A Year of BS on Twitter

This is a sampler of some of the Twitter activity from the Cabin Boy™ during the period of February, 2013, through January, 2014.

UPDATE—I’m told by a friend who has been paying attention to the Twitterz this morning that the Cabin Boy™ is upset because I have had the temerity to quote some his Twitter ravings. He should get used to it, and he will see many more of his own words coming back to haunt him if he continues with his LOLsuit.

Thus far, my response has been restrained. I have more important issues at hand. However, he should consider that my codefendants may not be as gentle as I have been to date. The ram has touched the wall, and I believe they are eager to use it.

If Schmalfeld is lucky, the judge will kick out the lawsuit under 28 U.S.C. 1915(e). If Schmalfeldt decides to do the wise thing (stop laughing), he will withdraw his LOLsuit before the judge rules.

287 thoughts on “A Year of BS on Twitter

    • The demented cyberstalker is so offensive when he tries to pretend to be human. He clearly hasn’t the faintest concept.

    • “I don’t get it.”

      Those were probably Bill Schmalfeldt’s words when he has fired for what is it, dozens of jobs. Those were probably his words each time when he was fired from the Examiner. Those were probably his words when the Daily Kos, and dozens of other websites, banned him. Those were probably his words when his twitter account was suspended dozens of times. Those were probably his words when his previous wives left him. Those were probably his words when he realized his previous wives had cuckolded him. Those were probably his words when Judges in multiple states issues restraining orders against him. Those were probably his reports when reading the sales reports of his books showed no sales. And, those will probably be his words when he is finally institutionalized.

      There’s a lot that Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t understand. That doesn’t excuse him from conforming to certain minimal standards of human decency. In asking irrelevant, and intrusive questions about Connie Hoge’s illness he has failed that test yet again.

      • And, I would note “I don’t get it” ought to have been his words when the woman he was having sex with on a stage turned out to have testicles and a penis. The point is that they weren’t.

        • He may well have gotten the penis and testicles in Japan. Did he mention in his story if he was the top?

      • The Big BM is constantly raving that his life, and his behavior, and his long-term abuse of others is NOBODY’S BUSINESS ELEVENTY!!1!1!

        Yet, this demented freak sits in his tincan and puts out tweet after tweet discussing Mr. and Mrs. Hoge’s unfortunate reality, and asking for details about… yep, you guessed it… something that is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS!

        And, in Typical Bill fashion — his lack of sincerity is astounding. Even in the midst of his faux concern for the Hoges, and his bogus offer of assistance (Um. Yeah. Thanks for the dot gov website links. *eyeroll*), his timeline is ALL about Bill.

        “I. I. I. I. I. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.” Good grief. Tis sickening.

        Phony “Above-It-All Bill” has made yet another disgusting appearance. But, if there was even an ounce of sincerity, compassion, and Christian Charity (there isn’t, of course) in Blob, he would drop his vexatious LOLsuit post haste, cease ever mentioning the Hoges, put out an impassioned plea to his “excellent friends” to stop with the threats, and by all means NEVER, EVER, EVER contact John again.

        Of course, none of the above will happen because… Deranged Cyberstalker.

        Murum aries attigit.

      • Oh, Neal, I think he answered your query when he wrote that he ‘didn’t know at first’ which implies that he found out the hard way. No pun intended, just a bonus.

      • Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve picked up on it yet or not, Janey Waney. But, Gracey Wacey over here isn’t much of a “sugarcoat it” kinda gal.


  1. Seems like, despite one or two tweets which (taken out of context) might indicate a sort of desire for detente, the Cabin Boy is indeed a loooooong way from anything resembling a “road to Damascus” moment.

  2. The best thing right now is for Mr. Hoge to report another violation of the peace order due to the email contact to the proper authorities. There is no provision for contact because you want to offer help or you are showing kindness or remorse. Bill must learn, through the power of the courts and law enforcement, that no contact means no contact and he must be held accountable for his actions.

    You can forgive in your heart but you must let the law take its course.

    • Agreed. Especially when taken in context with his other tweets, it’s clear what his purpose was and remains. Not prosecuting is inviting more of the same.

      • Worse, if the violation isn’t reported, William will create a precedent out of it that can potentially go to awkward and ugly places later.

        At the absolute worst, the Hoges now have any outstanding case for an extension of the existing peace order, and reason to file amended information in the current contempt case

  3. Yes, Bill, you have your answer, and that answer is

    murum aries attigit.

    You had your chance to do the right thing. To do what was asked.

    You had too many chances. You wasted each and every one.

    Now it’s too late.

    The ram has touched the wall, and there is but one end to the path you have chosen.

    It’s going to be oh, so much FUN! to watch, and I only hope I get to participate. A lot.

  4. Make no mistake – the only thing the repeated cuckold, multiple adjudicated harasser and stalker, Bill Schmalfeldt, felt “compelled” to do was to try to make the Hoge family’s health crisis about his own demented self, and to try to manipulate a way out of his LOLsuit before it bites him.

    • Exactly, Jane. As I stated above — Blob’s “I. I. I. I. I. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.” schtick is sickening. Transparent and disgusting.

      Merciless. No quarter. Murum aries attigit.

      And, as another Lickspittle/Zombie stated in another thread (I can’t recall who at the moment. It was most likely you, our dear, sweet Jane.), if there is anything any of us can do to assist the Hoge family in any way, I pray they will not hesitate to ask.

      No matter how small nor how large the request/need, I rest assured Team Lickspittle/The Zombie Horde will graciously and willingly step up in a heartbeat.

