21 thoughts on “Is Al Gore in Town?

  1. If there’s a record high, it’s global warming.

    If there’s a record low, it’s global warming.

    If everything is normal, it’s global warming.

    Global warming is a brilliant theory, because it is entirely non-falsifiable. And if the data somehow manages to produce evidence to dispute global warming, the data will be “corrected.”

  2. My father is one of the few scientists who is actually in a related field (rather than economics or landscape design) who believes in man made global warming. The psychological power of the (D) is strong. If we start getting routinely worse winters and cooler summers I wonder how he’s going to deal with the cognitive dissonance.

  3. You know that’s only a thing if ManBearPig is in town AND he’s getting paid half a million dollars to Godzilla his massive carbon footprinted private jet all over hell and back shouting about the evils of Glow Ball Warmening.

    If he’s just there to see a Capitals game or something then it’s all a big coincidence.

    • Climate change = History.” WTF does that mean? And “Forecast = Current Events” Unhhhhh, forecast explicitly means the future, weather is the current thing.

      Bildo is so freaking stupid he does not even understand English words. Hey, idiot, if Climate Change = History, please explain the Ice Ages that occurred before the internal combustion engine was even invented?

      In a few years, Climate Change will have the same kind of following as Astrology, and the same basis in fact.

      • Forecast = Current Events

        Hey Willy, how about you forecast the score of the Pittsburgh vs Syracuse hoops game this afternoon? I want to place a bet. (legally, of course)

        OK moron, here is what you should have said, if you weren’t, you know, a moron:

        Forecast = Short-term prediction

        Climate change = Long-term prediction

        He must be trolling us, even he’s not that stup……..oh forget it.

    • By their own measurements, there hasn’t been any warming in, what, 20 years? There is no association between human industry and “climate change”.

  4. I do believe Al Gore is currently on a fishing trip on the Great Lakes. On four out of five, that means ice fishing.

  5. Sorry, losers. You don’t get to change the terms mid-stream just because your scumbag, America hating president thinks it hastens his fundamental transformation.

  6. I actually sat through one of Al Gore’s Climate Change presentations several years ago. I was stunned. This guy actually aaaaaalmost had me convinced that night. Then I found out how he was financially connected to spreading his story. Boom! I’m DONE with him.

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