profits” — and, he has mentioned you in particular.

      Oh. And, in the most creepy, harassing, and threatening of manners… the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted earlier today that he knows your address.

      The Demented Freak also claims that someone from Team Kimberlin called your place of employment today, but he claims it was not him — because as we all know… Bill Schmalfeldt would NEVAH call someone’s job/boss nor would he ever threaten to do as much. /sarc

  3. Oh, is that what that call was? My assistant was quite annoyed. We get these weird, harassing phone calls every now and again. Policy is to tell them never to contact us again, log it, and pass it on to the trustees and our lawyers.

    My work address is kind of public. What a remarkable feat of detective work! (Deep, deep sarcasm, here.)

  4. Man, i need to remember to refresh and see what *else* has been said!

    Truly? First of all, I have never, not once, made any mention of my employer with regard to any opinion I hold. Second, my employer is a private foundation. Third, I do not have a board vote, so …nice try, no credit. Fourth – on what grounds? Seriously? Get a freaking grip, Team Kimberlin. You can harass me, but not the foundation.

    • You are more than welcome, Dianna.

      I’m glad you were able to pop in this evening. You’ve been on my mind a lot today after witnessing Bill Schmalfeldt’s harassment directed toward you.

      I’m glad to hear you are forwarding his harassment and threats to your in-house counsel. They may be interested in taking a look at his LOLsuit, too (in the event BS follows through on his threat and adds you and your foundation’s trustees).

      You may also want to consider contacting your local law enforcement (considering the crowd that BS associates with and their um… history). If you do — be sure to mention that Bill Schmalfeldt is an Adjudicated Harasser and an Adjudicated Stalker — and, has multiple (current) Peace/Restraining Orders issued against him. Just a thought.

      • I have been sending out email as I follow this thread. Thank you, Grace. I really appreciate the information, and your advice, as I am generally a peaceable sort, but I am aware how awful the world can be.

        “Therefore, be you wise a serpents and as simple as doves.”

      • That can’t be right. It just can’t be.

        I’m convinced that William filed court papers just ten days ago where he swore that he barely knew Brett Kimberlin. Yet you people are telling me that he’s publicly relaying a telephone call from Mr. Kimberlin to Ms. Deeley a mere 30 minutes after it took place.

        However could that be? Perhaps I’m mistaken.

        Or could it be Parkinson’s Dementia that’s striking me?

        • But he said in more than one court pleading that Kimberlin was little more than a taxi service for him. But you’re telling me that he’s playing telephone between Brett and Twitter.

          It must be Parkinson’s dementia that’s causing my confusion. I read a book once that said it causes hallucinations. Maybe I’m dreaming everything William swore in his lawsuits.

          What other explanation could there be?

      • Oh come on Neal… don’t we ALL have “acquaintances” who we are cordial with only at Christmas and Easter. And those same folks we barely talk to are MORE than happy to hop in there car and drive 40 minutes from their home to pick you up, drive you to a courthouse 40 minutes away, sit and wait with you, drive you home after the proceedings and then drive make that trip home?

        I probably have… like… a hundred people who would do that for me…… lol.

    • This I why I don’t like even openly acknowledging the existence of some of BKs relations. He’s such a user, he’ll manipulate, speak for, coerce,use anyone, to get his way and/or for his own glory. Don’t let it be lost on you he has selfish, grandiose ideas of wringing publicity for himself and for vicarious realization of his own goals. He has no thought about how damaging….well that’s a discussion for not here.
      It’s better form not to assist him I think,

      • It will be interesting to see Brett acknowledging the existence of his wife come Friday. I wonder if she’ll be packing for vacation again.

    • If she has actually been having any problems, it is probably because BK has been micromanaging her career and driving all the music people crazy.

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