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One of the more amusing things about dealing with Team Kimberlin is the way that they continually make fools of themselves with their pronouncements about the course of their lawfare. Consider these golden oldie tweets from 2013.TK2013tweetsYeah, Matt, that pro bono lawyer did such a “half-assed” job that five of the seven counts of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s nuisance lawsuit were thrown out at summary judgment, and the two remaining counts never made it to the jury because they were thrown out on a directed verdict in my codefendants’ and my favor. Who lost badly?

Yeah, John V (as retweeted by Bunny Boy), I’m full of empty threats. Just ask the Cabin Boy™.

Yeah, Neal, Kimberlin should have had a lawyer, so why didn’t he get one? After all, two of his associates in JTMP/VRUS are lawyers. Perhaps it was because his case was nonsense, and no lawyer was willing to risk sanctions or his law license by signing on to the patently false claims in Kimberlin’s suit.

popcorn4bkTeam Kimberlin never seems to learn. Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson and 57F Osborne have been blithering about recent events on Twitter. And getting things wrong. I wonder if they think that more than a handful of people believe anything they tweet?



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  1. As my pappy always used to say, “Never place your all your eggs in one basket.” “Never place credence on the body of the car in a race.” And.. “Never bet on the future from a position of ignorance.”

    Pro-Bono lawyer is ALWAYS a much safer bet than doing it Pro Se. Last I heard, VO Seamen Fergy was looking downrange when Cabin Boy got booted. Wonder how much different it might have been had he followed all that free advice he was looking for on that AVVO site when it was suggested he get a lawyer? Ooops..

    Stupid is a stupid does.

  2. I wonder if they think that more than a handful of people believe anything they tweet?

    Not more than a handful read anything they tweet, so that’s unpossible.

  3. Ferguson, after an undistinguished stint in the Navy, now sits in his basement tweeting, looping horrible music nobody listens to, and wondering why his ex-wife dumped his sorry ass.

    Osborne, I could say plenty about Osborne, but I’ll simply say this: friends with Craig Gillette. That’s all you need to know.

  4. Off topic – I though this was a little bit interesting – Radio guy with parkinsons claims he was fired on pretext of “innapropriateness” but really canned from his job on account of his PD. I think his disorder is possibly to blame, but not in the way he thinks. His rude persistence and obsession with a vulgar topic seems awfully familiar.

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