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This is from paragraph 45 of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s omnibus opposition to motions to dismiss his second amended compliant in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 231-45That’s a lie.

res_judicata_mugsThe Gentle Reader can look at the surveillance video of the incident and see that Aaron Walker didn’t strike Kimberlin. TDPK tried use the alleged assault as the basis for a peace order against Aaron, and the court found that no assault occurred. Additionally, the alleged assault was the basis of one of the claims made in TDPK’s Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit—which he lost on all counts.

The question of whether Aaron Walker assaulted Brett Kimberlin is a settled matter. He didn’t do it.

Res Judicata.

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  1. Kimberlin (and Schmalfeldt) don’t care if something is settled….they will state it anyway and force the defendants to bring up Red Judicata. His aim is to bias the Judge, IMO. You can bet he will state it at trial if it ever gets that far as a way to poison the jury. The scumbag(s) need to be declared a vexatious litigant(s).

      • I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again… the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his Deranged Cyberstalking Rectal Mouthpiece Bill Schmalfeldt (Heck — all of the Team Kimberlin goons) are beyond fortunate they are dealing with the Hoges of this world who believe in addressing TK’s lawlessness, lies, threats, and abuse through legal channels.

        I’d wager there are many folks out there who would be more than happy to take matters into their own hands.

    • attacking people in another state is even stupider then the current level of stupidness (sic)

      I do believe that someone is a failing away

    • Good God, this boy is dense.

      I’ve “spoken” with the young lady who had her identity stolen on Hoge’s blog. She has no idea who has been stalking — and continues to stalk her.

      We may be able to help her.

      Yes. Just introduce yourself, Blob. She will then know exactly who stalked her. You.

      Someone misappropriated her identity. But YOU made her your most recent object of hatred and BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION set out to cause her pain. YOU did that, Blob. You and only YOU. Because you’re a psycho.

      • Pingback and continue harassment that will lead to contempt of court charges? STRIKE ONE!
        A snail mail letter sent to Hoge , and indict myself in a federal lolsuit? STRIKE TWO!
        Contacting Hoge via emai and admitting on twitter? STRIKE THREE!

        I will be going to jail. AND I will go proudly knowing that I did the unethical thing by continuing to harass people who have restraining orders and peace orders on me.


  2. I don’t think they believe their own lies.

    Purposeful lying is purposeful.

    Repeated lies tend to stick. That is why they repeat them even when the evidence of falsity is right there.

    • Earl, it’s not repeated lies, it’s the Big Lie- a favorite lefty tactic. Kimberlin understands the power of creating memes. That why he is so up in arms about all the “false narratives” about him. That is a meme in and of itself- “Brett Kimberlin is the victim of false narratives.” Federal judges eat that stuff for breakfast and sh-t it out before lunch. Brett lacks the insight to understand that just because some claim, however false, serves to validate the worldview of him and his friends, it does not do him a bit of good in his federal court case and, in fact, further serves to undermine any credibility that what he says might otherwise be afforded.

  3. I am not a lawyer, so I don’t understand how someone can put a patently false statement into a legal filing with the court. There’s no wiggle room for different interpretation or perspective, it’s demonstrably false (via videotape) and adjudicated false.

    I would think that lie alone would be enough to have the entire suit thrown out because how could a judge trust anything else said by this person?

    • You can put whatever you want into a court filing. But you’ll notice at the end of every filing is (or should be) a statement, under penalty of perjury, that the statements in the filing are true to the best of your knowledge. Kimberlin, I assume, purposefully does not include this statement, because he knows that he is lying in these filings. He thinks that by not making the statement, he is immune to a perjury charge.

      Not so. Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure says that all filings must be true (you can read the whole rule to get all the details on “true”), whether you include the statement or not.

      Ethical lawyers (to distinguish them from unethical pro se serial and abusive litigants) include this signature block as a reminder of the rule (and some local rules require such a statement).

      Unfortunately, the judge in this suit has been so far unwilling to sanction TDPK for his false statements, abuse of process, fraud, and violations of local and federal rules. The judge’s behavior has been unfortunate and, in my opinion, unprofessional.

