26 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • Interesting how he refers to #stoprush, yet does not mention his intimate involvement with them – was he involved with them then, and withheld that info in his story?

      • Nontroversy. What a simple way for the simple-minded to broad-stroke brush integral issues, and attempt to convince their simple-minded readership, “There’s nothing to see here, folks.” Furthermore, how simple it is for the Bunny Boys and the WeeWee Willy Fergies of this “nontroversy” to prance around on the outer fringes while attempting to come across as some tough, first-string players as if they actually have some skin in this game [example: Irrelevant WeeWee Willy constantly begging our Gentle Host to sue him while doing nothing but yapping and begging for some crumbs of attention].

        Say what you will about the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt — but he has (very stupidly so) at least stuck his neck out there for the Team Kimberlin “cause.” The same most certainly cannot be said for the yappy anklebiters mentioned above. They are insignificant as the day is long (they know it, and I’d wager the Tiny Terrorist BK quite unhappily knows it, as well).

        “Rectal Mouthpiece” (a perfectly-coined term by a Lickspittle) is the most accurate description for the garbage-in/garbage-out approach the insignificant Matt Osbornes of the blogosphere take. Striving to be relevant, but all the while entirely comfortable with being used as a two-bit, backseat player — playing it pathetic and safe.

        Take note of the scads of times the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin, and the Team Kimberlin creepy-band-of-misfits speak to money, fundraising, tip jars, right-wing conspiracies, etc. (Accuse the Accusers). Members of Team K don’t do what they do because they are driven by some moral code or compass for some random, leftist cause. They quite simply despise being outed, and having a very bright spotlight exposing their fraud. Therefore, they will do what is within their very limited power to attempt to destroy those who are exposing them, and those who are fighting against fraudulent, money-driven, selfish, and destructive efforts.

        Team Kimberlin’s tactics haven’t changed in the least. However, what HAS changed is the number of individuals awakening and participating in Team Kimberlin’s, self-created Streisand Effect. The VERY thing Team Kimberlin did NOT want — they did their damnedest, and continue to do their damnedest, to bring upon themselves.

      • He’s an unsavory goofball like all the rest, but that’s ok except for the self interested lying, dissembling and vicious falsehoods. No principle, at best bitterness and contrarianism, in service of murderers and thieves.

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