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  1. It is a shame that there Is not an adult on the other side in the RICO case. It’s the middle of a very bad patch for Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin does not appear to be learning a thing.

    • The truly sad part about it was, after all that had transpired last summer Bill was extended a hand, a hand of friendship, he totally missed that. He missed that there was someone who cared enough for him to give him a chance, to excuse hundreds of legal violations and would have welcomed him if he had behaved, all anyone in this world has to do.

      Bill would have had a friend, a powerful friend to the fragile life that he leads. Nevertheless, He chose poorly, and cemented it in with bile and hate and reaped just the beginning of what is to come.

      The quality of a man is like a forged piece of steel for a purpose, it can cut deep into a field of stone to make a field, start a crop to feed a community, or it can smite down enemies if it reluctantly has to.

      • Eh, I’m not so sure, ukuleledave. There’s a concept I like to call ‘intellectual inertia’ where it becomes harder and harder to deviate from a set pattern in actions the longer and further you go down it. Even hitting rock bottom might not be enough to shock him out of his complacency.

      • My thought is that he is so narcissistic that he can’t stand being wrong about anything and anything that doesn’t go exactly his way must be the fault of some nefarious ‘other’. Most recently is was Hoge. Back in his KOS days it was the lesbian rape survivor who had the audacity to call him out over his vile anal rape fantasy. (Remember he threatened to dox and out her too). Before that it was him hurling homosexual insults at people on XMFAN forum who dared to disagree with him until he was banned (they just didn’t get his cutting satire). Then there was the whole disaster with the Knot crew. Of course there are dozens of other folks too but I don’t want a Wall of Text here. I really don’t think he is capable of figuring out that the problem is within himself. Self loathing? Inferiority complex? God complex? Who knows. But I doubt he has the skills needed to be aware that he himself is the root cause of his problems.

        TL/DR – There may be no bottom for Bill.

      • What Army Vet said.

        As I commented over at TMZ on Krendler’s “We are a Nation of Laws Not of Men” post:


        “I did, but you chose to ignore it of course because… wait for it… wait for it… YOU ARE WRONG. However, unlike good-and-decent, normal folks — you don’t have the decency nor the strength of character to EVAH admit you are wrong.

        Sad, really.

        And, not to mention horribly destructive — because this gargantuan character flaw of yours has gotten your demented, narcissistic butt in a whole mess of trouble. *tsk tsk*”

        Narcissism? God Complex? Self-Loathing? Just plain, old evil? Call it what you will… but, it’s taking Blob down in a bad, bad way.

        Too bad all of BS’s so-called “friends” all suffer from the exact same affliction — because he won’t listen to his self-created enemies. However, Bill Schmalfeldt desperately needs someone to get through to him regarding this ruinous path he has been on for years.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt seems to believe he can achieve personal success by destroying other people. He had to pick up that behaviour sometime during his childhood. So he threatens and doxes and insults in his quest to practice “journalism”. While he may have had periods of success here and there, his practices have ultimately resulted in personal disaster for Bill Schmalfeldt. Maybe he never got to experience the true success and happiness that comes from honesty and cooperation with other honest people.

        Now it appears he will experience more of the reality of legal consequences. Hopefully he can arrive at a realization that it is in his best self-interest to stop obsessively harassing and stalking people.

        Not real: Twitter law ramblings
        Real: Online harassment and stalking, legal consequences

    • I think he’s angry at the world and lashing out as a distraction from his illness. He’s still responsible for his actions, of course.

      Could be he’s always been nasty, though…

      • According to his cousin, the multiply adjudicated stalker has always been nasty. From the malicious manatee’s own descriptions, he’s always been nasty. His prior wives likely agree he’s always been nasty.

        Maybe one could argue that his 25k+ comments at the xmfan site are part of his post-diagnosis bitterness, but iirc, most were very soon after being diagnosed with PD, and before he started experiencing much in the way of debilitating symptoms.

        Also consider his treatment of his own children, who now want nothing to do with him. Their formative years were prior to his diagnosis, iirc.

        I could go on, but probably don’t need to.