      • IANAL – does that Rule actually have the force of Law backing it up?

        Depends on what you mean by “force of law”.

        The rule is enforced under the court’s inherent contempt authority. They can punish people for violating court rules, either by fine, imprisonment, or whatever sanctions the judge deems just. A judge could (and it has happened) immediately and unilaterally sentence a perjuror to prison for up to 6 months. The bailiff would immediately take the individual into custody and have him imprisoned. In that sense, it is broader than statutory law, because it allows the judge to set the punishment and enforce it immediately.

        In another sense, it is narrower than statutory law. A prosecutor cannot indict someone for violating the FRCP. There’s no private remedy for someone violating the FRCP to your detriment. If the party isn’t before the judge, the judge lacks power to enforce the rules.

  4. I find it interesting that each time he retells the story of his “assault” his injuries change. The last one I remember was that he hurt/fractured his vertebra? Nothing at all about the eye. What a lying sack of sh*t.

  5. Brett will answer for his lies eventually, justice is slow

    Bill, just tried contacting a US ATTORNEY in the SPECIAL PROSECUTIONS OFFICE in Washington DC – oh he left out all that he did……

    I just sent her an email link to his “tapes” and told her to google him

    Please no pushing – but popcorn is going to go fast

  6. Fergie’s faux outrage is a nice little touch:

    “@mayberryville @OsborneInk One of you little douchebags just attacked a non-combatant in your little war against Kimberlin.”

    I reached out to Carl DeLong for a comment, but was unable to get in touch with him.

      • I know, right? How dare anyone discuss and/or write about the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s “excellent friend” — the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

        Tis absolutely mind blowing that Blob served — not just once, but twice. The Demented Freak absolutely despises anyone who supports and uses their First Amendment rights (well, anyone but him) if their opinions and beliefs on any given subject don’t perfectly align with his opinions and beliefs.

        You know — that silly, little Amendment that is in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution that Blob swore to uphold and defend… not once, but twice.

        Go figure. He was lying liar back then, too.

  7. So I missed the whole ‘someone allegedly stole someone else’s identity to say something unkind about members of Team Kimberlin, allegedly resulting in an innocent person being faildoxed by cabin boy’ thing. I took note when our gentle host addressed it, but didn’t know which comment was the offending comment. I first saw the comment today when reading’s Jane’s comment in this thread.

    What struck me as interesting is that the single comment, out of several hundred comments, was made Feb 14 at 17:34. The very next comment was very clearly from a member of Team Kimberlin.

    So what do we have here?
    1) A member of TK commenting at approximately the same time as “someone new” to these comment threads.
    2) the “new poster” posted something which allegedly made the deranged cyber stalker seek to punish her.
    3) the “new poster” allegedly used a false identity (according to TK) in order to unfairly and unjustly make that “innocent person” the target of the deranged cyber stalker.
    4) A coordinated Twitter response from Kimberlin himself and his team.

    Does anyone here think for even a second that Team Kimberlin didn’t set this whole thing up as a false flag operation? They are stinking up the comments section around the same time that someone’s identity is allegedly stolen in order to allegedly make this person the target of a deranged stalker. The faildoxer fail-doxes, then we see an organized response blaming our host as if he were responsible for 1) anonymous comments 2) (according to team kimberlin) which were made on the assumption that Cabin Boy would harass that person (who would even come up with something like that in the first place?) 3) Cabin Boy actually does (allegedly) harass this “innocent person” and 4) any of this is somehow Hoge’s fault.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode of Blogsmoke….

    • Great catch, Esodia. It didn’t even occur to me to check the time of the other TK comment. Wonder if the ip matches?

      I’m about done playing along with this nonsense. It either went exactly as TK planned – their dunce was totally wound up – or the freak destroyed an attempted false flag. Either way, it’s pretty much played out at this point, imo.

      Maybe the intent all along was to distract us from something else. Of course, it could be just coincidental timing that it happened just after the tiny terrorist filed his ridiculous and self-damaging opposition.