  5. Do you mean to say you didn’t wake up to James Taylor serenading you from your stoop this morning?

    Time to smack that idiot on the snout with a newspaper again.

  6. If he isn’t tweeting he’s blogging:

    Bill Schmalfeldt February 13, 2015 — 10:28 pm

    And please believe me when I say I would much prefer that some sort of Lickspittle Plague overtook you all and I never had to be bothered with you ever again. You need ME more than I need my next breath of air. If I pull back, one of you will do something outrageous to pull me back into the fray. And now, lookitwhatchagot! A lawsuit. And as many of you as I can identify (thanks, BTW), and as many of you as I can fit into a courtroom, assuming I live long enough to do it, you will feel the pain of being sued by a man you loathe — a man you do NOT know, don’t know the first thing ABOUT, nothing other than the fantasy fables you’ve created that have become part of the official “Lickspittle Canon.” Wanna know the real me? Do what the pretend Andrew Ballard was gonna do. Contact my coworkers at NIH. Calvin Jackson. John Burlkow, Waleola Akinso, Dr. Marin Allen. Dr. John Gallin. These people know me and they love me. Please don’t bother Belle Waring — she’s been very ill. But she was one of my best friends. You know what you THINK you know. And that’s it, Kiddies. See you in court.

    And be well.

    So, who’s going to contact his co-workers? I wonder if they gave permission to be associated with someone who makes explicit, obscene, pornographic audio tapes depicting or describing sex acts between minors. Maybe a link to the audio?

    After all, he said go ahead and contact them, I wonder how the NIH is going to react that someone is using their good name to solicit sex tapes, describing sex acts of grade school children? To further his career in creating crap that wont sell anywhere?

    • Maybe some haven’t told him to is ugly face what they think of him, but it’s more likely he was too stupid to understand. I’ll bet that “good egg” is thrilled he splashed her telephone number on twitter.

      Don’t forget – he’s already written that he doesn’t believe in his LOLsuit enough to pay the filing fee:


      So it’s already over because there is no way the fees will be waived.

      • These people he named in a tweet on a website that are going to be tied in with him – I don’t think so – wonder why all these friends never reviewed his books, commented on his thousands of website or even tweet him…….

        Don’t think the NIH is going to be happy that someone is implying he has some kind of official capacity with them to dispense govt resources

      • Exactly, BPO – and remember, he claims they know him. Must be why they have nothing to do with him. As you point out, they think so highly of him, they couldn’t even write a review for him; donate to one of his GoFundMyStalking efforts, etc.

        The delusions of a demented freak do not equate to actual good will or friendly thoughts from others.

      • What is the filing fee for Blob’s LOLsuit? For some reason $400 is coming to mind.

        If memory serves, The Big BM has already declared (IIRC — It was in his IFP filing) that he has $600 left over at the end of each month after expenses. Doesn’t quite strike me as a pauper living in abject poverty, and I’d bet the court will agree.

        Besides, even if Blob couldn’t yank $400 out of just one month’s remaining $600 (Gotta pay for all of those radio sites, blogs, books, CDs, online legal advice, mayo, and FroYo. You know… priorities) — is he unfamiliar with the concepts of “planning ahead” and “saving for a rainy day?”

        It’s not like Blob hasn’t been screeching and squawking for months and months and months that he’s going to sue everyone for libel eleventy!1! and their little dogs, too.

        As others have mentioned, and I wholeheartedly agree… Blob is hoping like hell is IFP filing is turned away.

        • He also has two grand in savings, as I remember it.

          William just don’t want to do what he so often demands of others, put his money where his mouth is.

          This is where we hear the rote claim that “Gail controls the finances”, which could lead to very interesting places, indeed.

      • Ahhhh. I wasn’t aware of the $2000 in savings. Thanks, Neal.

        So, let me do the math…

        Filing an IFP
        (fully aware of leftover funds/month AND cash in a savings account)

        + A premeditated plan to walk away from the LOLsuit if the court doesn’t buy his pauper nonsense

        = VEXATIOUS

        It all adds up. It’s as clear as the snout on the malicious and vengeful pig’s face.

      • hahaha You do have a way with words, darling Grace.

        Good points raised by you, BPO (and all throughout this thread) – It’s an established fact that he doesn’t believe in his LOLsuit to fund it himself. However, he claims those who “know” him, including former co-workers, think well of him. Surely all of his “friends” would have no trouble helping him with a mere $400 fee. Why, that’s just $25 each from 16 “friends” and family members – or if that’s too many to expect him to have – just $50 each from eight “friends” and family members.

        I’d bet that most here could raise $400 in donations within hours, without much effort at all.

      • So, let me do the math…

        Filing an IFP
        (fully aware of leftover funds/month AND cash in a savings account)

        + A premeditated plan to walk away from the LOLsuit if the court doesn’t buy his pauper nonsense

        = VEXATIOUS

        Also a rather egregious violation of the peace order. Why does blob ask the free lawyers questions and then ignore them?

        Oh, right. He’s stupid.

    • The lickspittles/zombie horde have lives offline. We have families, friends, neighbors, hobbies both offline and on. We have each other.

      None of us “need” or want contact with the demented cyberstalker. Sad that he’s too stupid to understand that simple fact, no matter how many times it’s clearly expained. He doesn’t even grasp the court orders mean NO CONTACT.

      It’s not a game; it’s not a flame war; it’s revulsion and disgust that’s real and permanent.

      • Indeed, Jane.

        And, it’s not personal hate as he is wont to repeatedly claim. Hatred of pure evil? Absolutely! But, hatred for a pathetic, foul, and abusive horrible excuse for a human being? No way. Blob doesn’t have the power to control others’ emotions, and cause them to hate him.

