Prevarication Du Jour

BU201503022143ZIn what passes for investigative journalism among the incompetent, Bunny Boy of Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) has written that Paul Lemmen is not ordained because he checked with the Orthodox Church in America, and they aren’t aware of Fr. Paul’s ordination.

There are many varieties of Orthodox communions: Greek, Syrian, Coptic, Russian, and Armenian to name a few. Fr. Lemmen’s ordination was not in one of the Russian communions. Since the OCA is a self-governing part of the Russian Orthodox Church, they aren’t aware of his ordination. They also don’t have any records of the ordinations of my cousin’s husband (who is an Episcopal priest) or of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis).

24 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I thought Osborne was at least not as stupid as the rest. Willfully ignorant yes, but not downright stupid as Bill and Wee Willy. There goes that theory.

    • Oh, he’s not stupid or always willfully ignorant. As Earl says, purposeful lying is purposeful.

    • I think its more along the lines of clinically. Reading of the tweets suggest they are not capable of higher brain functions past the kindergarten-esque playground variety. They are not able to progress.

      As a great man once said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  2. It’s nice of Mr. Hoge to calmly explain to Team Kimberlin how they are wrong. They read Hoge’s blog to pick up pointers on how to be competent.

    • Do you think Bunny Boy will make a correction and apologize for being an incompetent blogger? That’s what a competent blogger would do.

    • More rhetorical wonderings: Can a dumbass ever come to the realization that he is a dumbass?

      • Self awareness is an unknown country to TK. Just like my ordaining body, located in an unknown country (unknown to them at least. John knows as do several other posters). I seriously doubt they would be able to find the correct Exarchate nor Patriarchate if their lives depended on it.
        I’ll give them a hint: both my ordinations, as a Deacon and as a Priest, occurred in 1985, six months apart in a location outside of the US.

      • The extent of their investigation amounts to: “I asked my dog, and he said ‘no'”

  3. Breaking news: Pope Francis Is not Ordained!

    Also, I’m pretty sure in a headline like the above, you wouldn’t capitalize “not.” That’s like Journalism 101.

  4. It’s always fun when lefties try to comment on religious matters. Their ignorance is only surpassed by their arrogance, and their ignorance is absolute.

    Remember when they tried to attack Bill Bennet for gambling? They had no idea of the significance of his being Catholic…

  5. Investigative Journalism 101 – Kimberlin Style:

    1. What made up story do I want to tell?
    2. How many bullshit assumptions do I have to make to plausibly pretend my story is correct?
    3. Make those assumptions.
    4. Seek the corroboration of uninvolved and unknowledgeable sources.
    5. Ignore inconvenient facts.
    6. Twist falsehoods to bolster your version of events.
    7. Publish.
    8. Yell upstairs for Mom to bring down a fresh tube of Pringles and a ginger ale.
    9. Profit!

  6. Next they’ll be questioning my position as High Priest of Dagon in Innsmouth. The NERVE of some people…

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