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Team Kimberlin’s abysmal record of predicting the outcomes of their lawfare is a wonderful source of pointing and laughter. Here are some more nonsense tweets from 2013.TK2013tweets_b The Cabin Boy’s™ 16 October tweet came the day that his motion for a modification of the first peace order (one that would have let him ignore it if he said that he was doing “journalism”) was denied. The tweet contains two errors. First, the state’s highest court is called the Court of Appeals. Second, instead of throwing out the peace order “TOMORROW or Friday,” the CoA threw out the Cabin Boy’s™ appeal the next week.

Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson reacted to the news of the CoA denying Schmalfeldt’s appeal by opining that I was in bigger trouble because of the Kimberlin lawsuits. While they’ve been a pain in the neck (or a couple of feet lower), they really haven’t caused me any trouble. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin gutted his own case through incompetence in the state lawsuit, and he isn’t performing any better in the RICO Madness.

The third tweet is typical of one of the Cabin Boy’s rants trying to justify harassment as activity protected by the First Amendment. No court has bought his line yet.


14 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Y’see now you’re honor, it’s a complex multi-layered parody. It involves Gov. Rick Perry, and gay Scout leaders. The boys I fanta — I mean made up — are metaphors for what Perry THINKS would happen, since Perry and his ilk are so sex-obsessed. Hey, did I ever show you the thing I wrote that got me kicked off Kos?”

      • oh and then there’s the material on xmfan, long before he met any of us, long before he can claim his illness was a factor as he was employed at the time there are several homoerotic comments out of the entire blue – that are just well, going to prejudice any jury at anytime watching them being read in court.

    • Well, if he actually had the wit to sanitize that portion, there’s a remarkably honest and tone-deaf version on record in his Federal LOLsuit.

      In his own hand. On the record. With the federal court system.


    • Well, it is not Witless Willie. He has some intelligence. Memento_maury was kind of clever. (Not super clever because (a) his name is not Maury, (b) he is in no imminent danger of dying, and (c) if I were on a jury, I could easily be persuaded, given his history and association with a convicted bomber, that it is intended as a death threat against others.) What is amazing about him is that he appears to combine some modicum of intelligence with no impulse control, no concern for others, and consequently no consciousness of how his actions appear to others. That is why it is OK to mock him, which it would not be if his IQ were 40. He is smart enough to understand that he is almost constantly foolish (as well as despicable). That’s why he keeps deleting things.

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