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This paragraph is from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s opposition to Stacy McCain’s motion to dismiss the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 259-xxIANAL, so I’m not sure of the correct legal description of that sort of statement, but in engineering we would refer to it as a lie.

Brett Kimberlin will never say or write those words outside of a courtroom or a legal filing where he enjoys a high level of immunity. He knows what would happen if he were to repeat them in any other venue.

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  1. You laid the groundwork for an attack? I know I’ve not been a terribly frequent commenter, but I have been a regular reader, and I seem to have missed all the attack planning sessions.

    I feel just a bit left out. Gimme a heads-up before the next meeting, eh?

    • The key point is that Brett Kimberlin is equivocating on meaning of the word “attack.” In one sense it is terrorism, and, in another speech. This is America. To the best of my recollection, we the people of the United States of America still have the right to petition our government for redress of our grievances. That includes the right to criticized perceived unfairness, bias, or incompetence in the judiciary. In publishing Judge Hazel’s letter orders, actions, and inactions John Hoge has surely provided much grist for the mill. Judge Hazel might not like what certain readers here think of his abilities, but, to an extent that that is a problem it is Judge Hazel’s problems. He has a duty to actively avoid reading our criticisms.

  2. Brett Kimberlin will never say or write those words outside of a courtroom or a legal filing where he enjoys a high level of immunity. He knows what would happen if he were to repeat them in any other venue.

    One thing is clear from the historical record: Brett Kimberlin is, and always has been, a coward.

    When he decided that Julia Scyphers needed to die because she was coming between him and his illicit underage “love” interest, he was too cowardly to do the deed himself—instead, he hired a hitman to take her out.

    When the investigation of the Scyphers murder got too close for comfort, he was too cowardly to turn himself in and face the music—instead, he terrorized a small Indiana town with a series of bombings to distract the police from the investigation.

    When the little coward was caught in flagrante delicto impersonating a federal officer and manufacturing false DoD and Presidential insignia, he was again too cowardly to own up to his misdeeds—instead, he comically attempted to eat the evidence in full view of law enforcement officers.

    Fast forwarding to the present, he wages cowardly lawfare to silence his critics because he cannot bear the truth about him being known. But even that isn’t enough—too cowardly to afford his opponents due process, again and again he has played games with service of process in an attempt to manufacture default judgments against defendants in his meretricious, mendacious, vexatious, and meritless lawsuits.

    And I firmly believe he is involved with the other heinous and cowardly tactics that have been employed against those who speak out against him. Be it Schmalfeldt’s harassment or Rauhauser’s SWATtings, they all lead right back to Brett Kimberlin—perjurer, forger, drug smuggler, domestic terrorist, murderer, and coward Brett Kimberlin.

  3. Well, I did advocate criticizing a Judge, publicly and effectively, using Free Speech.

    We all know how Pedophile at Large Brett Coleman Kimberlin hates Free Speech.

    To characterize my comments as an “attack” is nothing but a vile mischaracterization. Exactly what I would have expected from a person of such slimy character as Convicted Bomber at Large Brett Coleman Kimberlin.

    • Brett Kimberlin wouldn’t know free speech if it reached up and grabbed him by the balls and yanked yard. That’s assuming that he has any, as his cowardice has shown him to be a man possibly without any.

      But yes, your comments were an exhortation to the exercise of free speech. Something which this country was founded upon but which others have decided means that only speech that THEY like. And THEY don’t like being called out on their misdeeds. Too bad. So sad. Up theirs.

  4. In the body of the reply, BK implies that Mr. Hoge wrote the words. Oh, no he doesn’t. He says that Mr. Hoge is coordinating an attack on the judge, and then quotes the RS post without attribution. It is only in the screenshot of the comment that you see that someone else wrote it.

  5. The difference in “attacks” between the two protagonists are that one writes sentences and the other serves sentences

  6. It would seem TDPK would know a thing or too about trying to coordinate an attack on officers of the court… the projection is strong with this one.

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