Prevarication Du Jour

@weltschmerz2015|201502122211ZFirst, Roy Schmalfeldt is real, and it’s his turn to buy lunch next time.

Second, Kimberlin did go after Roy Schmalfeldt in his opposition to Stacy McCain’s motion to dismiss. Here the top portion of Exhibit E from that opposition.ECF 259-ExEThe Cabin Boy™ may be an even worse liar than The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin.

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  1. It makes Witless Willie feel good about himself to pretend that he cannot garner affection from even members of his own family.

    And of course there is the whole reading comprehension thing that Jane keeps pointing out. The only attack specifically characterized as ad hominem is an argument against Stacy McCain. Of course Willie the Whale may believe that McCain does not exist. I have no clue what goes through the mind of cetaceans.

    • I have no clue what goes through the mind of cetaceans.

      I don’t have the book handy, so I’ll have to go by IMDB’s entry of the movie:

      “Ahhh! Woooh! What’s happening? Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life? What do I mean by who am I? Okay okay, calm down calm down get a grip now. Ooh, this is an interesting sensation. What is it? Its a sort of tingling in my… well I suppose I better start finding names for things. Lets call it a… tail! Yeah! Tail! And hey, what’s this roaring sound, whooshing past what I’m suddenly gonna call my head? Wind! Is that a good name? It’ll do. Yeah, this is really exciting. I’m dizzy with anticipation! Or is it the wind? There’s an awful lot of that now isn’t it? And what’s this thing coming toward me very fast? So big and flat and round, it needs a big wide sounding name like ‘Ow’, ‘Ownge’, ‘Round’, ‘Ground’! That’s it! Ground! Ha! I wonder if it’ll be friends with me? Hello, Ground! “

      • Nice original insult. Well done.. Of course it’s not clear that the great BM is ambulatory.

        I have been adding consonance to my insults (just for FUN) so as a variation on a theme how about

        The Tirelessly Tweeting Tumor.

  2. Expert advice from William Smellfart, Twitter Attorney at Law, collector of multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking:

    “If you’re trying to frame someone, it’s generally best to make sure the person you’re trying to frame can’t defend himself”

  3. For the benefit of those of you who can’t see, or just haven’t seen Brett’s response to Stacy’s filing, let me summarize it.

    First, he withdraws his motion for default. But he still claims he sent service. Notably he doesn’t provide any proof that he sent it, not even a poor forgery, as Stacy said. He provides some exhibits purporting to show other mail being returned, but not the service of process he claimed to send.

    Second, he then pretends that this is a Rule 12(b)(6) MTD, and talks on and on about the merits. Sort of. He also includes a lot of stuff that is patently irrelevant. For instance, Brett goes on claiming Stacy is a racist, as though that is relevant. He whines about the @kimberlinunmask twitter and demonstrates he has inside knowledge about it being gulaged on the false claim that it had threatened someone. He also complains that we were so mean to Bill Schmalfeldt and, this is where “Roy Schmalfeldt” comes in, that Roy openly stated that he is planning to criticize the judge if he doesn’t like the outcome. And he talks about two other cases, one where a gay guy got his panties in a wad because a gay man became head of some student org at U Mich and then defamed and actually stalked him for years. You can see the wheels turning: “See? See? This is just like me.” I suppose he is equating being an adjudicated pedophile to being a gay man (a comparison that is insulting to gay people, of course), or something. And of course the other difference is that surely in that other case the gay dude had an actual case. And he also likens it to the revenge porn case. Let me quote that part at length because Good Lord, there is a lot of juicy butthurt:

    > Two days later, 28 year old Kevin Bollaert was convicted of 27 felony counts for operating a revenge porn site and using a second site to charge victims to remove the private photos.


    > Although the instant case is not a revenge porn case, the conduct of the Defendants is very much like that of Craig Brittain and Kevin Bollaert. Here, the Defendants engaged in “revenge reputation” by targeting Plaintiff with false allegations of criminal activity, placing that information on the Internet to embarrass and destroy Plaintiff, raising tens of thousands of dollars based on those false narratives, and then demanding that they would not stop unless Plaintiff paid them money (Defendant Walker’s malicious Virginia suit demanded $66 million) and lost his employment (Defendant Walker’s malicious federal suit filed by Defendants Backer and DBCS demanded money, termination of employment and the turning over of all business records). Several of the Defendants even demanded that Plaintiff accept Jesus and “repent” or they would continue their “revenge reputation.” The FTC would call this fraud and unfair practices. Plaintiff has pleaded the defendants’ conduct as intentional torts and racketeering.

    Of course, I didn’t say “if I win the case I won’t write about you again,” and Dan Backer never offered as a term of settlement that I wouldn’t write about him again. And bluntly, no one could buy my silence about him. He thinks if he bullies or bribes us, we will go away. He is wrong.

    Also, note that a page is lost in the pacer version, so I am not sure what that is 2 days later, after.

