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Mrs. Hoge received a couple of interesting emails today. Someone is trying to use her identity to sign up for a Disqus account in order to post comments at Breitbart Unmasked.UntitledMrs. Hoge also received this email related to Bill Schmalfeldt’s new SRN.Untitled1Of course, she hasn’t tried to comment at BU, and she has no interest in SRN. (She prefers to listen to WYPR out of Baltimore for NPR talk and jazz and WETA-FM from Washington for classical music.)

I can understand why a member of Team Kimberlin would rather have someone else’s identity instead of his own. OTOH, I am not amused by someone trying to steal my wife’s identity.

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  1. JTMP’s 2013 990 is on citizenaudit …. Apparently 2013 was their highest revenue year ever….not the least bit suspicious that.

    • $24,000 travel expenses
      $180,000 print & publication expenses
      $32,000 supplies
      and only $640 in postage.

      Makes you wonder where all the “print and publication” expenses went, especially since their employee costs were only $19,500 in salary and $30,000 in “other employee benefits.”

      I think it would be interesting to see what’s really going on behind the scenes at JTMP.

      If it’s all above board and all it takes is some platitudes about “get out the vote” to get $380k/year from liberal groups, I might have to start a nonprofit.

      • The thought of getting into those books makes my fingers twitch.

        The 990s I’ve seen reek. What really seals it for me is when I compare them to various organizations whose financials I read, even some that are actually smaller, where all the expenses make a clear picture. Seriously, read those financials, and tell me what this “charity” actually does. Not what they say, what they do.

        You can’t, because it’s incoherent.

      • Now we know where the funding for his law fare comes from … the print and publication, budget. Probably where the money, in cash, that he paid bully-boy Bill also originated. That $2000 in savings he had to reveal during LOLsuit1. The Prius, insurance and healthcare are the ‘other employee compensation’. Must be nice to defraud donors like that …

      • If I had to guess, I think Kimberlin is both an employee of VRUS and a contractor that provides the “print and publication” services. Mainly through his “music”.

        Probably some tax reasons. Or maybe to make it look like the nonprofit has a low overhead when really most of the money is going to one person.

    • ” Must be nice to defraud donors like that …”
      But does anyone really think there ARE donors at this point?
      The only possible remaining donor is Aunt Harriet… otherwise it has to be part of some money-laundering scheme or something, no?

      • There were early on signs that this has been the case.

        It shocks me there has been no intense scrutiny of money trails -that I know Of-by the Feds. The participation of a guy like Kimberlin ( with a self described history of concealing ill gotten gains and self described cleverness at avoiding detection)
        combined with these 990s should have raised flags if the forms alone did not.

      • Fwiw I have very little interest in whatever political viewpoint or causes he attaches himself to like an undersea worm. That’s not what is wrong with JTMPor Brett Kimberlin. Nope, it’s his determination to fulfill his selfishness and grandiose delusions by stomping on people who tell the truth about him

      • I’m thinking pass-through for political donations in an election year. The donations could very well be earmarked for specific spending. That result in a surge of revenue without any significant increase in free cash flow. Of course, this is just speculation.

        Somehow, that reminds me of Neal Raushauer. He seems to have certain talents regarding hacking and dirty tricks. If you are a political campaign and you want to run certain black ops what a better way to insulate yourself from any blowback than to set your contractors up as an employment of a “non-profit” and donate his salary, and a convenience fee, to that “non-profit.”

      • “It shocks me there has been no intense scrutiny of money trails -that I know Of-by the Feds. ”

        They’ve gotten Tides Foundation money, right?

        That’s a signal they’re Connected, and the Feds won’t touch them with a thousand-foot pole.

      • I’m not aware of any direct Tides money. Tides people are involved with Threshold foundation which (up until 2012) was JTMP and VRUSs biggest visible donor. That dried up… at least on paper. Brett was getting that money because Brett’s Aunt Harriet was one of the founding “doughnuts” as the Threshold people call themselves.

  2. It makes you wonder whether some people have decided that if they can’t bully a man, they still may be able to bully a woman, particularly one who has more important things to worry about immediately.

    My experience has been that anyone who believes women are the weaker sex emotionally has not dealt with many adult women. Of course, some who, in their own eyes, are men seem to focus their thoughts on girls rather than women. And some who have an animus against our host seem unlikely to find even girls, let alone women, willing to deal with them at all. And others with such an animus seem to be so quivery that they are reduced to fantasizing about pre-adolescent boys because they find girls really, really scary.