        As you stated… Revulsion. Check. Disgust. Check. A strong desire to neutralize him and his lawless behavior? INDEED!

      • What BPO quoted up above is from Blob’s droolings over at KU’s site (EDBSD comment section. Or, if you’re a stellar wordsmith like The Big BM: EODBSD), Kyle.

        Blob’s drooling blog posts can be found at: TheElkridgeInciter dot blogspot dot com.

        As you are well aware… don hazmat gear before entering.

    • What Bill fails to understand is that what we know about his has come from HIM! His writings, his “comedy”, his defense of a unrepentant pedo and bomber who is responsible for killing a man and then suing the widow to keep from paying what he owes. A man who filed a RICO suite because he can’t have little girls sleeping over anymore. His harassment of a man over a Facebook “like”. The way he harassed a mom in WI because he thought it would further his “career”. This is the disgusting vile things that cause normal people to not like Bill. You know when they catch a serial killer and all the neighbors say what a nice person he was? Yep, I’m sure your coworkers thought you were just swell. I’m also sure they didn’t know you spent most of your working hours hurling homophobic insults at people on the XMFan forum. I’ll be they don’t know about your anal rape fantasies, your staunch defense of a man who preys on innocent young girls, your inability to take responsibility for any of your actions. A book could be written about all the crap you have put other people though.

      TL/DR – People don’t like you based on what you have done, said, and written. You suck.

      • Well done, Army Vet, and exactly so. He wants us to ignore what we’ve witnessed over years of observation, and base our opinions solely on what he wants others to see. It doesn’t work that way.

        The reason the demented cyberstalker is so roundly reviled is because we’ve paid attention to his own words and deeds. His own children want nothing to do with him – not because of what others have said/written but because of his own words, actions, and inactions.

      • I’m sure a book will be written about Bill Schmalfeldt’s antics. Of course, Bill Schmalfeldt will write it. It won’t be accurate, and, it might not reach double-digit sales, in binary.

        Bill Schmalfeldt will have to console himself as a chapter in a published hard-back book chronicling the Kimberlin Saga. Perhaps John Hoge , Aaron Walker or both will write it. In an otherwise solemn book he will be the comic relief.

      • This. This. This. Perfectly stated, AV.

        Ya know — you just gotta love Blob’s new edict he has handed down: Unless he has done something to anyone PERSONALLY, everyone is required to leave him alone. *PFFT* Such a declaration speaks VOLUMES about this demented freak’s utter lack of character, integrity, morals, and principles.

        So… in the Land of Deranged Cyberstalkers — if someone does something abusive and evil to your child… shut up, back off, and ignore it. They didn’t do it to you.

        If someone does something abusive and evil to your spouse (Gail, anyone?), your parents, a sibling, a friend… shut up, back off, and ignore it. They didn’t do it to you.

        If you are a bystander — a morally-based, good-and-decent person — and, you witness someone repeatedly being abusive and evil to numerous, fellow human beings… shut up, back off, and ignore it. By all means, do nothing to see to it that the evil abuse is stopped.

        Well… that may be how things work in the Land of Deranged Cyberstalkers, but in the Real World — ethical, principled individuals of strong character and moral fiber (see: Our Gentle Host) tend to step up, and do what is within their power to hold the evil ones who walk amongst us duly accountable for their abhorrent and lawless actions.

    • “Contact my coworkers at NIH.”

      Heh. Silly, silly Blob. Putting up an offer like that (like we need his permission) with the assumption he would be able to dictate the manner in which any of the conversations would play out.

      I guess Blob assumes a conversation with a former coworker of his would simply begin and end with, “Tell me about your coworker Bill Schmalfeldt.”

      I’d wager it would be more like, “Let me tell YOU about your former coworker Bill Schmalfeldt, and share with you what he’s been up to since he left NIH. Let me begin by outlining what led up to old Bill managing to obtain four (five plus one extension) restraining orders for his harassment, stalking, threats, and abuse on and offline. BTW — How much time do you have?”

      Good grief. The stupid… it burns.

      • Except that I cannot imagine bothering someone out of the blue on BS’s say-so.

        Besides, his former co-workers, in a work setting, shouldn’t say anything to anyone except, “He worked here between the following dates.”

      • Wait wait, but didn’t he contact a couple people’s current, not former, employers not coworkers? With the intent to get them fired? Grady, perhaps?

        Not to mention publishing sealed court data from AW so TDPK could do the same thing to him with a fig leaf of deniability.

        Am I wrong?

      • Paul, I’m pointing out Bill’s hypocrisy, not suggesting we emulate him. It’s hard to shave if you can’t stand to look at yourself in the mirror.

  7. Watching William rend his martyr’s garments is fun! And did anyone have money on a peace order violation for this week?

    I’m going try to be fair here. I would have been much more sympathetic toward William’s communication with Mr. Hoge had it been made privately. But he just couldn’t bring himself to it. Instead, he made a huge public production, lacking only backing dancers, to display what a superior guy and marvellous Christian he is.

    Then he connected it with the lulzsuit and his myriad of mysterious “certain condition”, thereby destroying any chance that it was sincere.

    William, you’re a scumbag. Do go fuck yourself.

  8. The narcisstic freak just can’t understand how repulsive he is, so it must be that dozens, even hundreds of people, have it wrong, don’t know him. If he had the intellect, self-awareness, or even humanity, to understand, he’d know that the monster we see was painted in his own words and deeds.

