In Re a Peace Order Violation

I have been informed that the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with the State’s Attorney’s Office filed a criminal charge of failure to comply with a peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt today.

I do not wish to make any further comment on the matter.

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  1. It would really be most respectful of our Gracious Host if comments, if any, would be made with appropriate restraint.

  2. Hey Oedipal Bill, They’re coming to take you away ho ho he he ha ha. To place where you can get all the mayo you want. And They’re coming to take you away ho ho he he ha ha. To the loony bin with all you can eat perscription drugs like thorizine, and lithium, and electric shock and insulin. They’re coming to take you away Ha Ha!

  3. I’m wondering how this affects the written order (that is still forthcoming?) for the previous violation.

  4. As I noted in another thread, it is interesting that Bill thinks that Mr. Hoge personally filed the charges, ignoring the fact that Mr. Hoge’s concerns were vetted by one or more members of the Carroll County law enforcement and legal establishments, before they, NOT Mr. Hoge, decided to file the charge. He should be happy that they didn’t decide to resurrect the previous charges. Yet.

    I doubt a mediation is even going to be offered this time. And Bill should reazlie that both parties have to agree to one.

  5. From MD Courts and Judicial Proceedings:

    (a) An individual who fails to comply with the relief granted in an interim peace order under § 3–1503.1 of this subtitle, a temporary peace order under § 3–1504(a)(2) of this subtitle, or a final peace order under § 3–1505(d)(1)(i), (ii), (iii), or (iv) of this subtitle is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to:
    (1) For a first offense, a fine not exceeding $1,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 90 days or both; and
    (2) For a second or subsequent offense, a fine not exceeding $2,500 or imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or both.
    (b) For the purpose of second or subsequent offender penalties provided under subsection (a)(2) of this section, a prior conviction under § 4–509 of the Family Law Article shall be considered a conviction under this section.
    (c) A law enforcement officer shall arrest with or without a warrant and take into custody an individual who the officer has probable cause to believe is in violation of an interim peace order, temporary peace order, or final peace order in effect at the time of the violation.

    Bill should be saying “Hello Officer” within the next 24 hours or so.

    • Shame he didn’t realize that it isn’t all about him. And then didn’t decide to blatantly flout the peace order. Because he believes it’s all about him. Sigh. Common sense. He haz none.

    • He’ll probably be “arrested” and then released on his own recognizance with a promise to appear. Most people don’t realize that a traffic ticket is, in essence, a non-custodial arrest.

      The fact that Shaky knows about the case means that the cops have already visited him.

      • It could be a Google alert notified him, could be the cops came by and cited him to appear, but that the signed citation has not made it to court admin to update the database yet. Many courts had a holiday today.

      • He was checking all weekend. Claimed to have given instructions to his caretaker, etc.

        Snarked the arresting officer would have to wait while foot rests were attached to his wheelchair, cos, you know, it would be unpossible to get that set up in advance. And with it being so cold (BRRRRR!!) he’d have to have his wheelchair.

        Besides, the wheelchair is part of the image he wanted to portray for “the media” he dreams will be in attendance. He actually wrote this: “…Lock me up while my friends here contact the media. They love stories like this.”

        It seems like things have a way of never working out like he fantasizes. In the incredibly unlikely event that any “media” took notice, that probably wouldn’t work out like he’d hoped either. Remember, BK cooperated with his biography too.

    • bwahahahahaha Why, yes, yes he did have one job… and it was such an easy thing… all he had to do was not contact the man who has repeatedly, and repeatedly through court orders, requested NO CONTACT.

  6. Again, there NEVER seem to be any consequences for CBBS or TDPK when they flagrantly ignore the court and file bogus documents and engage in all manner or unacceptable behavior.

    I frankly don’t think the courts or law enforcement agencies in Maryland care at all what left-wing thugs do to anyone in the state! I don’t know if I will ever set foot in Maryland again based on what I have seen over the past few years (here and in other matters).

    I don’t think the courts are going to take CBBS into custody based on his professed medical condition. If he is as bad-off as he implies, keeping him in a facility would be costly and inconvenient, and it sounds like he knows this and is, in fact, counting on it.

    • Paul Lemmen has a lot to say about cost, convenience, and medical care in federal facilities. Eye opening.