    Brett also tries to say that How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog is some kind of smoking gun of Stacy’s evil intent, pretending to fail to recognize that it is satire.

    Anyway, I told John not to publish the whole thing because it looks like Brett is trying to dox stacy, and whenever we get that feeling, we have chosen as a policy not to help him do it. I gently suggest to John that when he has the time, to publish a heavily redacted version, or just cut and paste a few excerpts, so you know as much about the substance of it as possible.

    Anyway, in general Brett seems to be doing his best to “out-crazy Stacy McCain.” And we all know how that ends.

    • Like Matthew Lillifielt? Or Weltschmerz2015?

      Yet more of Bill’s “X is good for me, but bad for thee”. Today read “pseudonyms” for X, which are only a short step from “free speech”, which is his usual version.

    • I don’t recall anyone ever drawing pictures of the teacher. However we were always drawing pictures of the stupid ugly kid except when we were lazy and then we would point to the picture of a monkey or something dumb looking in National Geographic and yelling “hey look its; dumbass!”

      • Nope, and he really can’t include me without taking a nice long trip and spending a small fortune on foreign lawyers.

        Even if the laughable prospect of our host having to give up IP addresses (and assuming that our host even has mine) comes to pass, all he gets are a series of digits and a provider name.

        William would then have to come to my country and get a court order to get the identifying information, since a U.S court order would be roundly ignored for lack of jurisdiction. American courts don’t issue orders to foreign ISPs in piracy cases, and I’m pretty sure that Time Warner has more in the way of resources than does the Cabin Boy.

        Long story short, “American law am not law everywhere.”

      • Whoops! It seems I had you mixed up with Bus Pass Office, which is easy enough to do since you’re both so damn cute! Inspector Blob was quick to rebut and rebuke me for my error! Which tells me he has no argument with the rest of the half ton of bricks I’ve dropped on his head this morning. Lulz!

      • Well, check me on this but wasn’t that image (of the mighty Jupiter, you can tell from the Great Red Spot, flashing his twin lightning bolts of justice and truth) something that the deranged cyberstumbler posted on Twitter?

        And what little tidbit do I recall from Twitter’s TOS? Something about you putting an image on twitter puts it in the public domain? Now I couldn’t take one of BS’s pics and make it public domain, but he sure can. And did.

        Something tells me BusPassOffice is not exactly shaking in his boots.

      • I like how he coveniently left out the fact that he has other peace orders against him from multiple states. I have a feeling that would have affected the answer even more.

      • Firstly, Blob is lying… AGAIN. There is no denying that The Big BM thought he FINALLY had his Cousin Roy dead-to-rights. Poor, dumb bastard.

        Secondly, even if one were stupid enough to believe Blob has even an ounce of playah in that gelatinous, ginormous shell of his — one would have to immediately come to the conclusion that in Blob’s “intentional misdirection” campaign he was all too willing to abuse yet another innocent victim by posting their personal information and a picture of where they live.

        It never ceases to amaze how willing Blob is to repeatedly declare what he is made of… Stupid AND Evil. Thy name is Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt.

      • In Re Grace’s comment:

        Please note: If I tell you simply what you wish to hear, this would be unfair to you. I want to be honest with you and sometimes this means providing information that is not optimal. Negative ratings are reserved for experts who are rude or for erroneous information. Please rate me on the quality of my information; do not punish me for my honesty.

        Read more:

      • That poor lawyer. The trouble with those Avvo-type sites, on the lawyer’s end of the deal, is that instead of good leads on solid cases, they attract a high percentage of nutty people, who are so invested in a particular kind of answer that they shield the lawyer from all the facts, arguments from other positions, and anything but a “light most favorable to me” narrative; as if they want to see if their own distorted or best-case argument of their own case can persuade anyone.

  4. HOOOOOOOGE!!!!! @weltschmerz2015
    Because only LICKSPITTLES are clever enough to intentionally misdirect.

    And you fall for it each every time. Not only are you a deranged freak show but you just happen to be the stupidest deranged freak show in the entire universe.Maybe at your next trial, Oedipal troll cupie dolls could be sold outside the courthouse.

  5. If I had a peace order taken out against me, I think the last thing I would do is photoshop the picture of the person who had the order out against me as a bloodied dead man. I think that could reasonably be construed as a threat.

    • Esodia, your first mistake was to use the term “reasonably”. The root of that word is “Reason”. Derivatives of Reason should never EVER be used in context with Schmalogic. It is simply not done in decent company.

    • I don’t reckon that’s wise, less so to go after the wife of someone with a peace order against you.

      And leave my wife out of it. The next reference to my wife means that Hoge’s wife is in play. Clear?
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      11:18 AM – 13 Feb 2015

  6. Fat Bastard is not unaware that he attacks families. He doesn’t care. He wants to warn you off because you are decent people, and do care.

    I wonder if his traffic would go up if someone called his wife.

