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@weltschmerz2015|201502102254ZMd. Cts. & Jud. P. § 3-1503.1 deals with Interim Peace Orders. That’s the kind that the Cabin Boy™ got against Patrick Grady, in part, by lying that he knew that Mr. Grady was Paul Krendler. As CBBS was trying to point out, lying in order to obtain an Interim Peace order is punishable by a fine of up to a kilobuck and/or up to 90 days in the slammer.

The Cabin Boy’s suing Paul Krendler as a Joe Doe in the current federal LOLsuit creates a strong presumption that he does not know that Mr. Grady and Paul Krendler are one and the same. Taken with his failure to appear at the peace order hearing, that creates a strong presumption that he lied on the petition. A Commissioner could reasonably find probable cause to charge Schmalfeldt.

popcorn4bkBTW, that statute doesn’t apply to my peace order petition that I filed last summer and that resulted in the current order against the Cabin Boy™. I never applied for an interim order. If I had lied, Md. Cts. & Jud. P. § 3-1504 would have been the applicable law. But I didn’t lie. The Circuit Court as the trier of fact found in my favor. The Cabin Boy™ didn’t bother to ask for a new trial or to file an appeal. The matter’s closed. He doesn’t get a do-over.


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  1. “Most of this stuff is written simply enough that lickspittles can grasp it.”

    — William Smellfart, Twitter Attorney at Law, collector of multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking.

  2. “The Cabin Boy’s suing Paul Krendler as a Joe Doe in the current federal LOLsuit creates a strong presumption that he does not know that Mr. Grady and Paul Krendler are one and the same.”

    Oh, but he DOES know! He’s known all along, from when he first supposed I was John Hoge (he was correct) to when he decided I was Lynn Thomas (also correct), Kyle Kiernan (again, spot on), yes, Patrick Grady – the devilish prankster, the Eric Schultz (aka @shaka49, which he was also right about)! His unerring ability to successfully identify his enemies on the first, second, third, fourth and fifth tries is really quite stunning. I can’t wait to find out who I am next! Am I NealnBob? Am I Chris Heather? Maybe I’m Jane and Grace and Perry Mason of Oregon? Will I be Dan Foreman tomorrow? A reader #1?

    Maybe I’m the reincarnation of Edgar Allan Poe. Or a descendant of Civil War General Jen Stuart. Maybe I’m a Scottish warlord or a Venetian moneylender seeking a pound of flesh.


    Whoever I am next, it’s sure to be FUN!

  3. When exactly do you think B.M. Schmalfeldt, Twitter Attorney at Law, discovers the multiple errors of law, procedure and facts he had made in this LOLAwsuit? You’d figure in between filing brilliant litigation, trying his many cases before unforgiving federal judges and attending monthly Maryland State BAR functions he might spend a little time on research for his suit against Mr Hoge et all. I’m sure the powerful Acme Law Firm LLC has several paralegals that could handle something as simple & clear cut as this LOLawsuit. I’m sure heads will roll once the Twitter Attorney at Law discovers all the “issues” in his suit.
    Please remember rule 5. Don’t educate the monkey.

    • Vince (not) the sham-wow guy says:

      “Have you ever been so jealous of another that you’d do literally anything to best them? But they’re so much smarter, wealthier, better looking, and – let’s face it – much more likable than you – it doesn’t seem like there is a thing you can do to redeem your whole sense self that you stupidly put on the line? Do others compare you to Captain Ahab? Well, STOP your stalking! STOP creeping around the friends and family of your obsession(s)! All you need is No Reading Comprehension!

      With new No Reading Comprehension, you too can be smart – or at least make yourself believe you’re as smart as any lawyer. Sure, attorneys have years of formal education, CLE courses, and many have decades of experience, but they’ll all be no match for your google-fu and No Reading Comprehension!

      Don’t worry if the odds are so stacked against you it’s almost like you barely graduated high school and are now dementia addled, trying to play Jeopardy!™ against a rocket scientist – or even a quantum mechanic. With No Reading Comprehension you’ll finally be able get even with your betters – you can be a regular Oliver Wendell Jones!

      Yes, with No Reading Comprehension you’ll be able to file lawsuits in federal court as easily as you misspell your own name! Since you’re the plaintiff, your enemies will not be allowed to deviate from your ever-changing rules. You’ll be able to humiliate yourself for hours on twitter deducing legal, law things to strike fear in the hearts of your targets.

