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  1. “Is it just me, or can you smell the shitty pants and fear-pee…”

    — William Smellfart, Twitter Attorney at Law, collector of multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking.

    • I thank the good Lord that I have a head cold right now. Cannot smell a dang thing… particularly any ill winds that might emanate from a certain trailer park.

    • http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e60/purpldrgn1956b/LMAO/ROFL.gif

      It’s coming from inside the house his diaper, so of course he smells it.

      The only question is whether it’s caused by his fear or just his usual loss of control. If he had a clue what he’s done to himself, it would be fear. Sadly, I think he’s too stupid, and much too into his delusional fantasies of victory. Cos that’s always worked so well for the demented stalker.

      Remember, he was generally the one left standing in bar fights – cos he hid under the table until it was over. I don’t think I know anyone who has actually been in a fight at a bar.

      Says a lot about the freak, doesn’t it, that he’s proud of being so reviled that he regularly got beat up when out socializing? Well, other than when he bravely ran away or hid, of course.

      • That’s just another of his lies. In another tweet he said he hasn’t been a fight since he was a sophomore in High School. I called him out but he ran away and wouldn’t answer as usual.

    • The ram touched the wall with Kimberlin when he failed to withdraw the state lawsuit and I had to file a motion to dismiss. That was in October, 2013.

      The ram touched the wall with Schmalfeldt when he failed to modify his behavior to take advantage of my conditional offer to drop my peace order petition in August, 2014.

      Murum aries attigit” isn’t a decree so much as a statement of historical fact.

      • Thank you. Clarity of thought is good, as is precision in the use of language. “Murum aries attigit” indeed.

  2. Meanwhile, in the RICO case….crickets.

    A month has passed since many substantive filings have gone to the judge, as well as a bunch of other crap from BK.

    And still, nothing. Yeah, I get it, the courts are slow.

    But really?

  3. Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.

    And if ANYONE corrects my translation, I’ll go all Schmalflail on their asses.

  4. HOGE CAN’T FIND KEYS @weltschmerz2015 · 2h 2 hours ago
    Oh, but I do admit the admission against interest. Was I ever told by Mr. Hoge that I was not living up to his wishes
    HOGE CAN’T FIND KEYS ‏@weltschmerz2015
    No. I was not. But that was never the intention. Hoge knew I would gladly accept his offer to stay out of court because of the pain…
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    5:36 AM – 12 Feb 2015

    Putting aside the sheer ludicrousness of holding Hoge responsible for making BS fulfill his legal obligations, I point the gentle reader to this post from Hogewash!, http://hogewash.com/2014/08/29/poor-bill-he-just-cant-help-it/. Here is an excerpt:

    “My only obligations under the settlement agreement were to dismiss my amended complaint (done), refrain from republishing any of the Cabin Boy’s™ material (so far, so good), and to bear my own costs related to the lawsuit (done). “Paul Krendler” has no obligations under the settlement agreement—he is not a party to it. Thus, as far as my side of the bargain is concerned, the settlement agreement has been/is being consummated. One wonders where he will find “good cause” that I have not delivered on my part of the deal.

    Indeed, the only breach of the agreement has been by TDPS™. He thought he could get away with publishing in his recent book material from Hogewash! as exhibits from one of his court filings. However, what he published was not from the actual court documents but from his working files used to create the documents. I suppose he could argue that he should be able to reopen the case since he breached the agreement, but … no … surely TDPS™ isn’t stupid enough to try that.”

    Officer, I mean, Gentle Readers, has gradually been backpedaling from his original statement that Hoge promised he would not appeal the PO. On occasion, he admits that what John actually told him was the John hoped BS would not give him cause to appeal the PO. Instead, he continued to play his little games. What he’s really irritated by is that Hoge followed through on his ACTUAL promise, not the one that BS wishes he’d made.

    • You’d have to be even dumber than Blob to believe that he didn’t show up to defend himself against a petition FULL OF LIES (!!!!) because the LIAR (!!!!) that filed it told him he didn’t have to. Further, to believe he really didn’t want to show up because of the PAIN (PARKINSON’S STAGE MCLQWERTYIII!!!!) one would have to ignore that Blob didn’t stay home, but rather made and kept other plans. Oh, and there was something else that pertains…….

      Oh, yeah! Res Judicata.

  5. “But yes, lickspittles SHOULD worry. I will get your IP numbers…”

    … and you little dog’s, too!

      • My fault, I posted asking why he’d want our ISP addresses, since those were freely available on the aforementioned ISPs’ home websites. I then suggested I’d be happy to send him the Comcast corporate address, for all the good that would do him.

