Prevarication Du Jour

Matt Osborne has published a blatantly false and defamatory article over at Breitbart Unmasked (safe link) titled William Hoge Stalking A Teenager For His Conspiracy Theory. This paragraph is among the most egregious.BU20150304

Mrs. Kimberlin’s Application for Statement of Charges (available here) does not allege anything about a bomb factory or BDSM. Osborne’s assertions are utter rubbish. More important, they are lies.

The list of additional false statement in the post includes, but is not limited to—

That I have stalked Kelsie Kimberlin.
That I have taken any action with respect to Ms. Kimberlin’s music career.
That the process server employed by my lawyer was sent to photograph Brett Kimberlin.

Matt Osborne owes the truth to what few readers he has. He needs to back up the assertions in William Hoge Stalking A Teenager For His Conspiracy Theory with documentary evidence or he must retract them and apologize. He should do so not later than midnight Saturday Eastern Time.

Finally, because Breitbart Unmasked does not publish a snail mail address, I hereby notify Breitbart Unmasked and Matt Osborne that they should preserve all documents, records, files, etc., relating to me personally, the Hogewash! blog, Brett Kimberlin, and/or Kelsie Kimberlin that may be in their possession or under their control.

43 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I wonder how Bunny Boy Matt Osborne got into doing the bidding of a sociopathic convicted terrorist bomber/forger/perjurer?

  2. Joke: A young bull and an old bull are by the creek drinking. The young bulls spots a herd of heifers on the hill and says to the old bull, “Why don’t we run up the hill and have us each a heifer?” The old bull replies, “Why don’t we walk up the hill and have them all!”

    Cliché: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

      • Especially when the checkers have zero knowledge of the organization of the Orthodox Churches, the hierarchy thereof nor do they have standing to investigate. Orthodox hierarchies, since in their counties of origin they are traditionally under attack, a casual inquiry is almost always rebuffed immediately. A cogent and factually correct enquiry to the actual Exarchy of a specific Priest, requesting verification of a Priest’s bona fides, for a legitimate purpose clearly stated, or in the case, regarding alleged improprieties (with attached evidence of the allegation, i.e., a police report, donation receipt, etc) would be responded to.
        Or you can ask the Priest in question for a letter of good standing from his Exarch’s office if you are in business with him, his landlord, donor or state entity.
        Otherwise, you can expect to hear crickets.
        As my ministry is tailored to helping ex-cons, unless they are an ex-con desiring to reform and redeem their lives and live in my local area, they can piss up a rope.

    • Some people won’t be happy until they end up in jail. They may not find that experience to their liking either.

      • That I can guarantee will be the take-away of their experience. Certain members display a laissez-faire attitude, but they are scared inside (or at least they should be). Incarceration is no laughing matter.

  3. Your name is worthless, Hoggy. Look at your idiot son, look at your dying wife. Ever think God’s punishing you for being such a douchebag? We do!

      • We’ll see if Bunny Boy has enough blogger integrity to retract the lies he has written. That’s what a competent blogger would do.

    • Oh, looky. A Godless, Team Kimberlin, Rectal Mouthpiece weighs in on God. *yawn*

      Smells like sweet, sweet, delicious desperation. Heh.

    • Whoever wrote this comment is an evil person with a soul like a black hole. When I read it I felt the wording and tone were just like something a demon would say in a horror movie.

  4. Matt Osborne owes the truth to what few readers he has.

    Matt Osborne and his few readers aren’t interested in the truth. They are only interested in their own private little circle jerk.

    • Apt description. Which brings up the question: Why does Matt Osborne support the efforts of a sociopathic convicted terrorist? Politics? Would Matt Osborne support Stalin killing millions of his own people simply because Stalin was a communist?

      • Maybe, you should just ask the question: Why does bunny boy live in his parent’s basement? Perhaps the connection between the two is causal rather than coincidental.

    • And I hope and pray that that “corrected” bit of information is as untrue as the rest of the original article. And if it’s not, Tetyana, please contact me. You don’t have to live that way. I know your pain and anguish too well. Don’t go back. You can do better for yourself and for your girls. Please.

      • There is no reason to believe that it is true. Inasmuch as Brett Kimberlin argued to the court that the Kimberlin’s were a happy couple preparing to embark on a two week vacation to Hawaii just last August the bunny boy’s “retraction” amounts to little more than trying to keep their stories straight ex post facto. “Brett and Tetyana are reconciling” is a less plausible claim than Brett Kimberlin was “secretly exonerated [oxymoronic],” or “Brett Kimberlin sued Mark Singer for defamation and won.”

  5. The pirate crew frequently drags the children of the dread pro-Se into their confused ramblings. This latest one by Bunny Boy puts forward the assertion that the child’s music career is being harmed by being involved.

    Does the pirate crew not have the minimal IQ to realize that every time they mention her and her father in the same sentence they themselves are ensuring that future Google searches will do exactly what they are accusing others of doing?

    If you don’t want people knowing about who her father is, they should really stop mentioning who her father is when they discuss her; and just leave her out of this all together .

    Give the kid a break.

  6. Interesting. There are no photos, none, of any female members of BK’s family on this blog , Aaron’s, McCain’s, or TMZ. The minor is not mentioned by name here. Yet cyberstalker BS posts a hit piece on John, with her photo.
    In court, the defendants were willing to stipulate that BK had not harmed his kids. In fact, they may have done so.
    I am reposting the link to trigger moderation, in case John wants to withhold my observations.

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