23 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. The Failed Whale cannot flail his failed tail because of its incredibly small size which earned him the sobriquet of “Stumpy” from early childhood on.

    • Say, if your cross post this on your own blog, how many AVVO lawyers will it take before someone can figure out who to sue?

    • Do you speak of the demented freak who reeks of bodily leaks as he shrieks unique legal techniques every day of the week while on a losing streak up shit creek?

      • I do exclaim if his name makes you lame from his claim to a lack of fame and having been framed, then I proclaim the flaming dame came from the same name that led to his shame.

      • The Blob shoves mayo in his gob as he sobs over yet another lost “job” because he throbs for the harassment he lobs. I’m over the slob. He has long been a prob. Would rather have known Bob instead of Blob the Knob.

  2. Well I am sure none of you missed it, but the former professional journalist and Acme Lawyer Extraordinaire has determined that anyone who produces artwork of him which he finds displeasing will be guilty of libel, defamation, and other actionable torts. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  3. Maybe that’s it. You can defame someone if you are a professional journalist, but if you are not…well then, tough luck on you.

  4. Willie the Whale,
    Who flails his tail
    In seas of fail,
    Didn’t touch that mail.

    Willie spouts his lies
    Way high in the the skies.
    “I didn’t send a letter
    Coz my wife does it better.”

    Willie’s a paradox:
    The master of faildox,
    An author so great
    That he’s not yet sold eight.

    His wives may have left him,
    But they’ve not bereft him.
    He’s got a new flame,
    The Bomber by name.

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