  6. HOGE CAN’T FIND KEYS @weltschmerz2015
    But yes, lickspittles SHOULD worry. I will get your IP numbers, and Hoge will have to turn them over, and I will FIND you!

    Bill having an actual IP number wouldn’t do you any good. Bill, I can see a judge granting a motion to squash ISP subpoenas because of your documented abusive history on social media. Examples of your child porn, rape and murder fantasies would be compelling evidence to squash the subpoenas. Besides Bill, you couldn’t find a needle in a haystack consisting of no straw whatsoever. Dox on, Oedipal Jelly.

    • I”m sure the judge will LOVE to see Bill’s buddy telling people to go rape Lee’s wife while Lee was away followed immediately by old Billy posting Lee’s address and pics of his house. Yep, judge will probably give old Billy Boy a medal for that one.

    • I hope David won’t mind me reposting a “conversation” (i.e. smackdown) he had with Willy on twitter last nite:

      David Edgren @DavidEdgren · 15h 15 hours ago
      @weltschmerz2015 Bill, accepting for the sake of argument (in other words not constrained by reality), that you get to the point where…
      …the federal court would issue you a handful of subpoenas, would you have any idea what to do with them?
      Have you ever read FRCP 45? Are you prepared to do a lot of traveling at your own expense? Subpoenas are not…
      …just another tool in your arsenal of harassment weaponry. They are of very limited value to the “indigent” litigant…
      …in a civil case in federal court. Not that you would ever get to that point, but just sayin’.
      You probably think that you just have to send the subpoena by mail. No. Subpoenas in federal cases are served…
      …by the U.S. Marshall Service at your expense. You probably think that the person or agency on whom or which…
      …you have the subpoena served will just have to send you back the documents or things subpoenaed. Wrong.
      If you subpoenaed, for example, my ISP’s records, it could either make the records available at its place of business,…
      …which is Palmer, Alaska, or you could set up a records deposition no more than 100 miles from Palmer, which,…
      …by the way, is very cold this time of year. You would have to come here to do the records deposition in person, or…
      …hire an agent such as a court reporter. Court reporters often charge 50 cents or more per page copied in addition…
      …to their hourly rates. Bottom line, hundreds or even thousands of dollars per subpoena, Bill. My guess is you…
      …just think “Subpoena!” sounds like a great threat, but you otherwise have no clue as to what you are talking about.

      …..Willy didn’t have an answer.

  7. HOGE CAN’T FIND KEYS @weltschmerz2015 · 35m 35 minutes ago
    See, Andrew took a look at my LinkedIn file. That’s how he knows my resume. That gave me a lead to work with.

    Good Christ, it took you FIVE FREAKING HOURS to do that?!

  8. Hope no one swats you while Connie’s recuperating, Hoggy. Taht would really suck. Especially at around 9:30 this coming Friday night.

  9. Bill went after Grady’s employment because Grady left a very mild 2 sentence comment on one of Bill’s many failed blogs. Bill Photoshopped and made cruel comments about Grady’s disabled son. Bill Photoshopped “dead eyes” onto a AZ couples baby to…well just because he is a vile mean creature. He also Photoshopped the wife onto a cactus penis. He has posted pictures of many peoples homes. Called their employers. Called the police, FBI, and Child Protective services just to harasses a family he was already harassing about their dead child. But little Billy boy can’t STAND when someone wants to take a look at his life.

    Why is that Bill? What are you afraid people will find?

  10. A.B.,

    First and foremost, fuck Bill Schmalfeldt. He is the very epitome of bluster. However you want to say it…

    all hat, no cattle
    all sizzle, no steak
    talks the talk, can’t walk the walk (ooh…too literal? tough shit – learn to take a fucking joke, comedian boy)

    Second, if you have not set up a new Twitter account, please do so ASAP & follow me. I have some things to share. They may have to do with a certain deranged Oedipal pro se cyberstalker, or they may not. But March 1st can’t come soon enough for you. We need to put our heads together.

    So please get in touch, thanks.

    • That also assumes that William’s right, which he a long history of not being.

      For example, I’m Dan Foreman.

      • I think it should go without saying that in all things, I assume William to be wrong.

        The sun comes up in the East,
        Water is wet,
        Bill never faildoxed anyone,
        Gravity is the force which pulls objects toward the earth,

        if Bill says it, assume it’s not true and you’ll wind up with more money in your pocket.

  11. NOT Andrew Ballard!!
    You throw shit at me? I throw shit at you. And I never… NEVER… throw the first handful.
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    3:26 PM – 12 Feb 2015

    Say a little prayer. William has a dozen handfuls in his diaper at any given moment.

    Not only is it truly terrifying, it’s a medical wonder!

