11 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Hot tubs and alka seltzer (not necessarily alka selzter in hot tubs) sounds really good about now. Younger child is trying to share her bronchitis.

    Unless Pinky really means hot tubes, and my mind just flails around trying to figure out how to put the two together.

    • Well, too many hot tubes will mean you need Alka Seltzer. If you don’t have it, you’ll be flailing around in the medicine cabinet for a substitute.

    • Oh man, I’ve been reaching for the alka seltzer myself, flailing around in the dark reaches of the shelf that makes up my medicine cabinet. I found some last night and relief was found at last. Ahhhh! Hope I don’t have bronchitis tho. That would suck out loud.

  2. Reminded me of the movie, Hot Tub Time Machine, with everyone flailing about as they were transported . . . hey. Time machine? Kyle, did you have anything to do with that movie and the flailing about?

  3. Speaking of alka seltzer I bet their was a run on it in Cabin John Md. on the 23th when RSM filed his response to the request for default, and his MTD. We have not heard anything from TK–not even CBBS had anything to say about it–and it is the 11th today.

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