Panic Setting in at Team Kimberlin?

Wow! They must really be rattled if they’re trying something as foolish as this.

Apparently, there are a couple of comments on this blog that were allegedly made by someone using a false identity. Anonymous or pseudonymous comments are OK, but stealing someone else’s identity is a violation of the Hogewash! Terms of Service.

I have contacted the alleged victim. If this is a case of identity theft, it will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

83 thoughts on “Panic Setting in at Team Kimberlin?

      • The internet is FOREVER.

        If she takes his advice and searches for his name, I do hope she runs across the comments at the Daily KOS – you know, all of those right wingers. Just the comments, mind you; I don’t think anyone should read what the adjudicated stalker wrote there about his anal rape fantasies. At least I hope it was fantasy, and not an accurate account of something he actually did.

        All of those right wingers at the Democrat Underground came to similar conclusions and also banned him, didn’t they?

        I’m sure there are other websites full of right wingers that by their name would seem to be democrats or left wing sites. Don’t be fooled! There are only right wingers there!

        Lying liar lying again, per always. Dementia addled, admits his own words can’t be trusted, but this person who apparently did their own homework should believe his lying writing over everything else on the internet.

  1. This is a set up to get Shaky to faildox a secondary target. Miriam Lazewatsky is a despicable human being- make no mistake. But purposely setting up an enemy to be attacked by another enemy is seriously bad juju. If it was any of you, I would ask you to reconsider. You are asking for all kinds of trouble, both legally and otherwise, if you pull that particular stunt. While I can certainly see the FUN in setting your enemies at each other, it could get way out of hand, out of control, and have very serious, unforseen real world consequences.

    Of course, it could be a member of TK trying to manufacture a controversy, and using Shaky as a pawn. Either way, Lazewatsky most assuredly had nothing to do with the site.

    • Just look at whosnumberone’s twitter feed for proof this is a set up. It’s almost like he expected this to happen.

      • The truly revealing thing here is that it seems everyone, including Blob, agrees that if you just toss a couple of nasty (yet legally protected) comments out there it will set of a fully predictable chain of Schmalfeldtian d0xxing, harassment, invasion of privacy and failure.

        We have come to the point where it’s common knowledge that if you just nudge Blob, he’s going to lose his mind.

    • I understand where you’re coming from, colonel, and most certainly would not support this activity at the hands of a Lickspittle…

      However… I do find it curious that this Miriam hasn’t posted a tweet (has not even RTed a tweet) since 8/3/14, but just happens to check her Twitter account and respond to mentions and find herself in a conversation with Bunny Boy (and, Wee Wee Willy) of all people.

      And, if you look at the convo — the Team Kimberlin goons openly discuss contacting WordPress as they would love nothing more than to take down Hogewash!.

      Obvious is obvious. Just sayin’.

  2. The fact that Bill admits doxing her for nothing more than a blog post doesn’t say much about him.

    Bill, why would you internet “friends” do this to you? They aren’t very good friends.

  3. loved the part where he then compounds his error by admitting to doxing people for punishment and feels bad

  4. Money Quote nice confession for a Judge:

    For those of you who saw the story, I would as you to try to forget it. Then, I would ask WJJ Hoge why he would allow his blog to be used by scum sucking assholes to violate the privacy of an innocent young woman in an attempt to get me to cause her pain.

    This level of hatred, it is beyond me. It is hellish

    1st dozens of people daily comment of this blog
    2nd based upon his last twitter screeds he shows a predilection to attacking women
    3rd she made what 2 comments out of over 300 plus
    4th he immediately violated her privacy
    5th he wrote that he is there to cause women pain

    Wow just wow just wow

    • Allow me to repeat, if you don’t mind:

      ” in an attempt to get me to cause her pain”

      Bill doxes people for the express purpose of causing pain.

      That goes up there with “I only harass people who harass me first”, as really bad admissions.

