10 thoughts on “Who Needs a College Diploma to Be President?

  1. I’ll just say this. He’s a very likeable person, and stand up guy. I am little selfish here and do have mix emotions about him running for president . I am not sure if I want to share him. Removing the far left wing nut job opinions and smears . This guy has done great things from my state.

    • Indeed.

      There is a big difference between being credentialed and being educated. There is also a big difference between having an education and being wise. If our Ruling Class would let go of the fantasy that they are “Smarter Than You”, they could understand those distinctions. Funny how a group that speaks often of nuance seems to have little grasp of the concept.

  2. Every U.S. president since Reagan has been from Harvard, Yale, or both. Time for a president who is for the people rather than for personal politics. Walker!

  3. I didn’t like the article. She made it sound like he flunked out, but as I understand the story is he got a job offer from the Red Cross, so he took it. Other sources say his family’s financial situation was bad, and that was a contributing factor. But by constantly talking about bad grades and using the term “dropout”, I don’t think she does justice to his story.

  4. So Walker left college without a degree. Obama claims he has a degree.

    People at college remember Walker and remember him leaving.

    Nobody at Obama’s colleges remember ever seeing him or being in class with him. And while “running” the Harvard Law Review he published not one single article. He has never released any transcripts of his time at any college.

    But the press is all over Walker while Obama gets the usual pass from any questions.

    What else did anyone expect?

  5. Education has been worshipped for education’s sake. it is the line the controlling class uses to keep “we the people” down. Being rarified doesn’t mean you are smarter than anyone else. I only have an associates degree. It taught me a specialized skill, and most importantly a computer program that is associated with that skill. Ergo I have a wonderful job as a result because not many people know this computer program and how to use it – and it’s a job that I can get ANYWHERE in the country because no business can operate without financial oversight of some variety. My profession will never go out of business in other words.

    I have no use for the Latin and Ancient Greek I learned, except to cogitate verbs as a cocktail party stunt. But guess what? I learned that in high school. In fact, most of my highfalutin knowledge I learned before the age of 18 because of my natural thirst for knowledge. I didn’t need a college degree to make me a complete person.

    I know more about how the world actually works than the man who sits in the oval office. And that is a very, very sad state of affairs when a normal person like me could do a better job of presidenting than the actual president of the United States of America.

  6. The way the press will use this is by playing gotchya games like with the evolution question. They will try to paint him as an ignorant rube, all while pumping Jeb up. Then if Jeb gets the nomination it will be his turn to be painted as a rube. That is how the game is played. The only way you can counter it is to be really sharp in your responses and make them regret asking the questions. That will be Walker’s challenge.

    Any flub like the “57 states” thing with Obama and it will be on an endless loop. I guess only college graduates know about the seven secret states.

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