      • Not really. The only consequences have been repeated humiliation. Embarrassing but easy to ignore if you have no conscience or brain. So far there have been no significant legal consequences and certainly no physical ones. A wise person would have long since changed course but, well,…

        Nothing will change until either the legal system brings real pain to Team Kimberlin or they run into someone like themselves, lawless and without a conscience. I hope for the former but the latter – having to live in a world they helped create would be a certain poetic justice.

      • What Cube said. Social repercussions only affect you if you’re not a sociopath, unless you get hit to the point of ‘shunning’ (as in, people will literally have nothing to do with you for love or money). Tangible repercussions (fines, loss of freedom, etc) are the only way to penetrate this solipsism.

        Or as my dad says, ‘A word to the wise is sufficient; a fool needs a brick.’

  9. William seems to be attempting a strategy of redemption through ancient press releases.

    Say what you will about them, but psychotics are often interesting

  10. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/566636751746105345

    How’s the view from your cross, Bill? Can you see the palm trees swaying in the wind?

    Here’s the fact, while awaiting a contempt citation for violating the peace order, you chose to violate it again. While that, at first blush, might seem altusitic, the terms and conditions in attaching the lulzsuit (which itself may violate the peace order) to your walking on water suggests something different.

    But, please, don’t let me interrupt your “They know not what they do” moment.

  11. Bringing this forward from upthread to make sure it’s not missed:

    BigSkyBob on 14 February, 2015 at 11:46 said:
    Any mercy extended to Bill Schmalfeldt is a slap across the faces of his numerous victims.

    Exactly, BSB. Let us never forget that.

  12. Holy Crap:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Common sense told me, “Don’t send that e-mail.” But my ethos is such that if I withheld info that might save her life, that she might not…

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 1m 1 minute ago
    …otherwise have access to, what kind of human being am I? I would push Hoge out of the way of an onrushing train if I could. That’s me.

    Bill, you sent him the name of a PR person and a website. How is that in any way information that could “save her life”? Are you completely retarded?

    Let’s ask the Stranahans about your “ethos”, putz boy.

    • Is there a person in science who doesn’t know someone at the NIH?
      Serious question. It’s like reaching out and saying “I know a plumber” when someone has a leak. Of course you do, most everyone does. And those who don’t can use google or the yellow pages.

      I mean hell if we’re doing 6 degrees of separation I can probably get a hold of the head of the National Genomics Institute or OHRP if I really wanted to push my rolodex. Not really sure that’d be worth breaking a court order for though regardless of circumstance.

      • I know a couple people in NIC (National Institute of Cancer), and the head of another sub agency. Not well, but by face and name, and one reference to a good friend of theirs who speaks well of me will open what doors can open. Any one of at least three mutual friends will do the trick, probably more.

        This does not mean I can get a back door pass into NIC clinical trials. Either you qualify, or you do not. They are testing a specific protocol, if you qualify they will do all they can to save your life, but win or lose you are a data point to them. They have to look at you that way, to do otherwise courts madness. There is a peculiar mixture of passion and dispassion that goes into a medical researcher; sort of a sublime denial of humanity in the furtherance of humanity. It’s sort of hard to explain, a merciful pitilessness? A pitiless mercy? All or none of the above?

        But no, I can’t swing studies. And I expect my contacts are a bit higher than “press flunky.”


      • Of course I didn’t mean to imply one could swing studies.
        And if you want something off study that’s an FDA question anyway, not NIH.
        Knowing people is only useful because they *might* be able to point you in the right direction. My point merely was that the claim “hey I know these people so I HAD to help” was weird and random considering pretty much everyone in the greater DC area can get a jump to “NIH” in probably 3 people or less. (More or less ditto for people working at research institutions anywhere in this country.)

      • I didn’t mean you implied you could swing studies. Bill certainly seemd to do so, however. I find the prospect…unlikely.

  13. One of 1834 slides of Bill in his own words more being made:

    “Better idea, Stranny. How about we find out where you are staying and rape YOU? Of course, no one would never actually DO that, for fear of getting genital warts from your filthy, unwashed, unwiped axx. But maybe it would be nice for a pro-rape axxhole such as yourself to understand the fear a woman faces at the concept of rape.

    How many men do you figure it would take to hold you down, Stranny.

    I bet one could do it.”

    I put “xx” to try to keep decorum

    • Let’s not forget that Bill followed that up by posting both the Stranahan’s address and pictures of their house. Vile, disgusting pathetic man.

  14. Bill Schmalfeldt
    And a man who would throw his own cancer-stricken wife under the bus to GET someone… can we call that person a human being?

    That didn’t take long….

    Remember, Bill’s “ethos” is on display. So you get to know the “real” Bill.

    And in Bill’s warped view of the world, John MUST stop defending himself from the two lawsuits brought against him, or he is “throwing his wife under the bus”. Complete capitulation, but I’m sure they’ll go easy on him if he surrenders without a fight.


    • I don’t horrify easily. As a matter of fact, in always betting on the worst instincts of the human condition to prevail, I’m often pleasantly surprised, but rarely disappointed.

      But wow, William. Just … wow. That’s cruel and unusually stupid, even for you. And perhaps the single most revealing thing you’ve ever written. I’m sure that the judge in your pending contempt case will find it … enlightening.

      I disagree with Perry on one small matter. I sincerely hope that you do something that allows the cops to believe that you’re resisting. I sincerely hope for that.

    • Especially considering Bill KNEW with complete certainty that any message to John posted to twitter would be read by John at some point. Bill uses that way of messaging John constantly. There was absolutely no reason to send that email for anything other than ego.