      • And I think he’s all the more a fool because he doesn’t realize his excellent friend is ratcheting him up again. He has no idea what a liability he is to his dear comrades and how desperate they are to disarm the danger.

    • His upset makes no sense. He didn’t have to “punish” anyone, or “cause pain”. Nobody makes him do it. He’s entirely responsible for his own actions. If he’s stupid and cruel, that’s his flaw.

    • Wait. So Blob thinks that someone here knew a couple of comments would cause him to lose his shit then flip out on and attack a complete stranger?

      That’s another one of those admissions against interest.

    • “Then, I would ask WJJ Hoge why he would allow his blog to be used by scum sucking assholes to violate the privacy of an innocent young woman in an attempt to get me to cause her pain.”

      Umm, Bill. Read this sentence over. Very, very carefully. WHO violated the privacy of an innocent young woman? That would be you, Bill. Only you. To us normal people, she was just another person posting on the blog. Someone to be engaged, perhaps, no matter what side of the debate she comes in on. But she only made a scant handful of posts. She barely even hit upon the radar of the vast majority of people here, except as a “Hmm, new person” footnote.

      But for you. FOR YOU BILL, this was your open invitation to start your flaildoxxing of someone. YOU DID THIS. NO ONE MADE YOU. YOU CHOSE YOUR OWN WAY. YOU DECIDED TO “CAUSE HER PAIN.”

      And yet you blame this on John? WTF over man. Seriously. WTF?

      • And now, Blob is going to save her!!! From HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!

        I’ve “spoken” with the young lady who had her identity stolen on Hoge’s blog. She has no idea who has been stalking — and continues to stalk her.

        We may be able to help her.

        How is that, other than by leaving her the hell alone? Yet more faild0xxing:

        What I was MEANT to do was find a bunch of the hate blogs created by someone using the initials DASF.

        You were meant to be institutionalized, Blob.

        • ZOMG! Save the lovely maiden!

          And hate blogs created by someone with the initials DASF. Lord above. He just doesn’t. Know. When. To. STAAAAHPPPP!

      • I mean….come on, Blob….really?

        That, and the fact that she was just a minor commenter (a false one, but minor), and now that she and I have been in communication, friends of mine and I will comb over those DASF blogs, look for terms in common with HOGE people, and someone will go to jail.

        FEDERAL jail.

        And y’all thought Postal Hell was going to rain down after the Great Slovakian Fertilizer Incident!

      • What a drama queen. “Identity theft!eleventy!!” hahahaha Some lickspittle got three mortgages and eight credit cards using her twitter handle!! hahaha

        At most a DMCA takedown by the actual owner of the photo.

        His handlers play him again and again, but it never occurs to him to even consider that obvious fact. Noooooo… everything must be viewed through the prism of his jealousy and hatred of our genteel host. Ever on the hunt for something, anything, for which to blame him.

        #SchmalFOOL #SchmalFAILed. Again.

      • What does he mean by putting “spoken” in quotes? That he had a twitter conversation? That they emailed back and forth? That he did his usual and called her at work which was when he finally was disabused of the notion that she deserved to have him cause her pain?

        Really, did he converse with her, whether by spoken or written word, or did he not?

  5. Bill writes:

    I Can Barely Write About This, But I Need To!
    Earlier today, I wrote a post about what I thought was a new Hoge acolyte. I won’t mention her name again and I have removed the post because the whole thing was a fraud. The poor lady had no idea who I am, and was being used by Hoge or someone close to him in an attempt to get me to dox her, which would have been a very juicy story, because there is a lot online about this woman, who seems to have been victimized by bullies herself, for some reason.

    For those of you who saw the story, I would as you to try to forget it. Then, I would ask WJJ Hoge why he would allow his blog to be used by scum sucking assholes to violate the privacy of an innocent young woman in an attempt to get me to cause her pain.