  7. I should have saved the tweet he posted right before he was booted. He linked to an article about the recent killings of 3 Muslims (by a far left winger by the way). In the article they posted a tweet exchange where after the Boston bombings Rush posted something about why we are not profiling Muslims and Bill responded with (paraphrase) “You’re blaming Muslims already???”. I was kind enough to point out to the blob that Rush was right and he, as usual, was wrong. It also shows that he obsessively goggles his own name. Stupid and pathetic.

  8. HOOOOOOOGE!!!!!
    Nice try, kids.
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    1:33 PM – 13 Feb 2015

    I think somebody doesn’t know who the zombies are supposed to be around here.

    But if Twitter allows for the harassment of wives without consequence…

  9. “Let’s see, who can be relied upon to provoke old Bill to do really stupid and legally questionable things…”

    That definition includes just about everyone in the world who has access to the internet.

    • More detail… Given that Bill Schmalfeldt seems to have a propensity to define absolute strangers as his “enemy”, then begin his pattern doxing procedures as part of his “work”, anyone who makes the unknowing mistake of visiting Bill’s website should expect to feel the wrath of Schmalfeldt. Anyone in the world can become Bill Schmalfeldt’s enemy just by having an internet connection. This is what Schmalfeldt’s life has come to.

      • Indeed, just ask Patrick Grady what he wrote on Bill’s blog to sentence him to all the abuse that led to a restraining order for Bill.

        In Bill’s little head, disagreement = libel.

    • Notice in Aaron’s “Brett Kimberlin” magnum opus where he clearly states to his Happy Warriors that he doesn’t believe anyone is threatening BK, nor making contact with BK’s family members — but, if they are… to stop?

      Notice the times our Gentle Host has made it clear that even though he doesn’t believe any Lickspittles to be doing so — if anyone is threatening, or is considering threatening BS or BK, or thinking of reaching out to their family members… don’t?

      Notice the number of anonymous threats that John is constantly receiving via attempted blog comments, threatening blog comments that are posted, phone calls, voicemails, etc.?

      Notice, too, the not-so-anonymous threats (Oops. I mean promises, as the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has assured us he doesn’t make threats) — to John regarding harassing Mrs. Hoge?

      Now… notice how Bill Schmalfeldt NEVER, EVER denounces ANY such behavior (threats of SWATings/contacting and threatening our Gentle Host/contacting and threatening Mrs. Hoge/contacting and threatening WJJHoge IV) when it is pretty darn apparent that this garbage is coming from his supporters/”excellent friends”/camp?

      Yeah. I figured y’all had noticed.

      Bill Schmalfeldt… proving daily (most days numerous times) what a disgusting, hypocritical, evil, and lawless monster he truly is.

  10. Krendler says that all we have is FUN. That’s hyberbole of course. Many of us contribute to our communities directly and indirectly. But let’s be honest: Willie the Witless is a source of lots and lots of FUN. For the world at large, this suit, in the extremely unlikely case it ever make it to trial, will be a gas (though sadly something of a pain in the ass for the defendants). Just wait until a jury is asked to determine whether Schmalfeldt’s behavior is deranged. Every inane failure on the part of BS will be relevant to a defense of truth or fair comment. How many on the jury are likely to consider as deranged public sex with a tranny? How many are likely to consider repeated faildoxes as justifying the term cyberstalking? Furthermore he is acting pro se. I cannot wait to read his proposed jury instructions.

    And the threats against Mrs. Hoge will go over so well with a jury. When I call him a Laughable Lackwit, I may be defaming lackwits.

    • That’s not completely true.
      Sometimes I take a break from FUN and visit a dairy to see how milk is made or help clean up an empty lot so me and the other kids can play baseball.

    • “There is no Schmeltdown any more.” – Bill Schmalfeldt

      Oh, we can depend upon Bill Schmalfeldt for Schmeldtdowns on a regular basis. As for twitter accounts dedicated to exposing Bill Schmalfeldt’s lies and misdeeds, nobody knows better than he just how easy it is to create a new Twitter account and populate it. It’s even easier when one doesn’t have to worry about keeping a pack of lies straight.

      Does the term “Streisand Effect” ring a bell for Bill Schmalfeldt?

      “His LinkedIn profile is fake. So is his Facebook page.” – Bill Schmalfeldt

      Wow, Bill Schmalfeldt finally figured out what any person with at least 1/2 of a functional brain would have known from the get-go.

      Gee, it’s almost as if folks are free to decieve, mislead and lie to Bill Schmalfeldt… and laugh at his idiotic antics.

      Gee, it’s almost as if Bill Schmalfeldt will never learn that he’s offended a lot of people much smarter than he is.

      Gee, it’s almost as if Bill Schmalfeldt’s behavior is predictable, and that his malice and stupidity can be exploited for LOLz.

      Crawl back in your tin can, Bill Schmalfeldt. Because I can tell you right now the Lickspittles are in no mood for your poop-flecked bu!!$h!t right now.

    • “Shame on you, Cousin Bill, you weakling bully.”

      It’s all he’s got. It’s all he’s knows. You are what you do.

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