  2. Well, if I had a contempt hearing and I was staring at serious fines and jail time and I was a subject of multiple state restraining orders and I was being watched very closely, I wouldn’t do this:

    Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15

    Dave Alexander comments on Hoge and Krendler’s blog as “ukuleledave” and he’s either Trader Dave or Commander Dave at @WPTF. And for over a

    Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15

    David Glenn Alexander, a part-timer at NewsRadio680 @wptf has demanded I not contact him or his employer. I will oblige. Partially.

    But then the wisdom of making rape porn audio downloads for sale depicting or describing non-consentual sex acts between children aged 9 to 11, escapes some people

    • Yeah… I don’t think CBBS really wants to PO someone with access to real live actual journalists like the folks at WPTF (in the listening area of which, I happen to reside.)

      Oh, who am I kidding? He’d love the attention, negative though it might be.

      • He had sent messages to reporters from Baltmore news as well as goverment about changing laws! Yes about the “peace orders”. Surely he will know real reporter will look at google for background on story! (Well, if they will care to start.) Bill will not care about a reporter.

    • He’s quoting my comments here and finding it hard to locate something objectionable. His only tack is to threaten my part-time work. I made a simple request of my supervisor: Google Bill Schmalfeldt.

      I have been pretty polite while commenting here. I don’t call him Shakey or Parky, and I don’t mock his weight or condition. I’d like to see him get help — but among Lickspittles, that puts me in the minority.

      He didn’t need much google-foo to find me: Click my name, and it takes you to my blog where I list my name. Woohoo, Bill. You doxed somebody who uses his real name on his blog. (I used to call him Mr. Schmalfeldt, out of respect. We have never met. He called me Dave in his letter. I guess we’re on a first name basis.) As for how scared I am about his harassment…he’s been working nonstop since yesterday to find dirt on me. All he found was a chapter 13 filing, and a goofy picture of me holding bottles of Bowel Cleaner. He put my first grade picture online.

      Sorry for venting, but here comes just a bit more: Bill, my wife and kids love me, and I adore them. I teach children who have been abused — sexually and physically. Now you know why your fantasy about summer camp is so ugly to me. You can go after every part of my life, and you’ll fail. All I have to say to friends, coworkers or supervisors: Google Bill Schmalfeldt.

  3. Heh.
    A Psalm of David: (Psalm 3)
    1 Lord, how they have increased who trouble me!
    Many are they who rise up against me.
    2 Many are they who say of me,
    “There is no help for him in God.”
    3 But You, O Lord, are a shield for me,
    My glory and the One who lifts up my head.
    4 I cried to the Lord with my voice,
    And He heard me from His holy hill.
    5 I lay down and slept;
    I awoke, for the Lord sustained me.
    6 I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people
    Who have set themselves against me all around.
    7 Arise, O Lord;
    Save me, O my God!
    For You have struck all my enemies on the cheekbone;
    You have broken the teeth of the ungodly.
    8 Salvation belongs to the Lord.
    Your blessing is upon Your people.

    • I do enjoy Psalm 23, though I prefer the Green Beret version:

      Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
      I will fear no evil;
      For I am the meanest sonofabitch in the valley.

      • Psalm 56:
        Have mercy on me, God,
        because men have harassed me.
        Those who oppress me have fought against me all day long.
        2 Those who watch me all day have harassed me,
        for there are many who fight against me out of conceit.
        3 On days when I am afraid,
        I put my trust in you.
        4 In God, whose word I praise,
        in God I put my trust.
        I will not fear what mortal man can do to me.
        5 All day long people distort what I say;
        all their schemes against me are for evil purposes.
        6 They gather together
        and hide in ambush.
        They watch my every step
        as they lie in wait for my life.
        7 Cast them away because of their wickedness.
        In wrath, God, cast down these people!
        8 You have kept count of my wanderings.
        Put my tears in your bottle—
        have not you recorded them in your book?
        9 My enemies will retreat when I call on you.
        This has been my experience,
        because God is with me.
        10 In God, whose word I praise,
        in the Lord, whose word I praise,
        11 in God I will put my trust.
        I will not fear what mortal man can do to me.
        12 God, I have taken vows before you;
        therefore I will offer thanksgiving sacrifices to you.
        13 For you have delivered me from death
        and my feet from stumbling,
        so that I may walk before God in the light of the living!