    This level of hatred, it is beyond me. It is hellish. I will have nothing to do with it, and that is why I have stopped using Twitter.

    You mean like this level of hatred Bill?

    Bill, you can never, ever run away from all the vile crap you’ve posted over the years. Should you have learned that already, esp. considering last nite?

  6. Team Freedom #1: “But… Our shenanigans are cheeky and fun.”
    Team Freedom #2: “Yeah, I mean… his shenanigans are cruel and tragic.”
    Team Freedom #3: “Which makes them not shenanigans at all really.”
    Team Freedom #1: “Evil shenanigans!”
    Judge: “I swear to god I will pistol whip the next guy that says shenanigans.”
    Team freedom #1: “Hey, BS. What the name of that website you like with all the goofy shit posted on the walls and the mozzarella sticks.”
    BS: *comes out of hiding to fail* “You mean shenanigans?”
    Team Freedom: “Ohhhhhhhhh!”

  7. “allow his blog to be used by scum sucking assholes to violate the privacy of an innocent young woman”
    Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but Bill’s the one who violated her privacy by doxxing her, right?

    • You don’t understand. She MADE him dox her by posting here. It was out of his hands.

      It’s easier if you think in terms of a scumbag wife beater, “I wouldn’t be doing this to you if you didn’t make me!!!”

      Same general thought process.

    • do not attempt to adjust your perception set, yes Bill just confessed to doxing to cause people pain. Not to defend the honor of his late mother (who no one ever doxed) or his dead twin (who no one ever doxed) but just to cause some garden variety home made pain

    • I repeat myself:
      You have four active Peace orders/ Restraining orders in three states. To a reasonable person Thou art a STALKER and HARASSER.

      In your own words you use threats and intimidation to get what you want. To a reasonable person Thou art a BLACKMAILER/EXTORTIONER.

      I could go on but to a reasonable person Thou art not a gentleman, and should not be allowed in the company of the general public.

  8. Schmalfeldt’s “friends” trying to get as much use out of him before he heads off to the county lockup?

  9. So, let me get this straight:

    Team Kimberlin is apprently against lying, stealing identities and harassment.

    And they call a perjurer, forger and bomber their friend.

    Got it.

  10. “We get death threats all the time!”

    “Didn’t your friend Brett try to hire a hitman to take out the prosecutor in his case?”

    “Shut up!”

    Got it.

  11. If this doesn’t prove to Bill that that his “friends” do not have his best interests at heart nothing will get through to him. Sad pathetic man gets played by people he trusts over and over and still can’t seem to figure out that he is just Kimberlin’s puppet…..who is going to most likely be locked up soon because of him.

  12. Bill, this last fail dox is just more proof that you’re a mentally unstable adjudicated harasser. It’s further proof that you need to have a indefinite stay at mental facility. As for little Kimberlin’s whining, whine like a little girl to the FBI all you want. I sure there are several things they would like to discuss with you concerning your various online activities.
    FYI Kimby, I sure the FBI knows your favorite part of a hockey game is just before the first period.

  13. I can’t believe the Big BM, after an incident like this, still thinks doxing is a good idea. Does he not understand the harm he can do to bystanders when he incorrectly (read: almost always) misidentifies his target?

    No idea which side posted as her (it could either be a gaslighting attempt or a false flag op by Team Kimberlin, and without more evidence it’s hard to say which), but Schmalfeldt seriously needs to reexamine his behavior.

    Of course, that requires a degree of introspection he doesn’t appear to be capable of.

    • Have any democrats who post here been contacted by team evil like this young girls was? Any new commenters here been contacted by team evil?

      Didn’t think so. And there’s the answer.

      • yeah any statistician could tell you out of 300 million twitter users how could we squarehead conservatives even find her unless one of us was at occupy where she might have been?


    • Note that this time, because the target was a left-wing loon in good standing, he’s all apologies. If she was a rightie, or even a true, apolitical bystander, he would have kept pressing it until there was no doubt he was wrong (if then.)