  12. Is the floor open to bets that “Andrew Ballard” is a gaslight operation, designed to make William step on his crank in public, yet again?

    By the way, nothing says JOURNALISM quite like publishing your investigation in real time. No shortage of opportunities for libel that way.

    God, Schmalfeldt’s a dipshit!

    • This is the best flaildox EVER!!!

      (I think I’m going to cry….)

      If this really is A.B.’s doing, and it isn’t just an epic flail of WIlly’s, I’m getting a sex change, a uterus transplant, leaving my wife and kids (well, probably before the surgery) and will find AB and have his children. (NTTAWWT)

      • I disagree that this is the greatest faildox. This was carefully crafted to make Schmalfeldt further prove that he’s a worthless tool, journalistic participation trophies aside.

        The best faildoxes are when he just makes them up and runs with them and says, “sometimes I just throw a name out there to see what happens.”

        Those are eternal.

        Cudos to A.B, though. Fine work!

    • With Schmalfeldt’s history of harassment, AB would be a fool to engage him directly – other enemies of TK have been hounded, harassed, and SWATed.

  13. My guess is that Gail is third wife only because William got the first two confused with her, and jumped the gun with the rings..

    He’s just that useless.

    • Annnnnd, just like that, Bill changes the subject and tries to forget the whole thing happened.

      What a great day.

    • I’m convinced the explanation is actually that he cheated on his 2nd, with Gail. He’d have to be surgically sackless to marry a third woman in the same year he divorced the second one who cheated on him. My guess is #1 and #2 were both faithful, for all the good it did them.

  14. I love how he can’t tell the difference between a fake person, such as a literary character, and a real person using a pseudonym.

    And this man claims to be an investigative reporter? He claims to be a journalist? He claims to be a writer? Half the time “English as she is spoke” makes more sense. I think I’ll head off to craunch some marmosets. I suspect I will find that easier than crunching numbers for my stats exam.

      • HOOOOOOOGE!!!!!
        I think I’ve uncovered the reason that Peter Parker and Batman have never been seen in the same place at the same time!!!!!
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        5:29 PM – 12 Feb 2015

  15. Except McCain’s best friend is black, and BS called said friend a “manservant,” and has caricatured and photoshopped him in demeaning and degrading positions.

    NOT Andrew Ballard!! @weltschmerz2015 · 3m 3 minutes ago
    …that can be verified by independent third parties if it casts a bad light on his friends. Calling my wife a whore? Fine. Calling McCain..
    …a misogynistic racist? Not fine. That will come in quite handy in my lawsuit,
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    NOT Andrew Ballard!! @weltschmerz2015 · 4m 4 minutes ago

    • I think Bill’s memory is going, just yesterday he said this:

      NOT Andrew Ballard!! ‏@weltschmerz2015

      Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects Hoge and Krendler from the defamatory things you say. It does not protect YOU!

      Ooooopsie pooopsie!

      Think, Bill, think before you post!

      • Perry, I think if nothing else, the last year or so has proven that “Bill” and “think” should never, ever be in the same sentence. Perhaps not even in the same paragraph.

    • I would object to your redundancy in noting Bill Schmalfeldt posting photoshopped pictures of people in “demeaning and degrading positions.” Being posted in a Bill Schmalfeldt tweet is inherently “demeaning and degrading.” Bill Schmalfeldt could photoshop in wings and a halo and it would still be demeaning to be associated with him.

  16. HOOOOOOOGE!!!!!
    John Travolta and Nicolas Cage want to believe they switched faces? A few phone calls should clear that up!
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    5:29 PM – 12 Feb 2015

  17. No comment? But I do! BS has been had, something all of us figured out within minutes.

    HOOOOOOOGE!!!!! ‏@weltschmerz2015
    I guess the Lickspittles have no comment about the fraud who was calling me out for my verifiable service to America.
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  18. HOOOOOOOGE!!!!! @weltschmerz2015 · 5m 5 minutes ago

    I guess the Lickspittles have no comment about the fraud who was calling me out for my verifiable service to America.

    One comment (well, for now): Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

  19. HOOOOOOOGE!!!!!
    They fancy themselves clever, these lickspittle fools.
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    6:50 PM – 12 Feb 2015

    And the creepy monologue begins. At this point Shiloh wishes she could run away again.

    • Then the jar of peanut butter materializes. And Shilo knows her window of opportunity for escape has passed. But the captive nurse knows her window has just opened.

  20. HOOOOOOOGE!!!!!
    And it would be nice to go a whole day without one pig or another in the Hoge Sty lusting for my death. Soon enough, piggies.
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    6:57 PM – 12 Feb 2015

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