    • Mrs Hoge is an admirable person… and a formidable one. This will not end well for them.

  3. I don’t get it. Someone could’ve used Mrs. Hoge’s e-mail address all day over at BU w/out checking the “subscribe” box and you might not even have noticed.

    What’s the purpose behind doing something explicitly designed to get noticed?

    • Contact. What’s the purpose of tweeting someone hundreds of times when a judge told you not to?

      • Yep. Contact for the sole purpose of harassment.

        What’s the purpose of harassing your adversary’s wife if your adversary is not aware of your “Look at me! Look at me! I’m a deranged, desperate, attention whore — and, I’m above the law (until I’m not)!” behavior.

        As spqrzilla9 stated above, “Criminals gotta crime.”

        Tis the air they breathe.

      • Exactly. Contact. It gives him such perverse pleasure to transgress. He is furious about being ordered by the court, and he finds it impossible to control his urge to bother.

    • I suppose anyone not previously convinced the pingback and email sign up were deliberate contact would certainly be convinced now. WTG on the digging, team evil.


        The fact that DISQUS-GATE reflects badly upon Team Kimberlin is proof they are innocent! Just like Bill Schmalfeldt’s signature must be forged if it’s on an incriminating document!

        AND: DISQUS-GATE is too close to the usual Team Kimberlin Modus Operandi (More LATIN, b!tches!) therefore it’s an obvious FORGERY! Just like that signature!

        “If A is too similar to B, it must be CONSPIRACY!!!” ELEVENTY!!!1!1!!!!11

        BE WELL!

        NOTE FOR ANY BLOATED MAYO-GARGLING, FOOT-LONG SNORFLING, CREEPY TIN-CAN-DWELLING STALKERS: The first four paragraphs above are SARCASM. And Bill Schmalfeldt is crazier than an outhouse rat… IMO :0)

      • Now you’re just being cruel, viewfromnl. You are going to make these Team Kimberlin “Mensa” members have to figure out how to use the Google translator.

        Well… maybe not cruel. At least you gave the vertically-challenged, “know-it-all” one a head start by at least informing him that you were using Latin.

        Gotta love the clueless yet cocky ones who hesitate not to put their stoopid right out there in the open. Heh.

  4. Attention:

    Does anyone know the statute of limitations on several hundred violations of the Hatch act occurring approx. between Feb 2005 through 2010/2011?

    Thanks – asking for a friend

  5. These are sure some creepy bastards. One of these punks on TK is going to step over the line and is going to end up in the ground.
    Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

  6. Question: what is the statute of limitations on writing bad music? What if everything written sounds the same, is that another violation?

      • If you know the entity being robbed, maybe we should consider notifying them of the theft and butchering of their original efforts?

      • That’s odd. I can’t seem to find Wee Willy’s name mentioned at all in this little, two-comment thread between Howard and Jane.

        Sheesh. Those Team Kimberlin goons sure are a paranoid and defensive sort.

        I believe there’s an old saying or proverb that goes something like, “He declares himself guilty who justifies himself before an accusation” — or, something like that.


    • If a song is good, shouldn’t it play frequently on Internet radio stations, especially those programmed by former GS lackeys and satellite radio professionals?

  7. Is anyone else wondering whether someone who has a radio station using the public airwaves and featuring himself is, by operation of law, a public figure? I guess it might come down to a factual question of how many people actually listen to the station as opposed to potentially being able to listen to it. In that case, the argument is a complete flop. Still, by law the radio spectrum is a public good.

    Don’t get me wrong. Witless Willie is certainly a public figure, at least a limited purpose one. A man who has been subjected to peace orders in multiple states, who has been a party in several court cases, and who has been cited as a reputable reporter in a civil case to which he is not a party is clearly someone who has thrust himself into the public eye. (In fact, if I remember correctly, the witless one actually tried to insert himself into a federal case in which he was not a party by writing sua sponte to the judge about the case.) But proving all these factual matters will be at least a small drain on our host’s time and patience. So finding a compelling argument that, to use a phrase much loved by Kimberlin et al, Willie is per se a public figure would be useful.

    • “In fact, if I remember correctly, the witless one actually tried to insert himself into a federal case in which he was not a party… ”

      You certainly remember correctly, Jeff. Wikipedia actually uses the word “thrust” versus “insert” (which, IMO, far more accurately describes BS’s behavior).