      If one of your other personalities, socks, or those pesky voices in your head ask an “official” lawyer at a free advice website about your legal analysis only to be told that you’ve made a fool of yourself again, you won’t worry because you have No Reading Comprehension! You won’t understand the advice, and you won’t understand your obsessions are mocking you for getting it so wrong – again. In fact, with No Reading Comprehension, you’ll actually believe your enemies are in a panic! Terrified! Wetting themselves! And damaging their own cause – just like you do!

      No Reading Comprehension, now with even more projection – get yours today. Also makes a great gift for your handlers, because let’s face it, in order to make a pretense of supporting your demented ravings, they’ll need No Reading Comprehension too!”

    • He’s up bright and early this morning. And continuing to try his case in the court of public opinion. Where it doesn’t matter. Where we don’t believe things just on his say-so. *sigh* Poor Biwwwyy. He’s really gone around the bend it seems. SMH

    • First, wasn’t that settled in the show cause hearing a couple of weeks ago?

      Second, is William saying that Parkinson’s patients are stupid and/or lazy?

      No wonder the national foundation booted him.

      • As to your second point, I think that’s exactly what he is intimating. That Parkinson’s patients are stupid idiots.

        No, Bill. Parkinson’s patients are not stupid idiots. YOU are a stupid idiot. Your disease – which is NOT TERMINAL – is not who you are. You have, unfortunately, never changed.

      • I can’t help but contrast this… thing, who claims to have Parkinson’s, with Michael J. Fox, who does have Parkinson’s, has worked even as he suffered the symptoms, and is still far more funny and interesting than BM will ever be.

    • the shit gravy train has left the station

      Today on bill’s admissions against interest:

      Bill will expound on his pornographic career

      Bill will pretend there isn’t 4, 5, 6 million words he left in public much of which leaves an ordinary person with a poor view of his character

      Bill will ask AVVO if he can get into more legal trouble if he made misrepresentations to a federal court

      Bill will suddenly realize he wrote a federal judge that he created child sex audio stories

      A 100% chance that there will be anal and homophobic imagery laden texts

    ‏@weltschmerz2015 Not gonna work. And 3-1504 deals with temporary peace orders. 3-1503.1 says…

    11b1 FRCP says adjudicated serial harassers and dead baby doxers and child porn audio producers should file harassment suits either

    so someone on AVVO said – like I said its a theory

    Taylor Huffman could not be reached for comment

    And I don’t want a do-over of the peace order. Charging Hoge with three criminal counts of lying on a peace order petition will be fine.
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    8:36 AM – 11 Feb 2015

    Now we get to watch William get ahead of himself again. That’s always been one of my favorite parts.

    Although he should first find someone interested enough to investigate his psychotic babblings.

  6. I wonder which legal advice I would follow:

    1. the advice from a person who has had 21 different “journalist/radio/broadcasting” jobs
    2. the advice from a person who went to law school and passed the bar exam

    Maybe he believes one of the voices in his head is a trained and licensed lawyer……..

  7. Just for giggles, let us assume that William has indeed found himself a cop with jurisdiction naive enough to investigate these ludicrous claims of first degree felony tomfoolery. It appears to me that there would be several questions that he or she would need to ask William.

    1) Why did you rely on the word of someone you hate regarding the August hearing?
    2) If there were lies in the application and the hearing, why didn’t you bring these to the attention of the court during the allotted 30 day appeal period?
    3) The alleged perjury occurred six months ago, and you were aware of it at the time. Why wait until you were awaiting a ruling as to whether you are in contempt of court?
    4) What’s the story with these no-contact orders in Arizona and Illinois, anyhow?

    I don’t think William has a satisfactory answer for his imaginary friend with a badge for any of these questions.

  8. He’s claimed to have filed over 2 dozen police reports – including some in my home town.

    Everyone just POINTS AND LAUGHS!

    The Federal Judge maybe focused on his admissions of creating child sex audio tapes though

  9. HOGE IS GOD! @weltschmerz2015
    Meh. Let’s all just wait and see what happens.

    In other words – nothing happened –


    • Hmmm. I vaguely remember William saying something about A.B protecting his tweets when challenged on Saturday.

      Oh, right: “Courage.”

      • The big bm is probably madly tweeting where no one can read it about how “Hoge forged those DMCA requests!”. He’s also probably going to try to argue that because Hoge didn’t have to read the stuff in moderation, it wasn’t really contact or some such other delusional nonsense.

        At what point is he considered loony enough for a 5150 to make sure he isn’t a danger to himself, never mind others?

      • Running back into his hidey hole doesn’t quite convey “courageous, confident plaintiff,” now does it?

        Heaven knows the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has never been horribly fond of that whole “The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt” truth. However, it is always pretty hilarious to watch The Big BM scamper away from his own braggadocious bloviations.

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