    • Gavin de Becker talks about stalker and preening “helpful” bids for contact such as the ridiculously unnecessary one Bill made. You had one job, Bill. Shut up. Leave alone.

      Despite your parading, In fact you had no special access or resources to share, and even if your interference had been kindly meant, which it was not, it was useless and unnecessary. If sacred honor compelled you, you could have thrown up blind links to satisfy your soul. Which you don’t have, so never mind.

  15. BTW, Why the hell hasn’t the Court ruled yet!?!?!? How long does it take to make a decision!?!?!? The Court’s JOB is to issue rulings in disputes based on facts and law. Refusing to do so in a prompt manner is NOT DOING ITS JOB. DO IT ALREADY. Peace orders are a serious matter. While there is no immediate physical danger in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt, the fact remains that peace orders are the manner in which citizens can address issues of harassment without resorting to self-help. If the Court lacks the conviction to act, what possible other remedy is there than rounding up your boys and teaching the other party a lesson in pain? That obviously will not happen here, but how can the Court, with its limited understanding of the situation, possibly know that? The Court’s dithering on this issue, when viewed objectively, is extremely dangerous. (And, again, FTR, there is close to zero chance that anything more than ‘net H8 and hard looks will ever come of this dispute. BUT THE COURT CANNOT KNOW THAT FOR CERTAIN.)

    • He offended every decent human being who read his words.

      So, I suppose we could say his better angels were driven away, and we were left to attempt to be the voices of right and reason.

      Personally, though, I shall borrow from Terry Pratchett: “Hi! I’m the inner babysitter!”

    • Reminder: Bill Schmalfeldt has proudly admitted to having sex on stage in front of a paying audience in Japan. In many US states, that would be considered prostitution. He has photoshopped the faces of his enemies list onto male porn. As Mike Malone explained, under US law, that is considered to be the production of porn. That makes him guilty of the things he accuses Lee and Lauren of having done.

      • Funny innit how the members of TK often accuse others of doing the things they themselves are guilty of doing. Accuse the Accuser I believe as I believe Aaron said.

      • Dr. Mike- Make no mistake, violating a court order is a HUGE deal. A court order is the last thing a civil society can do before violence is used.

        When the police take you into custody, its violence. Even if everybody is way Code-4 and cooperative, from the perp to the cop, placing somebody into cuffs and booking that person is absolute physical control, and the penalties for resisting that control are immediate and harsh.

        This is what a court WILL command if someone refuses to comply with an order. Bear in mind that courts will typically exhaust other remedies before ordering a seizure of the person, but that is ultimately WILL happen.

        Compare the cop’s authority to the judge’s:

        If a cop orders you to leave an area, and the cop has no right to do so, and you refuse, the cop is in great legal jeopardy when his actions are litigated. Furthermore, acts of resistance against the cop, which would normally be illegal, are NOT a crime if the cop was acting beyond the scope of his duty. (LET ME BE COMPLETELY CLEAR, HERE- unless you believe a life is at risk, obey the cop, and litigate later. Butthurt isn’t worth taking a TASER ride or a baton beating.)

        On the other hand, a court order is the ONLY thing in this country that cannot be ignored, even if the order is unconstitutional. If a judge orders you to hop on one leg and bark like a dog, its unconstitutional. BUT YOU STILL MUST COMPLY until a higher court relieves you of the obligation. If you fail to hop and bark, the sanctions you suffer STILL APPLY, even if the higher courts ultimately decide the judge that made the order was wrong,

        It DOES NOT MATTER if Shakey’s motivation was altruistic either on its face or in reality (in fact, it was neither.) As long as that letter violated the specific terms of the order, he is in CONTEMPT. Period dot.

      • Oh, I agree completely. I’m saying Stranahan was not under any court orders when he did or did not do what Bill says he did. Bill? Is under four, and is actively and proudly violating the one that a judge is currently considering a contempt charge for.

        (oh, and the fact that Bill declares something to be true is a pretty good reason to believe it is not true.)

  16. So Bill, why do you forgive Brett Kimberlin and not Lee Stranahan?

    And to borrow one of you pathetic excuses, what did Lee Stranahan do to you?

    Consistency isn’t one of your strong points, is it?

  17. “YMMV, but when Gail had cancer, her health was the only thing I could think about. I was totally focused on her. I just don’t get it!”

    That’s not so. He thought about, and wrote about, and FOCUSED on his own travails and loyal good-deed doing, so conspicuously, and leveraged as much material and self-promotion out if it as he apparently coudl think to attempt, that his writing were cringeworthy even though not his regular concoction of affected, profane and vicious blather.

    His writing in the third person was so creepy. I was ashamed for him.

  18. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 12m 12 minutes ago
    While I was having experimental brain surgery……..

    I thought we were over this, William? DBS has been successfully used the world over since the early ’90s, with over 10,000 procedures done annually. The trial you took part in looked at DBS in early Parkinson’s patients as compared to the standard at the time, which was DBS for patients only when the medications no longer were effective. You recieved the same surgery the other 10,000 people did. It was NOT experimental.

    How sad is it that Bill has to exaggerate the only decent thing he’s ever done in his life (his own admission)?

    • It was experimental in that they wanted to see if a man could survive without a brain or spine. In his case, it was a surprise success.

  19. Why did what look to me the Mother of All Feldtdowns have to start so late on Valentine’s Day, when I’m otherwise engage? Where is the justice in that? More importantly, where is William’s sweet beloved?

    Okay, who wants to take bets that he starts making incredibly ill-advised phone calls, no later than midnight? The severity of this is starting to sink in, and I’m afraid I’m going to miss it!