      From Wikipedia:

      “a limited purpose public figure, meaning those who have “thrust themselves to the forefront of particular public controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved.” A “particularized determination” is required to decide whether a person is a limited purpose public figure, which can be variously interpreted:[2]

      A person can become an “involuntary public figure” as the result of publicity, even though that person did not want or invite the public attention. For example, people accused of high profile crimes may be unable to pursue actions for defamation even after their innocence is established…

      A person can also become a “limited public figure” by engaging in actions which generate publicity within a narrow area of interest.”

      There can be no valid argument made against the fact the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt (at the very least) is a “limited purpose public figure” — not to mention he has spent YEARS (all thoroughly documented) trying like a madman to be very, very public. There has been little-to-nothing “involuntary” about his efforts.

      Speaking of Wikipedia, and the “Public Figures” versus “Private Citizens” issue — Do “private citizens” tend to be highlighted in a Wikipedia page? How about TWO Wikipedia pages?

      “Broadway Bill” Schmalfeldt
      http://en.m.wikipedia (dot) org/wiki/On_Broadway_(Sirius_XM)

      Fictional Reporter “Ed Baxter” — Bill Schmalfeldt
      http://en.m.wikipedia (dot) org/wiki/%2740s_on_4

      Bill Schmalfeldt has been committed to obtaining the spotlight, and making a publicly-recognizable name for himself for a very long time now. However, when things become inconvenient and troubling for him… in spectacular and diabolical fashion, he yearns and strives to bend reality to his will.

      It doesn’t work that way. He cannot have it both ways. And, as is evidenced by his antics — this gives the demented one the butthurtz and the sadz.

      • Grace, Grace,

        You really hit a nerve. Those wiki pages no longer seem to be available. I wonder who may have caused that. Of course, it IS discoverable. Even if there is no innocent explanation, what’s a little spoliation of evidence among friends?

      • My bad, Jeff. Sorry. I should have noted that I edited — took out the [ . ] and replaced it with (dot) — in order to avoid my comment being held in moderation for having too many links.

        Here are the original links (unedited):

        “Broadway Bill” Schmalfeldt

        Fictional Reporter “Ed Baxter” — Bill Schmalfeldt

        Last I checked, those pages were still available.

        However (as you most likely already know), the same cannot be said for quite a bit of the demented one’s internet droppings. He has quite a thing for spoliation of evidence. My guess would be that if BS had control over those Wikipedia pages — and, they proved to be too troubling for him — he would not hesitate for a second to alter/destroy them. I’d wager that behavior of his is going to come back and bite him on his ample backside one of these days.

        Again… sorry for the confusion.

      • Grace

        No problem. I was mistaken. No spoliation here. Still, it might be advisable to screen cap them, just in case. I had no idea that Witless Willie was such a public figure in so many diverse ways.

    • I don’t know that I would be too sure about the “limited purpose figure” appellation for BS. A recent ruling in California has really caused me to doubt that when you are talking about run-of-the-mill people. Now someone who was given a nickname for a series of bombings? Yeah, that person is a public figure.

      • Well… I’m not going to get into the details on this forum, Ash (I’m sure you can assume as to why). Just suffice it to say that I’m basing my educated opinion on far more than just Jeff’s correct recollection of BS thrusting himself into Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin’s federal RICO case, and my inclusion of the two aforementioned Wikipedia pages that highlight BS.

        Far more.

        Just as an aside — the Wikipedia link I posted above dealing with “Public Figures” provides an example:

        “A person can also become a “limited public figure” by engaging in actions which generate publicity within a narrow area of interest.

        For example, [jokes about]… Terry Rakolta [an activist who spearheaded a boycott of the show Married With Children] were fair comments… within the confines of her public conduct [and] protected by Ms. Rakolta’s status as a “limited public figure”.”

        And, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not insinuating that Wikipedia is the end-all-be-all trusted source here — far from it. But, I did find that example of a “limited public figure” interesting.

  8. I have another question. If a guy publicly promises to make a blog as a glowing testament to his alleged “beloved,” and he never does it, does that make him a) a liar, or b) a dirty rotten scoundrel?

  9. Oh, rats, thought of another one. If a guy who just has a high school diploma spends a lot of pixels telling lawyers what they can and cannot do, and making legal pronouncements, is he a) practicing law without a license, or b) full of himself?

    • Well do you folks think that there is another option, d), for delusional?

      Someone who had actual knowledge of what lawyers can and cannot do would be acquainted with the term “pro hac vice.”

      • A Reader — I am going to go with (b) and (d).

        (B) as in (b)loviating, (b)lathering, and (b)ullshit — AND — (D) as in (d)elusional, (d)emented, and (d)eranged.