      • Sure, just ask Bradley Manning about the high cost of “health care” in federal facilities. The government is so out of control it is mind-boggling!!!

    • “(c) A law enforcement officer shall arrest with or without a warrant and take into custody…”

      That’s mandatory language (“shall”). There’s no discretion. Whether Bill is kept in custody (unlikely, IMHO) will be decided at a bail hearing. He will ask based on his disability and low probability of being a flight risk to be released pending trial on his own recognizance. Hopefully John will have his lawyer appear at the bail hearing to object and request a bond based on the high probability that Bill will reoffend before trial, or at least talk to the prosecutor about doing that.

      • Well, the language has not changed, and they never took him into custody for the previous 367 violations.

      • The “Probable Cause” block is checked on the court’s online charging docs. I think he gets picked up.

      • Wow! CBBS harasses numerous people in different states for YEARS! And he all he has to worry about is a free ride in a police car to the local station for a few hours. They aren’t going to take him into custody and jail him and I think he knows that. They may fine him but are they going to seize his primary residence?

        Again, these vile thugs get away with their behavior over and over again. What does it take to get thrown in jail in Maryland?

      • Indeed. I hope to never have to cross the Potomac again!

        Couldn’t we somehow get Zimbabwe or Russia to annex The People’s Republic of Maryland? Good bye and good riddance!

    • You’d think so.

      But I’ve thought so dozens of times.

      Bill Schmalfeldt is a constant source of amazing poor judgement. And as unstoppable as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

  7. And now Matty chimes in:

    “What’s it like being Mrs. @wjjhoge, knowing your husband would rather harass a dying man over some internet bullshit than treat your cancer?”

    What an idiot. I’m sure the Hoge’s are competent enough to find medical care. He acts as if without Bill’s help, she will die.

    • Who’s the dying man? BS has helpfully explained in his many PD articles that PD is not a terminal illness.

    • Matty, Matty, Matty. We are ALL dying. It’s just a matter of time. Parkinsons does NOT speed it up. Get yourself a clue. They are in a basket by the door…

    • Exactly. We are all in the process of dying.

      And, what is with these Team Kimberlin goons’ thinking that someone can’t love someone, find treatment for someone, help with said treatment for someone, pay for the treatments (It’s called a great career coupled with great insurance, dummies.), AND battle vexatious litigants/lawfare all at the same time? Idiots.

      Oh. And, Bunny Boy is a creepy, creepy loser with a “dying buddy” who is looking at possibly serving some jail time and paying fines for HIS harassment of @wjjhoge. 🙂

  8. Perhaps Bill Schmalfeldt remembers the good advice I gave him:

    Shut up, and go away.
    Listen to what I’m saying, Bill.
    Shut up.
    Go away.”

    Bill Schmalfeldt should have listened.

    Now, it’s too late.

    I, and others, keep giving Bill Schmalfeldt good advice, and Bill Schmalfeldt keeps ignoring it.

    We warn Bill Schmalfeldt that we’re free to lie to him, and laugh. He insists on fail-doxing the innocent and the non-existent, and then complains he’s been misled. Nobody is forcing Bill Schmalfeldt to stalk and harass people. That is on BILL SCHMALFELDT

    I suggest Bill Schmalfeldt listens to the advice I’ve given him time and time again: GET A LAWYER. GIVE HIM EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE. LISTEN TO HIS ADVICE.

    You should have listened.

    Now, it’s too late.

      • If this was a first time violation of the peace order, it wouldn’t be hard to plea down to house arrest and maybe pay a fine. The county jail isn’t going to want someone with Bill’s condition (fat, stupid, and obnoxious) sitting around for 90 days.

        His repeated violations of the order might make the prosecutor think twice about offering anything short of prison.

      • “His repeated violations of the order might make the prosecutor think twice about offering anything short of prison.”

        From your keyboard to God’s ears.

      • BIll Schmalfeldt’s bravado about not facing either any jail time or a fine might just come back to haunt him.

  9. Mr. Schmalfeldt has now entered a new phase of his life as a criminal defendant. I doubt that he will qualify for a Public Defender, but should he lucky enough to obtain one, it will be an eye-opening experience. Mr. Schmalfeldt will find little sympathy with Public Defenders who are well trained to spot Constitutional issues and other defenses, such as mental illness, in his case. Unfortunately, he has already waived almost all of his Constitutional protections by his own stupidity. Incarceration will be an eye-opener for him as well as those who support him. If Mr. Schmalfeldt is truly lucky, he will be placed in a mental institution for a long term.

