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  1. Someone really, really, really, really, really needs to look in a mirror. And at the plain words that are written across the interwebz. Just WHO precisely needs to keep his trap shut?

    Heh. Hehehehehee. Bwahahahaaaaaa

  2. This is off on a tangent, but did you ever notice? He’s not only not good, he’s not original. He’s like big deranged parrot; for all his apparent creative frenzy, I’ve never heard him say one original thing. (Even his insults are copy pastes, borrowed from insult anthologies, or his probably substantial personal collection.)

  3. You see, our gentle host is obviously under arrest for intentional infliction of butt-hurt, in violation of Baltimore Federal Code and Bus Pass center section eleventy.11(b). He has the right to remain silent, but HOOOOOOGE!!!!! Doomclock.

  4. 3 million words online freely broadcast to the entire world – many laced with pornographic talk and references to homoerotica, misogyny, semen, genitalia, rape, assault etc – sure any person like that can stop anytime, before doing irrefutable damage to their reputation in the eyes of a reasonable person(s)

  5. You have the right to remain silent in a civil suit? It seems everything I learned in Constitutional Law is wrong.

    Thanks Acme Legal!

      • how quietly or serenely one appears on the stand while invoking the 5th amendment, may adversely sway the jury as well

      • Only if invoking the 5th Amendment would subject you to criminal liability. If you attempt to invoke the 5th during discovery the judge will intervene to determine if there’s actually some risk of criminal liability.

        If there’s no risk of criminal liability, then you can be compelled to testify. Otherwise, the 5th amendment could easily be abused to avoid testifying in civil cases.

        You are correct that the jury may adversely construe the lack of testimony, which they are prohibited from doing in a criminal case.

        Not that such an instruction actually stops the jury from considering a criminal defendant’s refusal to testify.

    • That is a question Bill Schmalfeldt ought to ponder very carefully. The letter was entered into evidence after Bill Schmalfeldt made his final argument that the letter was not authentic: the fact that John Hoge hadn’t entered it into evidence yet.
      Since the judge had already heard Bill Schmalfeldt’s reasoning he could have forbidden its entry into evidence as a probable forgery. Instead, the judge admitted it into evidence. Bill Schmalfeldt ought to consider the possibility that the judge wasn’t convinced. The point is that he won’t.

  6. I think it’s just fantastic that BS has been tweeting his expertise at creating phony documents this afternoon! A fake diploma for Hoge, with a seal and everything! What a great way to prove he doesn’t forge stuff! Wait a sec, that doesn’t make sense…I’ll sort this out. Maybe not.

  7. If only he attended the Thursday class at the Buss Pass Office entitled “Terms of Service and You” much of this 3 million word tragedy might have been avoided

  8. BREAKING: BS is using HOWARD Earl’s old avatar as an excuse to accuse WJJH of battery. Blaming WJJH for the actions of other people, and using it as an excuse to harass and defame him, will not go over well in court. All screen capped. All filed away. Also for the record, I will note that BS is so profoundly offended by this photo that he tweets it repeatedly. In contrast, WJJH had the court seal BS’s offensive pornography.


    • Oh, that makes total schmalsense. Actually creating a forgery isn’t forgery unless the person who forged it does something specific with it.

      Bad break for TDPK, that he didn’t have sooooper stoooopid smart internet English reader, the big BM, to get him out of that trouble at the printer’s, huh?

  9. A walk down memory lane. From July 15, 2014:

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting 路
    WJJ Hoge will have to learn there is a price for libeling me. Each new defamatory comment will add $1,000 to my settlement demand.

    WMS Radio Network 路 9h
    WJJ Hoge III is a stupid, stupid man.

    WMS Radio Network 路 10h
    You know what judges like even LESS “A Reader” Tapeworm? Litigants who lie, who try to game the system, and who have unclean hands.
    Replied to 0 times

    WMS Radio Network 路 10h
    You are irresponsibly stupid Hoge. And you have likely cost your son any inheritance he had coming. And your poor wife.
    Replied to 0 times

    WMS Radio Network 路 10h
    Your best bet? Shut up. Close your blog. Stop tweeting. Go away until you are called. Then apologize to the judge, and then apologize to ME!