  4. I imagine the following is what is going on:

    “Well, Bill, as long as you’re going down you might as well try to cause as much destruction as possible. Keep doxing.”
    — “Friends” of Bill Schmalfeldt

    None of Bill’s “friends” are facing jail time.
    None of Bill’s targets are facing jail time.
    Only Bill Schmalfeldt is facing jail time, and he is only making his situation worse for himself. He doesn’t seem to care about himself or anyone else.

  5. The ram has broken down the wall and is rampaging through the city taking no prisoners.

    Bill’s lost his mind.

    • That much very obvious. But question remains, when did Bill lose it. Too many times, like people says, Bill touches hot stove and yet he never will learn that it is hot. This has been on for years now, correct? So lost mind appears not a new thing for him.

  6. Did you happen to notice that on his latest sound cloud vomitus that he says that Johnny Atsign is supposed to be a work of fiction but everyone knows it’s about him. He compares it to him writing a story about the assassination of a president and calling the assassin John Wilkes Closet instead of John Wilkes Booth. Everyone would know it’s the same person.

    Of course this is the same giant dumbass who said that Strammyham was not even close to Stranahan so he wasn’t sure why people thought the commercial about pimping out underage girls was about him.

    So it’s official. He’s so stupid he can’t even remember the lies he told. Or he really is going full Klinger and trying for an insanity plea.

      • If I might add to your statement, I think it would be more correct to say, “whatever he *thinks* works in his favor at any given moment.” His truth is what he *thinks* will work in his favor. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t really think things through.

      • In fact, Esodia, he’s made clear in one of his most recent blog posts that he’s no longer capable of thinking things through:

        After 15 years with Parkinson’s disease, it’s pretty clear that Parkinson’s Disease Dementia is setting in. Fortunately (and this is where stupid people misunderstand the concept), PDD is not nearly as bad as Alzheimer’s. I have difficulty with … [a]ttention span, the ability to plan things out in advance, sometimes I find myself sitting, staring at the computer screen, knowing there’s something I want to do, but WHAT?

      • “Blob’s truth is whatever works in his favor at any given moment.”

        Such is the case with most liberal Democrats in today’s society. Schmalfledt doesn’t have an honest bone in his body. He is an habitual liar coupled with a gigantic sense of entitlement sprinkled with a liberal helping of grievance.

        He is a nobody. A nothing. He is a source of entertainment. PERIOD.

        He does not scare anyone. He has ZERO juice to actually influence the lives of those he sees as his adversaries. His family hates him. He has no real life friends. And his internet pals USE him.

        Go away, Schmlafledt. DIsappear. You are a bore.

    • “Of course this is the same giant dumbass who said that Strammyham was not even close to Stranahan so he wasn’t sure why people thought the commercial about pimping out underage girls was about him.”

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but IIRC the underage girls the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt was talking about pimping out were Stranahan’s own daughters. Un-freaking-real.

      Some Team Kimberlin members sure have some sick, sick obsessions with children.

      • Bunny Boy is friends with Craig Gillette, a guy convicted of possessing child pornography. Kimberlin let Gillette stay with him and his kids.

        These people are sick.

  7. https://twitter.com/justplainbill15/status/568477816603283456

    Why on God’s green earth would anyone at a radio station give a damn about that, Blob? Some 4th party inflicts butthurt on a would-be mental patient, and you expect complete strangers to care so much as a little bit? Or is the game simply to inflict your nasty, repulsive self on anyone within your newest favorite enemy’s orbit?

    If we’re going to talk about things people’s “pals” do, we should be talk about your tiny terrorist pal. You know, the diddler.

    • This are mild and sensible comments. If I wanted to impress an employer with level headedness and restraint, in the Wild West of the internet no less and despite pseudonym, no crassness or tough guy syndrome, that’s how I would write.

