Stacy McCain’s New Book is Available on Kindle

Sex TroubleStacy’s spent a great deal of time over the past year reading various feminists’ works so that you don’t have to. Sex Trouble is his analysis and critique of the feminist war on human nature. The Kindle Edition is $1.99.

The print version is $11.69.

19 thoughts on “Stacy McCain’s New Book is Available on Kindle

  1. I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. McCain for years, and I think he is brilliant and principled. Unfortunately, his lengthy and recently frequent polemics about feminism and individual feminazis have me, after a while, feeling like a puppy getting his nose rubbed in dogsh-t. It’s like, “Okay, okay, I get it. These people are wrong and stupid, and their very existence is an affront (and, given the increasingly loose standards of popular culture’ a threat) to decent society.” I just want to tell him, “All right, already my friend- you’ve made your point. Could you get back to destroying the Left generally, please?” I mean, I love the guy, but there comes a point…

    • I don’t comment on these blogs anymore because I have other issues to contend with. But I feel the need to respond to this.

      You know sir, I completely understand how you feel. I was there when McCain started on this path and after a while, I too wondered when he was gonna get off the “feminazi” kick. It was getting old…

      Until they came for me.

      Until they told me that I should be rounded up and put in a death camp. Until they told me that I should be skinned alive and have my teeth torn out by the roots. Until they said I should be raped because I would not say and believe what they told me to say and believe.

      Tell me sir, will you tire of McCain’s warnings when they come for you?

      • yep, my three daughters run into these people all the time – its a war we don’t realize

      • Betty, hi. I’ll just note that I think Mr. McCain’s take on feminism and feminists is spot on. He’s absolutely right about the things he’s observed. His conclusions are important. At this point, though, at least in my regard, he’s preaching to the choir. I just think he needs to move on and get back to hammering the left generally. He’s really good at it, and there’s so many targets that deserve his full attention.

  2. To put a smile on your face, go and check the ranking for McCain’s book–both for the paperback and kindle. Pay no attention to the loud noise coming from Maryland.

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