    • Why did what look to me the Mother of All Feldtdowns have to start so late on Valentine’s Day,

      It’s OK neal, I think it’s safe to say there will be more.

  20. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/566635603941281795

    Yes, by all means, let’s get to “know” Bill Schmalfeldt, shall we?

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 2h 2 hours ago
    And a man who would throw his own cancer-stricken wife under the bus to GET someone… can we call that person a human being?

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 39m 39 minutes ago
    Yes. If you’re looking for someone to describe ethos, Stranahan would be the man. Lying, huckster, fraud, deadbeat, porno pimp. Role Model.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 32m 32 minutes ago
    The bondage porn artist? The man who sent his own wife to strangers’ houses to have sex with them for $650? STRANAHAN?

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 29m 29 minutes ago
    “It’s OK, honey. The kids are asleep. Now, get down on your belly so the nice man can tie your wrists together.” THAT’S THE GUY YOU LIONIZE?

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 30m 30 minutes ago
    “HONEY! WE’RE POOR AGAIN! Let me take some pictures of you having sex with strangers, and we’ll sell them online.” STRANAHAN????

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 23m 23 minutes ago
    So, yeah. Punish me for being MEAN to the pornographer, pimp, bunko artist, liar, fraud. It makes perfect sense!!!

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 24m 24 minutes ago
    While I was recovering from that surgery, this man was hanging his wife upside down from hooks so strangers could whack off on her.

    All that in the past hour.

    I’ve seen enough, anybody else?

    • Disgusting freak.

      Let’s not forget, those tweets and more are him “obeying [his] own sense of ethics.” And yes, he’s absolutely guilty as long as he continues to ‘obey his own sense of ethics. That his own ethics are repugnant to all decent people doesn’t bother him in the least. That his own ethics are in violation of a court order will hopefully put an end to his vile behavior, at least for a time.


    • Doesn’t Bill realize that even if the Stranahans did that, that there is this little thing known as “consentual activities between adults.” And that there are a LOT of people out there who like BDSM. A LOT. I would guarantee that he even likes it himself. You notice that he always screeches the longest and loudest about things that seem to touch on things that HE likes – biggest example is gay sex.

      He is vile and despicable. And he’s opening himself up to a huge libel lawsuit IMO. Tisk Tisk Biwwwyy.

  21. Bill Schmalfeldt • 2 years ago

    Guys, you know what’s really sad? I just did a scan of Stranahan’s family Flickr account. He’s been to interesting places. His kids are cute but unkempt-looking. He’s met some interesting people. There are tons of pictures of him. The kids are all there. But not one. NOT ONE picture of Lauren. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Do you have to be a psychiatrist to know that this indicates a level of shame on one or both parts? Check the site! http://www.flickr.com/ph There are more pictures of his wife naked at http://breitbartbane.com than there are of Lauren with clothes (none!) in his Flickr account. But then, there’s his OTHER Flickr account… http://www.flickr.com/ph.. — there is definitely something wrong here, and the kids need to be removed from this home

    Several things here
    Can anyone guess how many admissions against interest in one paragraph?

  22. It should be interesting to see how William directs the lulzsuit from a jail cell.

    Another thing about jail? I’m told it’s very cold!.


    • I just did a weather check for Elkridge, MD, and it is supposed to get really, really cold! No higher than 18F on Sunday.

  23. The past few days have shown Schmalfeldt behaviour that has moved past the point of being disturbing. His attempt to push himself onto the Hoge family during this difficult time is beyond reprehensible. Bill Schmalfeldt has dedicated his existence to trying to ruin other people’s lives, and he seems very proud of that. You are what you do. Bill Schmalfeldt is a despicable moron.

    Prayers for the Hoge family.

    • The ultimate in cruelty would be for him to become self-aware; to realize exactly who and what he is. Someday he will be granted that perfect clarity he studiously avoids now. When that happens, he won’t be able to hide from the truth.

  24. Reading his obnoxious raving is always it’s own depressing punishment. The only reason to do it is practical..because he makes so many, many errors, some including his friend BK and his handlers. ( After all, that’s why they read him.)

  25. And another thing- don’t let the festering pustule change the subject to Lee Stranahan. This is about one thing- his wretched attempt to focus Mrs. Hoge’s incredibly unfortunate situation on himself- a vast black hole of self-revulsion and insanity around which the rest of the universe orbits.

    • Sure. BS, Feb. 7, 2014:

      “Now, I will report aggressively on Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against Hoge and his co-defendants. But I will not be unbiased. I have news that I am sitting on until early next week. It is not good news for Hoge and his co-defendants. (I’ll tell you this much. I won’t say if it’s the state case, the RICO case, or both. Some will save themselves at the expense of others. This is not speculation.)

      And I can’t fucking WAIT until I can write about it without risking the outcome.
      And for every dollar Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every piece of property Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every bit of suffering Kimberlin causes Hoge, I will smile. I will laugh. God forgive me, I want the man to suffer. And according to this story I am sitting on, suffer he will.

      Remember where you read it.

      Suffer, he will. It won’t match what he’s done to me. But it will be a small measure of satisfaction to have lived long enough to see Karma bite him on his pockmarked, pimply ass.”

  26. People used to think he was a mean ugly fella and called him a dirty skunk
    and an ornery pig stealer

    The folks that really knowed him
    Knowed that beneath them two dirty shirts he always wore
    There beat a heart as big as all outdoors
    Jud Fry loved his fellow man

    He loved the birds of the forest
    And the beasts of the fields
    He loved the mice and the vermin in the barn
    And he treated the rats like equals (which was right)
    He loved all the little children
    He loved everything and everybody in the world
    Only . . . only he never let on
    And nobody ever knowed it

    • Conveniently, he leaves out tweets that would support him, because neither Jane nor I said any such thing.