        Yeah. One would think that a (d)esperate (b)lob who basically lives on sites such as “AVVO” and “JustAnswer” pleading with attorneys for free legal advice (many of whom are most likely NOT licensed to practice law in the state in which the (b)raindead (d)umbass resides) would at least have a passing acquaintance with the term “pro hac vice” — and, at least be somewhat familiar with the difference between legal advice and legal information.

        But, then again… we are referring to someone who has NO WAY of knowing ANY details nor facts with regards to the situation they insist on speculatively spewing on about — and, apparently are rabidly hellbent on inserting (thrusting) themselves into.

        I believe those types of individuals are referred to as “journamalists” (amongst many, many other things).

    • He just claimed to have lied in an email to the Caroll County State’s Attorney, too. Was he dropped on his head?

      • I mean, the only ADJUDICATED harasser that I know of is him, in three states. Hear Tennessee is in the running, too.

      • “Yes, officer. I’m an adjudicated cyberstalker that WJJJ HOOOOOGEEEEE! is pressing charges against. You should know that I’m involved in setting him up he has just had a peace order served on him, too!

        Obviously, this is the most transparent fabrication in the history of the English speaking peoples you don’t want to incarcerate a sick, old psychopath under these circumstances!”

      • It’s going to drop another 10 points, Father Paul. The following is Bill Schmalfeldt’s (utterly unbelievable) brain-damaged and delusional stupidity on FULL display once again:

        (1) The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt included Aaron’s Twitter @ handle in a tweet — which guaranteed that BS’s tweet would wind up in Aaron’s notifications/mentions, and undoubtedly constituted initial and direct contact with Aaron.

        (2) Aaron responded to the tweet reminding BS that he has been ordered repeatedly to stop contacting and harassing Aaron — and, Aaron proceeds to AGAIN instruct BS to “Stop.”

        (3) The Adjudicated (and, admitted) Harasser and Adjudicated Stalker Bill Schmalfeldt then tweeted to Aaron AGAIN — and, had the unmitigated gall to tell AARON to stop contacting HIM.

        Good grief. The stupid… it buuuuurns.

      • Indeed, A Reader.

        And, that pathetic, Team Kimberlin “accuse the accusers” stunt has become beyond obvious and beyond tiresome and beyond worn out.

        But, then again — many of us long ago stopped expecting anything original to come out of the Adjudicated (and, admitted) Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • Is Blob just making this stuff up, or is someone on Team Pedo advising him? Dear God, that boy is a moron. Not to mention…

  10. BREAKING: Elkridge man finds toilet paper in the bathroom. Who could be behind this dastardly act?

    • In related news, a new industrial-strength emetic has been found that promises to be able to induce vomiting in entire rooms full of people at one time.

  11. wow, he’s still around??
    I know I’ve been out of the loop for a while but DAMN!! that train wreck just keeps on wrecking doesnt he??

    still playing catch up to what all has been going on, but I have to say, I’m AMAZED at the sheer insanity I’ve seen in the last few hours from TK.

  12. Schmalfeldt Radio @OnlineRadioSRN · 1h 1 hour ago
    God forbid, Mrs. Hoge gets worse and succumbs to her illness. Later, Hoge hears about some treatment that could have saved her life…

    Schmalfeldt Radio @OnlineRadioSRN · 1h 1 hour ago
    …it’s only available at NIH, and he blasts and thunders, WHY DIDN’T SCHMALFELDT TELL ME!!! And I get sued for not providing the info.

    What does this even mean? Bill, having not worked at the NIH for many years, knows of a sekret cancer treatment that nobody else knows about? Or the NIH has a super sekret cancer treatment only available to “friends”? Regular oncologists don’t know about the NIH and their clinical trials?

    Even he’s not that stupid.

    • Of course not. It’s the shtick he’s chosen to play in public. It was all about finding an excuse to contact Hoge, just like pingbacks, just like copyright infringement, just like @ mentions.

    • He is vile.

      He puffs himself up to make himself feel important, and it just makes him look more disgusting and slimy. He certainly knows less about clinical trials and other advances than the Hoge’s doctors, and he needs to shut up.

  13. Nice to see Willy is back to carrying Kimberlin’s water after denying him three times before the “cock” crowed.

    You know, Bill wrote an entire blog post on the TRO and never once got around to mentioning a SINGLE THING that Hoge did or said. There’s a lot of what other people said (nothing worthy of a TRO either), but nothing from Hoge.


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