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Yesterday’s TKPOD presented some golden oldie tweets from members of Team Kimberlin in which they made fools of themselves forecasting the results of their lawfare. Here are some more 2013 howlers from the Team.TK2013tweets_aThe first is Bill Schmalfeldt’s announcement that he would put up an obscene picture with my face photoshopped into it in retaliation for the photographer who owns the copyright to the headshot I use on the Hogewash! About page filing a DMCA takedown notice against the Cabin Boy’s™ infringing use of the image. That tweet was massively useful in convincing the powers-that-be that the Cabin Boy™ was likely to continue harassing me and that the first peace order should be extended.

The second is an exchange between Bunny Boy and Stacy McCain. Osborne was trying to float the idea that Stacy hit on Tetyana Kimberlin when a group of us had lunch together following one of the hearings about the dueling protective orders between her and her husband. He was also trying to keep the rumor that Mrs. Kimberlin is mentally ill alive. Both allegations are pure BS.

The third is the Cabin Boy’s™ wishful thinking concerning the outcome of the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit and/or the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. So far, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is the only one who has lost anything, although he has not yet paid the sanction owed because of his attempt to diddle with discovery in the Walker, et al. suit. I still have my house, and Brett Kimberlin still lives in his mother’s basement. And I am not the one whose wife has left him.

Foolishness. Crassness. Ugliness. That’s Team Kimberlin. Oh, yeah, and stupidity.

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  1. What is it with Team Kimberlin members living in their parents basements? I wonder if Bunny Boy has house parties when his parents go out of town? I bet he can really charm the ladies down in that basement when he turns down the lights and fires up that awesome stereo.

    • There is no Local District Rule setting a deadline for the judge to issue a decision on any motion. You receive the decision when you receive it. There is no reason to try to predict when the decision will be issued.

      • Sometimes judges take things under advisement as a kind of last chance to a defendant…perhaps delaying a ruling and showing lenience if the defendant straightens up and flies right. for example, he could delay his ruling until the peace order is expiring, and observe the defendants subsequent course of conduct in the interim. Schmalfeldt had new incentive to comply with the peace order (in order to keep the sword of Damocles in hover mode);, however, there has already been one remarkable and admitted contact showing of contempt for the order. And other contacts…well…

  2. Deep in the bowels of Kinky Kimberlin Kastle on a dark and dreary windswept night, you can sometimes hear the drunken revelers singing their theme song, “Oh, We’re the Klever, Kreepy, Klan. No one Kan Katch Kimby, cuz nobody can. He’s our hero, our leader our man! He’ll change his world to fit our plan”.

    Then the sounds of Pink Floyd waft through the dank night air, “I don’t need no education. I don’t need no Thought Patrol”…….

    “Mom!!!!!! Another round for all…and hurry with that pizza!!!!

  3. Never let it be said that Bill isn’t on the cusp of technology. I’ve seen a commercial for AVVO on TV.

    The apocalypse is here.

  4. Matt’s been spotted now in his naïve Alabama living off his retired professor parents. HE decided to scrap yesterday with two of Johns more learned supporters on twitland and was last scene sobbing into a giant plushy toy

  5. Interestingly Matt did attack Lauren, her kids, and mentioned the swatting. Willie the in tune optional musician ran like a Schmalfeldt for his loft over his mothers garage

  6. I wonder if the problem is stupidity or basic cluelessness about other people. Some of TK seem to misunderstand how other people will respond in a given situation. The whole “I want it all Doug” (where an individual tries to shake down folks for information based upon a weak threat) is a terrible misjudgment based upon poor understanding of others. As if the writer is thinking “This person will totally be a coward as long as I talk like I’m superior. Yeah, that’s how you get things in this world.”

  7. I always admired Bill’s absolute confidence in Acme Legal. It’s like Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football. It’s kind of cute the way Bill trusts Kimberlin’s legal acumen no many how many times the ball is yanked out from under him.