      • Nor does he attach any comment that even the most demented, like him, could possibly misunderstand or deliberately twist into such a repugnant assertion.

        Just goes to show he does know how repulsive he is, and how his “ethics” are evil by any decent standard, or he’d take credit for his own vileness instead of blaming us.

        Freakin’ coward – he knows what he wants to say, and he knows it’s more proof of his own inhumanity, so as always, he blames others for his own actions. Coward.

    • If I may correct you on one point, AReader. The Big BM does have the stones (read: soulless, evil gall) to say it with regard to the Hoge’s challenging and unfortunate situation. He clearly and outwardly admitted that his first thought upon reading John’s blog post of the cancer diagnosis was, “That’s Karma for you!”

      How interesting Blob has convinced himself that his Parkinson’s Disease is not attributed to Karma, but someone else’s cancer is without a doubt karma-related.

      Most interesting indeed considering his “beloved” has had cancer… not once, but TWICE! Karma is a real bitch, eh, Bill?

      The Deranged Cyberstalker also stated with regard to the cancer diagnosis, “There’s no telling what Hoge will lie about.”

      Well, being as Blob wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him right upside his mayo-coated cakehole (and the demented, evil freak lies with absolute abandon) — why would we consider even for a moment the big, fat liar was telling the truth about HIS “beloved’s” cancer experiences?

      Oh, yeah! DUH. Of course he was telling the truth, because… KARMA! That’s it! Blobby Boy’s “beloved” was being forced to pay and pay REAL good… not even once, BUT TWICE!



      • That’s a very good point, cvtp. How would anyone know what went on in that discussion? For all Bill knows, John’s lawyers might have counselled forbearance, or John might have asked whether forbearance would be reasonable. John is, IMHO, acting as a textbook perfect lawyer’s client in handling this situation as he has.

    • Huh…

      Kind of sucks waiting to know if old Damocle’s sword is gonna fall or not huh?

      Must suck to have your tactics turned on you. The worry… the strain…. the anguish….

      But hey…. whats good for the goose yadda yadda yadda.

    • Um, yes, BS is exactly correct. For once.

      Hoge should feel free to quote all the tweets he wants.

      It’s in the Twitter TOS.

      You tweet it, it’s public domain. You twit. Or you twat. Whatever.

  27. These actually exist on the same page:

    Bill Schmalfeldt
    No online hostilities with people whose wives have cancer,


    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 40m 40 minutes ago
    I will still pray for Hoge, especially for Connie. If she really has cancer, that is. There’s no telling what Hoge will lie about.

    No hostilities though.

  28. Lots of free time on your hands, eh, Hoggy? Not comforting your wife, just being your usual dick self. Typical RW asshole.

    • Thanks for showing us the difference, one guy can multi-task loves his wife, and another is still quivering with impotent rage — nice…

      • If there was ever a neglectful husband to blight the face of this Earth…

        … tis most certainly the rabid, bedwetting, left-wing, tincan-dwelling, deranged, cyberstalking asshole pounding away furiously on a sticky keyboard 25/8 — sitting in his own days-old stench wafting off gravy- and heaven-only-knows-what-else, filthy pajamas, completely and cruelly ignoring the poor, old woman who serves only as his woe-begotten caretaker, and who continues to pay dearly for a single, stupid choice she made years ago when she married the creepy, gross, and demented freak-of-all-freaks.

        Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.

      • Of course, their excellent friend Brett Kimberlin pays much more attention to his significant others, and their little sisters. Keeping their toys picked up, helping them with their homework, forging their documents, having their grandma murdered…

  29. I have taken to forwarding any of Bill’s tweets that are anything more than mildly offensive to Twitter @Support. About 15 or so today so far. After yesterday’s email incident with John I am done interacting with him directly there. Sad to say that what he did appeared very calculated- he had a channel open via EDBSD that he could have used to wave his “white flag.” I wish he had taken advantage of it.

    • this is what I call the End of Empathy.

      He is a lonely isolated individual who likes to make explicit, pornographic, obscene audio depictions of small children having sex, finding many references and pictures of children in his comments and on his websites – he went over the line as he likes to state it by writing, producing, and marketing explicit obscene pornographic depictions and descriptions of children and sex acts.

      He forgot the Brigham young picture of the young girl on the lap of an older relative – the sexual comments he made, the references to Stranahans 13 year old daughter, and the boy scout tapes

      He forgets also that its he who produced and marketed the tapes as explicit……

      • Someone thinks I have some explanin to do, it wasn’t me that had to write to a federal judge about making stories of underage children and sex – that the lyrics, the pictures, the loooong online history of pornographic, homoerotic content laden language starting from 2004 to including pictures of young girls – couple that with the lyrics, the words, I’m thinking all I have to do is show the thousands of tweets screencaps, shots, conversations with law enforcement, play the audio – Think I’m good thanks for wondering… I wonder if I have to talk at all

  30. Someone should have to ask themselves, what’s a federal judge doing with a complaint from a guy who says he made and marketed world wide for sale material that describes children and sex acts and wants protection from the courts from defamation of character, false light etc….

    Think about it…..

    No really, think….

  31. And once again Bill goes after the ladies. He’s so brave.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 21m 21 minutes ago
    Not as much of a bitch as you are, Grace. Not nearly as much.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 59m 59 minutes ago
    What a terrible burden it must be to be you, Jane. What a heavy, terrible burden.