      So not getting the Eldridge horror’s angle here…

      • Onlooker – he made is intent clear when he tweeted that the “ugl[iness]” would continue until his demands for information were met. This is, imo, flat-out extortion. We can guess that the information he seeks is likely the identities of those he’d like to victimize, such as Paul, Howard, Grace, and me. Using twitter, he offered ‘reward$’ for our identities.

        Apparently he thinks ukuleledave either knows the info, having been to our homes for the weekly zombie dinner party, or can get the info. Perhaps he is so demented he believes that after he puts all of the info he can find about ukuleledave on twitter, one or more of his other targets will give up their own id, and subject ourselves to his victimization, in return for the multiply adjudicated stalker, um… to get him to… to… um, I guess not re-tweet ukuleledave’s info.

        Hey, I didn’t say his “reasoning” would make sense. There are good reasons he’s known as a demented, deranged cyberstalker. 😉

      • Jane, I understand what he’s after…. And prepared to make himself a pest worthy of the orkin man in his stalky deranged quest…but if he’s the inquisition, those remarks of UkeleleDaves are the comfy chair. Schmalfelt thinks those remarks are what? Mildly and appropriately critical. BS is blackmailing alright… But it’s the infliction of crazy and unwanted contact, not anything dave said, that is what I’d want to shield myself and employer from. I hope dave has been In touch with authorities. What’s-his-monster is unstable now and not only obnoxious but dangerous.

      • Well that narrows it down some. Howard is Jane is… I’m going with Paul? The weekly Zombie dinners was a dead giveaway…

      • “Thanks for not telling him that I’m one of the only two, Howard.”

        Uh oh. Now you’ve gone and done it. Blob is going to come at you hard now. Cue the threatening tweets and blog posts:


      • Extortion is part of his playbook, something he seems to believe (or at least pretends to believe) is a valid “trick” of the investigative journalist for getting info from recalcitrant sources. That must be how he justifies it to himself, and of course all of his “investigative journalist” stuff lately has been “investigating” anyone who is “attacking” an “indigent, defenseless, disabled blogger in MD”. (He also seems to believe that real journalists routinely make the story all about themselves.)

        I’ve still got those emails from December, if anyone needs to see copies.

        Oh, and quite a few of those he’s attacking are also less than wealthy, and disabled or handicapped. I guess all those safeguards he wants the MD legislature to put in place are only supposed to apply to him.

      • Look, about the weekly dinner parties; let’s all just agree not to bring egg salad ever again. Okaythx?!

    • That post of Bill’s perfectly demonstrates why he is in the mess he’s in. He actually considers that evidence of defamation on the part of Dave.

      Defamation. For replying to a post.

      He considers any post that is not completely complementary to be defamation. So the next time he whines about being defamed. We know what it really means. “It hurts my feelings”.

      • Does that mean I should sue anyone who leaves me a bad review on a book? Of course, I concede that my reviewers have actually read my material…

      • Of course it’s defamation to reply to a blog post. Remember how he went after Doug because he had had the temerity to “like” a page on Facebook that was uncomplimentary towards the BM?

        Honestly I think someplace deep down he probably realizes that nothing Dave wrote was “defamation”, but he’s so used to being allowed to claim that anything not adulatory is an attack, that he’s going with that.

  8. I’ve had something on my mind for the past couple of weeks, but I have been too much occupied by more important things to comment about it lately.

    It occurred to me recently that, if I were on speaking terms with Bill Schmalfeldt (not ever, FTR), I would like to ask him a question:

    Bill, given that a little over a year ago, you chose to dox me over an innocuous little comment on a blog post about how horrible your 2013 was, if you were to look back over the past year since you did, would you say that, as a result of that dox and all that has followed since…are you a happier man today than you were then?

  9. Also, can’t help but notice the deafening silence from Bill’s “friends” Bunny Boy, Fergie, and the rest of TK. I wonder what could have them so busy that they’d ignore Bill?

    Very strange.

    • They are busy figuring out what f’d up thing to get him to do next for their amusement. And he STILL has not figured it out. SMH

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