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  1. Just Touch My Parts Productions, in association with Dewey, Lou, Sum, and Howe (a Proud Acme Law Firm) of Elkridge, MD, proudly present the latest misinformation from Andrewstilllivesrentfreeinmyheadunbound.com’s article “Why I don’t Have a Clue About Most Things” by the author of “While Men are from Mars, Bunnies are For Young Children” Mr. Matt “My Parents am Smarters” Ozhole.

    Mr. Ozhole expounds wildly on both the internetses and the local Florence community wandering almost daily into starbucks buying a water bottle and then pounding out his latest embarrassment until the police make him leave. This reporter drove to the town square and asked them if they knew their infamous resident, A Korean War veteran, said “we all thought he’d grow out of small childrens pets” another comment from a deputy sheriff, “Well I was the door guard at the last Commissioners Meeting, when he showed up with a 1 lb rabbit on a lease, I informed him that animals were NOT allowed into the meeting” So I asked how did MR Ozhole take it? “Eh, its not the first time he was turned away from the meeting, but he complains cause he has to wait until the meeting is over, as his rabbit is always given a seat up front”

  2. The Child audio porn producers society, Elkridge MD chapter, has been rescheduled till after the founder has his hearing in April. We regret the inconvenience.

    • The above notice should have started with: “The Quarterly Meeting of the Child Audio Porn Producers Society”, – we regret any inconvenience this may have caused Matt Ozhole, writer, Editor, son of PH’Ds and expert in most topics.

    • I heard hubris warned and salted with excessive contact and sprinkled with torn paper – the kind delivered by patrolmen – when mixed together with vigorous stirring of resolve makes an excellent biodegradable tanning agent

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