    Mr. Schmalfeldt has chosen the iconic Dr. Deborah Frisch as his role model. The choice is apt in many ways. There is much in common between ‘teh’ two of them; mental illness being at the top of the list, in my opinion.

  10. VIEW’S Version of the Peace Order Charge:

    Bill Schmalfeldt violates peace order.

    Mr. Hoge reports violation of peace order to proper authorities.

    Authorities file criminal charges against Bill Schmalfeldt for violation of the peace order.

    You can read it in a British accent, if that helps.

    • Only on Their side of the political spectrum (or their little worlds) can you play all roles and be the police, the judge, the jury and, if necessary, the executioner.

    • Bill Schmalfeldt @weltzchmerz2015
      I show no respect for my wife’s life, no respect for anyone’s intelligence, and I certainly don’t have anything left of my humanity


    • Bill can’t get past his stupidity. He assumes that Mrs. Hoge has no other recourse or treatment. He assumed the Hoge’s would have wanted his help. He assumed that the Hoge’s were incapable of having competent medical care. He assumed that the Hoge’s would be too distraught to deal with this issue.

      Bill more than likely offered this not as a humanitarian gesture, but an effort to gain Mr. Hoge’s confidence. He likely hoped that Mr. Hoge would accept his offer willingly. He likely believed the Mr. Hoge was mentally vulnerable to being persuaded to accept help. He likely hoped that, once he accepted, he’d have a better position to force Mr. Hoge’s hand to get information about the posters in his lawsuit without having to go to court. He likely would have dropped Mr. Hoge from the suit, but continued to pursue the other John Doe’s. He likely believed that Mr. Hoge would not go after a peace order violation by making a case for his Christian assistance, and perhaps hoped that more “reasonable” followers would persuade Mr. Hoge to ignore the violation. In the event this failed, he likely thought that changing his post, claiming it was “ethical” would rehabilitate his character enough in front of a judge should he be charged, and perhaps get him out of a fine, and/or reduced jail sentence.

      Bill failed at his calculations and assumptions. I find it highly unlikely that Mr. Hoge is incompetent in selecting competent medical evaluations and treatment. It is highly unlikely that Mr. Hoge ever once thought BS could give him any help. It is unlikely that BS has any pull necessary to get Mrs. Hoge a boost in any kind of clinical trials, much less that BS would even know who to contact or how to get the special privileges he thinks he has. It is very unlikely that BS has any capability whatsoever to positively affect Mrs. Hoge’s treatment and recovery. It is highly unlikely that Bill has any Christian intentions.

      Bill doesn’t understand that his character can never be rehabilitated because he doesn’t see himself as having the problem. Bill doesn’t understand that his ethics are in conflict: As someone who explicitly states that violation of even the smallest statute deserves criminal prosecution, he seems to think he can talk his way out of a willful violation. Bill may go to jail, but he doesn’t understand that after this violation has been prosecuted, that he may be ordered to never discuss, view, contact, hint, or even refer to Mr. Hoge again. Bill doesn’t understand that if he just OBEYED THE ORDER in the first place, if he would “forget Hoge” and move on with his life away from Team Kimberlin and his merry band of misfits, and followed through completely with disengaging from his promises of never dealing with Mr. Hoge again, this could have all been avoided.

      Insanity may be his only defense, but I don’t think patently and intentionally stupid qualifies.

  11. Looking at Mr. Schmalfeldt’s new avatar, one sees the absolute Fear Pee countenance on a man who realizes that he will be going to jail.

    Bill, I offer you……….

    ‘James Cagney in White Heat’

  12. I know this thread is virtually dead, but it is worth repeating that this is good news. One aspect that I did not see mentioned previously is that a record of being a convicted criminal will likely make it easier for future victims to get peace orders. And a conviction turns his
    LOLsuit into ROFLMAOsuit: the mean things said about me have ruined my reputation as a convicted criminal.

  13. Schmalfeldt = 115 comments. Oh, Hoggy’s limp peepee must have had a little movement after seeing those numbers go up. Is that drool in your beard, Hoggy? Ewww!

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