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting 路 10h
    Every word you write, every insult your lickspittles write, make me want to make your punishment more and more severe, Hoge!
    Replied to 0 times

    WMS Radio Network 路 10h
    I WILL GET TO DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU! That has GOTTA suck, right Hoge?
    Replied to 0 times

    WMS Radio Network 路
    And then, if I’m still able, it’s off to the Howard County Courthouse to file criminal charges. The jaily kind.

    WMS Radio Network 路
    And then the counter claim with you and Krendler. Think I’ll have any trouble winning that, too, Hoge?

    WMS Radio Network
    And, barring some face-saving way out of this, which I am not inclined to agree to at the moment, you are going to be HUMILIATED.

  10. I’ve never seen a worse beat-down on the ‘tubes in my entire life than I did these past few days.

    Yikes, remind me not to piss any of you off.

    Poor Willy didn’t know what hit him.

  11. I don’t think he likes me or my research.

    Also he is not entirely stupid with his docu drama….. he learned something from BK’s mistakes.

    • I think you’re safe with that assumption. But then again, Willy doesn’t like anybody but himself and his “most excellent friend” the pedo-bomber Brett Kimberlin.

  12. I have questions for those with expertise in criminal and/or military law.

    In one of his autobiographies, BS admitted that he had sex on stage in Japan in front of a paying audience. Given his contempt for those he has incorrectly accused of being pornographers and/or prostitutes, this is interesting to me, including legally.

    1. Under U.S. law, was this prostitution?
    2. Under U.S. law, was this porn?
    3. Was this behavior a violation of a military code of conduct?

    • If it happened in Japan it depends on three things:

      1. UCMJ
      2. Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Japan
      3. Special or General Orders in effect (off limits areas, or behavior unbecoming)

      As far as UCMJ goes Article 134 (sometimes known as the “catch-all article”) has been used to punish military members for pandering prostitution. So yes he could have been charged with pandering prostitution while stationed in Japan.

    • US Law would have been irrelevant as he was in Japan. The host nation would either prosecute with local laws or defer to the Navy as is most likely stated in the Status of Forces Agreement with the host nation. In which case, Article 134, now Article 128 UCMJ, known as Punitive Articles could apply as Indecent Acts With Another.

      Also, any number of non-judicial pinishment(s) can be leveled.

      • I was under the impression that adultery was illegal under the UMCJ during the relevant period. If he was married at the time, and God knows that he’s been married enough, I suspect that would apply.

      • Neal, you are correct. In one of his rants against ex-wife number 2, he stated that he was always faithful and not for want of opportunity, having allegedly been propositioned multiple times while in Japan. Having paid sex on stage while married smacks of adultery to me.

      • There’s that, but even if he weren’t there’s always good old Article 134:

        Article 134. General article:
        Though not specifically mentioned in this chapter, all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not capital, of which persons subject to this chapter may be guilty, shall be taken cognizance of by a general, special, or summary court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offense, and shall be punished at the discretion of that court.

      • It would only matter now under the UCMJ if Billy was getting any kind of retirement, disability, of Tri-Care medical benefits currently, in which case these could be revoked for this activity of his.

  13. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 路
    Meh. Bored by the idiots.

    Translation: “You may stop pummeling me now.”

  14. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 路 19m 19 minutes ago
    Idiot. He allowed them to be posted on his comments. He has the power to remove.

    Bill, you blithering idiot, those are WORDPRESS AVATARS! John has no control over what pictures are used as avatars. Your complaint is with wordpress, jackass.

    How many times do we have to point out this simple fact?

    • Not to mention if someone changes their avatar, all the postings adopt the new avatar, past and present.

    • Blacking out a persons name (PII) and using a document for comparison of what right looks like = stealing someones records.

      Fail doxing them and posting the persons records without PII covered up on social media = what exactly?

      Way to blast someones PII all over the internet Bill! Did they teach that one in JO 鈥淎鈥 School too?

  15. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 路 2m 2 minutes ago
    And now @schmeltdown has protected his tweets. The courage.