      • Now that you mention it, it is the very first time his minders have intervened in a Faildox. Usually they just sit back a giggle, kind of like Kimberlin does in court when Bill making a fool out of himself. But this time, for the first time, they immediately intervene.

        Odd, that.

  14. I do not knowingly go to any site run by Witless Willie so I may be missing part of the story. I see that one of our host’s jokes elicited from someone a few comments expressing negative views about the Laughable Lackwit of Elkridge. I am inferring that after the comment was made it has become probable or certain that it was made under an assumed identity. How am I doing so far?

    The Paragon of Faildox then went all cyber-postal over the actual person, thereby exemplifying AGAIN his misogynistic bullying. And, let me get this straight now, his most recent antics are, according to him, the fault of the Horrible Hoge for permitting comments that point out Willie’s history of similar antics. “I had to abuse that woman because I thought she was abusing me about all the other people I have abused.” Am I dreaming, or is that the scenario?

    It is hundreds and hundreds of miles away, but I think I shall have to attend the trial in the LOLsuit in the very unlikely chance that it gets to trial. Watching him get his fat ass handed to him will be a hoot.

  15. In a future complaint far far away…

    Your honor I did attack that woman because I didn’t know her and then I decided that her comment warranted me to violate her privacy and her reputation, until I found out I was wrong. I assure you your honor that I am a victim and was set up because I failed to contact her before my journalistic profession compelled me, COMPELLED ME, to act without confirmation. So when when I find the bastard who made me do it – boy GODS OWN THUNDER…

  16. Especially considering he just had his ass handed to him by “Andrew Ballard”. Bill is so fucking stupid that he seizes on the first bait presented to him.

    Bill, just stop. Everyone already knows how stupid you are. There is really no need to drag innocent people into your deranged fantasies. Tell Brett to stop screwing with you and apologize to those he hired you to defame and dox.

    • Some video game playing, anime watching kid? A throwaway email from a random mail service. Quick google search by Det. BS and he had his culprit — a person who only ever played WAR GAMES!!!!111!!!11!1! and had never been to real combat!!!!!!11!11!11!!!!

      Petty Officer Robert “Bob” Albee? A.B. posted a document with the persons information redacted. Bill immediately google image searched the document and blasted the name everywhere. Then in a fit of triumph found the website and began gloating over his “discovery” of Robert Albee.

      “Andrew Ballard”? Going so far as to call MTSU demanding information… that wasn’t creepy at all. It also clearly showcased the LENGTHS he will go to “find you” in order to punish you.

      That was about 7 or 8 days of watching someone repeatedly slam their face into a faildox wall. And self-documenting the LENGTHS he would go to in order to FIND YOU.

      For what purpose…. well……………. creepy…….

      • Why would anyone have to pay William? Tons of Fun needs the attention so badly that he’ll act as a cut out for free.

        And of course he’s now wondering aloud if Mrs. Hoge’s illness is some kind of hoax designed to force him to violate the peace order. This is because William is a lunatic and a moron.

        But conspiracy theories are fun!

        Was Hoge on the grassy knoll in Dallas?
        (Hoge hates liberals, so it makes perfect sense!)

        Did Hoge mastermind the Lindbergh baby kidnapping?
        (Not having been born yet, no one would suspect Hoge. A Perfect crime, if it weren’t for Bill’s sleuthery!)

        Did Hoge control the demolition of 7 World Trade Center for Bush?
        (Quantum mechanic!)

        Has Hoge ever owned a pair of Bruno Magli shoes, despite their being “ugly ass”?

  17. So much back peddling here on “teh” Hoggy Blog. It’s cute you’re trying to cover your tracks by arguing that it’s all an elaborate setup, but your fake transparency is like your rationalizations for attacking a disabled man: bullshit. But hey keep pounding those nails into the Team Hoggy coffin, man-boys and skanks.

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