A History of Fakery

Bill Schmalfeldt has a long history of faking images and documents. I won’t republish the obscene homoerotic images he created of me that have been placed under court seal, but I will link back to this post which demonstrates one of his forgeries.

BTW, the Cabin Boy was shrewd enough to use a university yearbook photo for one of those pornographic images, but he wasn’t smart enough to check how old I was when I matriculated. I was 17.

27 thoughts on “A History of Fakery

  1. Oh Bill, always with the child porn. Guess that’s why he loves his pedo bestie so much. Maybe they can share a cell someday. Wonder who would get the “top” bunk?

    • I sort of wrote out a reply in my head, but it collapsed under the weight of the phrase “ooze up the ladder.” I’ll spare you the rest of it.

  2. And suddenly allegations regarding the creation and manufacture of child pornography, levied by others, begins to make sense – at lease a little. Recommended reading: U.S. v. Bach, 400 F.3d 622 (8th Cir., 2005). At least one Court (U.S. v. Jeffrey A. Anderson) has ruled that Bach is controlling precedent in the situation of taking the image of a minor and placing onto an adult’s body in a pornographic image. Taking the image of a 17 year old and placing it onto pornographic images is arguably the production of child pornography. Typically, ignorance as to the actual age of the child and/or mistake as to the child’s age are NOT a defense should a criminal charge ever come about. I do think a criminal charge is highly unlikely, but I sure as hell would not want to be the person who, perhaps, inadvertently did such a thing. Of course, this sort of situation is easily avoidable: don’t paste other people’s faces onto pornographic images.

    • “unlikely”
      In a prosecutorial climate wherein a teenager in Texas spent months in jail over a joking facebook comment, I wouldn’t lay money either way.

      • Your point is well made. I would NOT want to be in those shoes. I still say unlikely, but I would NOT bet one way or the other. I will say many of the justifications used in Bach for the criminality of this kind of conduct do not exist here. Nevertheless, this is a serious crime which may apply to these facts, and I would not want to be the person who manipulated the picture.

      • The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s “sterling reputation” will forever include the fact that a pornographic image he created — with the picture of a minor photoshopped onto it — is under a court seal.

        Photoshopped child porn picture.
        Anal Rape Fantasy blog post.
        Boy Scout Anal Rape CD track/audio.

        What was that the Demented Freak was saying about a pattern?

    • Now let’s all sit back and watch Oliver Wendell Jones confuse obscenity and pornography.

      Trust me, it’ll be fun.

    • You would either have to be friends with a prosecutor or cop (on one side) or have really pissed someone off (on the other) to have someone charged with producing pornography under these circumstances.

      Personally I think it would be a ridiculous charge, but that’s the legal world we live in.

    • Any creator of pornography is responsible for not only verifying the ages of the subjects but keeping records of them. Remember when Blob though he was entitled to demand such from Lee Stranahan?

  3. These people are so creepy. I have a whole tumblr page decade to me with stolen copyright photos from my churches pages and my Facebook wall and altered. Then going to my voice coach page and stealing one of her copyright images.

    My now deceased stalker the fake “Rev” Jim Sutter was a prodigious forger He even forged his own medical records – and then was stupid enough to submit the forgery to the judge. http://goo.gl/WCq89r He forged an email from “me” and ended up arrested as a result. Funny how that email is still being reposted. Since that forgery has long since been removed from the web I wonder who was that motivated to save it?

  4. Team Kimberlin loves them some fakery and forgeries: Court summons, USPS green cards, Society of Professional Journalists membership, Amazon ‘About the Author’ page, letters, phone calls, voicemails, emails, numerous comments to Hogewash!, etc., etc., etc.

    And, let’s not forget…

    Fake tweets:
    “Topsy Turvy”

    “He Didn’t See It Here”

    And, undoubtedly one of the more evil Team Kimberlin fakes/forgeries — the SWATing threat made to our Gentle Host, and the forged attempt to blame it on “The Lonely Conservative”:

    “A Year Ago Today”

    Thr Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, and his fellow Team Kimberlin psychopaths, will one day be held duly accountable for all of their lies, deceptions, and evil.

    Whether their consequences are experienced in this life and/or the next — there is comfort to be found in knowing there will indeed be consequences, and these degenerates will be made to answer for their evil and pay dearly for their choices.

    • Oh yes the fake tweets, a certain obsessed degenerate forged a couple of tweets by me as well. It’s like they are all related to each other these knuckle draggersmust all come from the same demented gene pool

      • There is certainly no shortage of Deranged Cyberstalkers, Jeanette.

        And, those demented freaks who are obsessed with you — namely that evil and hateful Nicole Bonnet, and that mentally-disturbed Thomas Mix — are most certainly cut from the same cloth as the sociopaths who make up Team Kimberlin.

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