      • Just had another thought: When the attempt to link our host’s good name to the word “forgery” fell flat, with lickspittles and zombies quickly catching on to the attempted manipulation, maybe their new tact is the screeching of “identity theft.” It’s a hot-button issue these days to be sure, but didn’t happen here. At most, someone used a photo without permission. Idiots. hahahahaha

    • And don’t forget, our Glorious Lickspittle Leader gracious host does actually have the IPs for both this new speaker and the obvious team K fan. I wonder if they were in the Netherlands or Russia?

    • “Does anyone here think for even a second that Team Kimberlin didn’t set this whole thing up as a false flag operation? ”

      You can count me in the “Team Kimberlin False Flag Operation” camp, Esodia.

      One of but many tells for me was Team Kimberlin’s yippy, yappy anklebiter Wee Wee Willy Fifi Fergie’s faux outrage at this alleged “identity theft ELEVENTY!!1!!1!.” His performance on his Twitter timeline was absolutely hilarious! He is a terrible, terrible liar and actor.

      I’ve also considered that most likely a little Team Kimberlin birdie whispered in Blobby Boy’s ear, hence Blob’s d0xing blog post being taken down. When does Blob EVER take down something evil he has written? Well, other than when he is trying to destroy evidence that is. His quick reaction to “cause pain” to that chick probably even shocked his handlers. LOL!

      • BS thinks that Mathew C. Ryan of Austin, TX is Paul Krendler… aka Leroy Oddswatch… aka Roy Schmalfeldt… aka howarddearl… aka A.B…… aka Petty Officer Robert “Bob” Albee…. aka Andrew Ballard (of MTSU)…. aka random video game/anime fan.

      • Holy crap. You guys. You Guys.

        YOU GUYS.

        Ace (the blogger not to be confused with Ace of Spades HQ, the blog) also uses “!!11!!11!eleventy!!” (or something similar) and has also used “teh”.

        BS has uncovered Ace’s identity.

        Holy crap. YOU GUYS.

    • And some random dude hanging up on you means precisely, what Blob? Really and truly. Your Flails keep getting worse and worse. Bwahahahaaaa! But they sure are funny.

      Psst Blob. I use Teh. Frequently. Especially in referring to Teh Interwebz. Am I now Krendler too? Only The Shadow knows! Muwahahahaaaa!

  8. egd: Hi, what you said. I’d note, though, that there are plenty of lawyers with high ethical standards that do not (where local rules permit) put a FRCP 11 (or state rule equivalent) compliance statement in their pleadings, and there are also lawyers with, let’s say, lower standards who don’t hesitate for an instant to include such a statement. A lawyer’s ethics must necessarily go a lot deeper than a few words put down on paper.

    • Fair enough. I mostly deal with lawyers in reputable firms and probably 99% of our billables are from corporations. We take our ethical obligations seriously, because it can have major repercussions for us and our clients if we don’t.

      Maybe you see more of that behavior in criminal defense or smaller litigation, where the stakes aren’t as high (I don’t think I’ve seen a case in our firm for less than a hundred million) and clients are willing to win at whatever cost.

  9. I’ve reported seven more of Bill’s newest tweets as abusive to Twitter @Support. I’m going to do this until Twitter either gets tired of me or him. Any bets?


    Yeah that doesn’t read like….oh…. every article on Encyclopedia Dramatica (warning NSFW:

    So… Mathew C. Ryan (aka Paul Krendler, et al) is also the sole contributor to Encyclopedia Dramatica because of the writing style? A writing style that seems to be used by 14 – 25 year old people on an internet parody encyclopedia.

  11. What kind of freak would accuse an innocent man, Chris H., have having sex with his mother? That person would be BS.
    Follow Bill Schmalfeldt

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015
    Too bad the little coward hung up on me. I had stuff I wanted to ask him about.

    Bill Schmalfeldt
    I mean, what kind of freak would taunt someone about his or her father giving blow jobs?
    5:00pm – 16 Feb 15

  12. “Since you lickspittles are reading this – this isn’t about Kimberlin anymore and you goddamn well know it.”

    Why so angry, Fergie? Nobody harmed you personally, and according to Schmaltfeldian logic, you should mind your own damn business.

    So hop to it!

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