    “2 MUCH H8 BEOTCHES!!!”

    • Sheesh. Above-It-All Bill is back again so soon? That’s like three times today and twice yesterday.

      And, right on the heels of attacking Jane and calling me a “bitch.”

      These Schmycles have got to be making the big, dumb (dump) dope awfully dizzy.

      • The cycles seem to increasing in frequency and intensity. Hmm… I’m wondering if Bill has purchased his soap-on-a-rope yet. He shouldn’t wait until the last minute.

      • Ahhh … memories!
        Paul H. Lemmen
        on 27 July, 2014 at 11:32 said:

        I formally declare an Anathema for Heresy upon William Schmalfeldt. He is thus precluded from Christian worship, attendance upon the Sacraments save the Sacrament of Reconciliation to confess his sin and heretical acts that bring disfavor upon him and all believers. Any ordained Priest may lift this Anathema upon proper confession and adequate penance assigned and completed. Absolution depends on true reformation and public rejection (and apology for) previous actions.
        This Anathema shall exist perpetually until lifted and absolved by an ordained Priest of either the Eastern or Western Church.

        +Father Paul Lemmen

        To which A Reader responded to me and my final response was this:
        Paul H. Lemmen
        on 27 July, 2014 at 15:34 said:
        A Reader #1:
        I pronounced the Anathema in my office as a Bishop of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as in it’s meaning as described in the Nicaea-Constantinople Creed and in the published Constitution and Canons of the Independent American Orthodox Church.
        Anathema pronouncements are to be published for the faithful to see and know. Bill claims Roman Catholicism as his denomination. Anathema crosses denominational bounds and there is long history of Catholic and Orthodox Churches pronouncing Anathema on members of other like Churches and notorious believers and non-believers based on their actions. For a very long time, an automatic Anathema was incurred by any Roman Catholic who converted to any Orthodox Church and the liturgies of reception were update to absolve converts from any Anathema against them for conversion. Entire Orthodox Churches have been Anathematized by Rome as well as by other National and Autocephalous Churches. I pronounced his Anathema during my privately celebrated Divine Liturgy this morning as well as included Bill in the prayers for mercy and repentance. He will stay there until the Anathema is lifted.
        Much more simply stated: the Church is the totality of believers in Christ Jesus. Heresy against the truth of God’s Word is a serious affair and all in positions of pastoral responsibility must act proactively to root out heresy.
        I stand by my declaration of anathema on Bill Schmalfeldt for his heresies and unchristian, sinful acts.

    • I like the video search you posted above. My favorite is “The Price is RIght”. Only Schmalfeldt could turn perpetually-decent Bob Barker into a condescending jerk. Bill was so utterly useless, and they tried so hard to get the serviceman to win something, ANYTHING, Barker was stunned at his complete cluelessness.

  32. “There is far too much hate in this world. Right now, I’m hearing about a second shooting in Copenhagen. Enough. Just, fucking, enough.”

    But wait just a minute, Bill. They didn’t harm you personally. All they did was terrorize and harm other, innocent people.

    Sounds like people you would want to become friends with, right?

    • After the epic smackdown of the past 24 hours, I’m beginning to think prison will be a welcome change for him.

  33. I had offered to stop writing about the Witless Willie if it did the right thing. Yes, I know his motives are probably dishonorable. But I am enough of a child of the Scottish Enlightenment to be convinced that the motives for good acts should not be questioned, at least not by humans. Good deeds are to be encouraged here on earth, not discouraged.

    I shall still quite possibly stop writing completely about the Laughable Lackwit if the Hoges request it. What is more important to me than exposing the vileness of Bill Schmalfeldt is making life as smooth as it can be for the Hoges: I have been where they now are medically.

    I cannot, however, absolutely promise to stop writing about the BM of Maryland merely because the Hoges need as much peace as can be given to them. All I can promise is that, if requested, I shall no longer write about the fecal stain of Elkridge here.

    I see that he has gone after the Stranahans again. I know nothing significant about Mrs. Stranahan except that she has suffered the loss of a child. For that she deserves nothing but heartfelt sympathy. What I know about Mr. Stranahan does not impress me. Do I personally believe him to be a rape apologist? No, but I certainly can understand why his approach to the Steubenville rape case could be so interpreted by a reasonable person. What would have been the proper response to words that were, in my opinion, probably quite misguided? The proper response would have been only words specifically addressed to the substance of what were only words. To have made an effort to separate the Stranahans during their grief from their surviving children because of political disagreements is far beyond obscene. I shall shut up about Bill Schmalfeldt when he stops doing things that fully deserve public shaming; if he dies in the silence which he deserves, I want never to think about him again.

  34. http://www.mwl-law.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/spoliation-of-laws-in-all-50-states.pdf

    SANCTIONS: Maryland courts have condoned discovery sanctions as remedies for spoliation of evidence. See Klupt v. Krongard, 728 A.2d 727, 738 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. 1999). The ultimate sanction of dismissal or default when spoliation may be imposed when the spoliation involves: (1) a deliberate act of destruction; (2) discoverability of the evidence; (3) an intent to destroy the evidence; (4) occurrence of the act at a time after suit has been filed, or, if before, at a time when filing is fairly perceived as imminent. White v. Office of the Public Defender, 170 F.R.D. 138, 147 (D. Md. 1997). One court noted that the greatest of sanctions is appropriate when the conduct demonstrates willful or contemptuous behavior, or a deliberate attempt to hinder or prevent effective presentation of defenses or counterclaims. Manzano v. Southern Md. Hosp., Inc., 698 A.2d 531, 537 (Md.

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