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Back in 2013, I sought a peace order against Brett Kimberlin which was not granted by the District Court, and I lost my appeal to the Circuit Court. During the Circuit Court hearing, Brett Kimberlin told Judge Stansfield that he was not present when a subpoena for documents was served at his office in Cabin John, Maryland.


Uh, huh.

23 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Rhuuuuutttttt…….Rhoooooohh Looks like somebody was busted for lying to the court AGAIN!

  2. Purposeful lying is purposeful.

    Lying to the court is pretty much standard for BK because it works. The cost-benefit is massively pro-perjury as this post demonstrates.

  3. I assume LEOs file an affidavit or the like indicating they performed service? So why was the diddler believed? Not charged with perjury?

  4. Lying liars lie.

    And, to think the Bunny Boys and the Wee Wee Willys and The Big BMs, et al believe with all their hearts that the sawed-off, Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin would nevah lie to them.

    None are so blind…

    Oh. And, speaking of the anklebiter FiFi Fergie — he asserted on teh Twitterz that the Speedway Bomber sued Mark Singer for libel over “Citizen K” and that BK won the lawsuit. When challenged, Wee Willy proclaimed he was going to provide impeachable proof of his claim.


  5. Is Brett Kimberlin going bald? 15 year-old girls aren’t attracted to old bald guys, so those days are gone. Maybe Brett Kimberlin can write a song about how he’s never had a normal relationship in his life. Such is the life of a tiny diddling sociopathic convicted bomber who eats seals.

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