    Huh? Bill, REALLY?! You’re really going there?

    How many times in the past few days have you gone protected?

    You know, I think the surgeon stuck the probe too deep in your head and destroyed the self-awareness area of your brain.

    • This is part of Bill’s “you made me do it” strategy. Much like when he faildoxes someone, and they tell him he’s wrong, he’ll tell them he’s going to keep faildoxing that innocent person until they tell him who they really are, and it will be their fault.

      Par for the course from the most loathsome man on the internet.

      • Poor old Billy Shakes
        Sounded mad upon the radio
        With a million stations online
        Grieving mothers cried
        Filed charges
        Who’d blame them
        You’ve grown, so grown
        Now I must say more than ever
        (Come On Eileen)
        Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, aye
        And we can dox just like our fathers

        Come on Eileen
        Oh, I swear what he means (what he means)
        At this moment I WANT EVERYTHING!
        Scounts in that tent
        His thoughts are so bent
        Fully dirty
        Oh, come on Eileen…

  16. The turd thinks he can get the IP addresses of all the posters here! Wow he’s thinking big! Amazing how far the idiot is trying to go!

    • What an overblown sense of authority. “Turn over” Krendler and Howard Earl? Like he’s a prosecutor trying to get a perp to flip on his co-conspirators. Dude. It’s the internet. Nobody knows who these guys are, and if we did there’s no one inclined to help you make more people miserable. We’ll talk? No thanks.

      Again, please. Put the internet away and see how quickly people forget you. With any luck, some other Bill Schmalfeldt will cure cancer and that Google problem will go away.

      • Come on, Inspector Jiggles. You’ve “known” who I am at least a baker’s dozen times.

        Now shut yer sausage wallet and go away.

        Pleasant night we’re having, officer.

    • Hmmm, my own used Mac does need a new power cord that hasn’t been gnawed upon. Perhaps I could parley for that….

      Nahhh! I get too much worth out of the lolz from whenever he bitches and moans about those two. Worth much more than a power cable.

  17. Bill Schmalfeldt
    Everyday, a new avatar until Lickspittles stop using my picture

    What am I missing here? How will that make us do anything?

    • That will look good juxtaposed next to his FOIA’d military and civil service records and screen caps of his posted military embellishment.

      FOIA. FOIA. Publicly available. Screen caps of his “copyrighted” XM fan site forum posts. Etc. Etc.

      • So far, your research isn’t really all that interesting. I haven’t seen a single thing that approaches Stolen Valor and I’m struggling to see any embellishment. You seem to want to make a big deal out of a Letter of Commendation that isn’t on his DD-214. BFD, honestly. DD-214s are notorious for missing information. There’s stuff, slightly more important than a Letter of Commendation, that’s missing from mine.

        BS served 8 years. His knee operation is documented and, as far as the ‘sex on stage’ thing is concerned…no relevance to anything. If it’s true and he wasn’t busted, well, there’s nothing there. He doesn’t go around wearing a Trident, an inappropriate rank, or even an unearned ESWS pin.

        There are a lot of things about Bill that I don’t like. However, he is a Veteran and he apparently did a good enough job to get two GCMs and an honorable.

        Maybe you have more. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  18. This is priceless!

    Bill Schmalfeldt 鈥廆weltschmerz2015 1m1 minute ago

    Note to @nealnbob1 – thanks for starting your new WordPress website. Now, when I start sending subpoenas, I can hit WordPress AND Twitter!
    1:37 PM – 9 Feb 2015 路 Details

    You’re welcome, William. And I suppose you could, if your lulzsuit survived a motion to dismiss, which it won’t.

    That’s where things get interesting.

    Let’s assume that I’m unprotected and WordPress has my real IP address. All you get is that. Then you would have to come to my country to subpoena my identity, which you can’t because you’re poor, crazy, lazy and stupid. I know U.S law better than you do, so you don’t have a prayer in any other jurisdiction.

    Notice how movie studios and record companies don’t get foreign IPs through U.S courts? That’s because American court orders don’t have any force overseas.

    But if dreaming helps you sleep at night, dream big.

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