  8. Muhawhawhawhawhaw

    Guess who deleted his blog last night? Osborneink – gone – but with a rambling missive

    brave warrior of the internets hiding his libelous material

  9. All you need to know about Bunny Boy and his ilk is contained in the first part of this run on sentance..

    Liberalism suffers from a series of delusions born of contempt: the unscientific notion that facts matter;

  10. Still living rent free in my parents homestead at 30 wrote:

    My nightmare is a world where the NSA and CIA have been replaced by private contractors that don’t give two sh$ts about our privacy

    Umm let me introduce you to someone who doesn’t give two sh$ts about our privacy:

    Bill Schmalfeldt

  11. All these puny little half-or whole crazybasement dwellers puffed up with their own importance, seeing themselves as key players in the sweep of history when they can barely scramble heir own eggs in the morning just make a person feel heavy and sad. Greedy, gullible, grubbing, grandstanding… desperation and self-absorption seems to pervade their every waking moment in this world.

  12. Bill has a blog post up on his “Elkridge Inciter” website (don’t go there). In it is a stunning admission:

    We have learned that we are a Dreadful Pro-Se who is rightfully disdained by humanity for our many crimes against humanity in our trying to defend ourselves by identifying the people who would hide behind the veil of anonymity to hurl their barbs. It is not the evil of hurling barbs that concerns us, it is the evil of the person to whom those barbs are intended as he attempts to shield himself and his family from further harm caused by those barbs.

    So, he is #faildoxing people, trying to identify and harass them, because of “barbs”. IOW, he doesn’t like people saying mean things about him. Protip Willy, “hurling barbs” isn’t a tort in any way, shape, matter or form. But thank you for admitting you thin skin is to blame for all your problems.

    • “…trying to defend ourselves by identifying the people who would hide behind the veil of anonymity to hurl their barbs. It is not the evil of hurling barbs that concerns us, it is the evil of the person to whom those barbs are intended as he attempts to shield himself and his family from further harm caused by those barbs.”


      1) they’re “defending themselves” against barbs
      2) the barbs are intended for some evil person
      3) the evil person is attempting to shield himself from the barbs doing him harm

      This is an admission that Mayo Man knows he’s doing evil, for evil, in defense of evil.

      Or it’s an attempt to sound sophisticated from someone with the language skills of a wombat.

    • All his “efforts” accomplished was to illustrate how well founded criticisms of him were. We all get that he has trouble controlling his impulses, and that this is especially bad in his case because he is a generally wretched being who seems to fear he will wink out of existence if he is restrained from punishing people who dismiss his merits or disagree with him or even criticize sources of narcissistic supply.

      I’m sorry for him, he’s sick and he’s not going to get better, in body, mind or maybe even soul. The most anyone can hope for his sake as one of the family of man is that God, if there is a god who cares for men, understands his pain and his limitations, and is merciful in His judgement, and that the law protects other people from his conduct.

    • Here’s a barb for you: Failed Extortionist.
      My most pointed barbs have been directed toward Brett Kimberlin, the serial bomber. I have rightly pointed out that he should be in prison today. Schmalfeldt has taken direction from him, and Kimberlin is Scmalfeldt’s ride to court whenever his plans hit the rocks.

      Schmalfeldt does not need to be disdained by humanity, but if he wants to stop people from laughing and pointing, maybe he should stop doing and saying ridiculous things. If on the other hand, he wants to continue doing the same thing over and over again, that’s his right. Bill: Hugs/Be well.

  13. I have an open question for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Alabama concerning church leaders having family members who support child audio porn, child rapists, domestic bombing of school events, attacking the religious beliefs of victims of harassment etc.

    Family members who daily take to the twitter, who mention their family members as a kind of authority – are these Episcopal leaders aware of their offspring’s activities? Can they help stop them? Can they withdraw support for these activities?

    • Parents of mentally ill adult children have a hard enough row to hoe. Even if it’s just eccentricity and failure to launch, I think they have burden enough.

  14. I can’t help but analyze things. So a bunch of you had lunch with Kimberlin’s wife while she was trying to get a protective order against him. It seems plausible that no member of Team Kimberlin was present at the lunch. So how did any member of the team know who did what at the lunch? Well either they made it up or heard it from Ms. Kimberlin, who according to them was so insane that she needed to be locked up. In either case, they had no plausible basis for their assertion that anyone was hitting on a mental patient. They are not very good liars despite ample practice.

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