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Here’s another bit of nonsense from the Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s LOLsuit.WMSvEJ ECF 1-55Federal Rule of Civil Proceedure 11(b)(3) requires that

an attorney or unrepresented party certifies that to the best of the person’s knowledge, information, and belief, formed after an inquiry reasonable under the circumstances …
(3) the factual contentions have evidentiary support …

The Cabin Boy™ flat out admits that he doesn’t know who mailed the allegedly forged letter. That means he can’t certify that the factual contentions he makes about authorship or who mailed the letter. And that’s not the only problem he has with Rule 11.


popcorn4bkAs TDPS alleges, the letter is in the hands of the Carroll County Circuit Court. That means that, in addition to my DNA and fingerprints on the letter and envelope, one might expect to find the fingerprints and/or DNA of my mailman, Judge Stansfield, several court clerks, and the Cabin Boy™.


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  1. “A civil action does not an ‘adjudicated stalker’ make.”

    — William Smellfart, Twitter Attorney at Law, collector of multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking.

    • hahahaha

      Everyone knows that a finding of fact by a judge in a court order isn’t an adjudication. – No Reading Comprehension customer.

      No Reading Comprehension is a proud sponsor of feldtdowns. Studies show that over 83% of all feldtdowns are caused by No Reading Comprehension. Order yours today!

    • Have we started a Kickstarter yet to pay the filing fees for this LOLsuit? I myself am really looking forward to the Discovery phase. Just watching Smellfart’s face as the court compels Discovery will be priceless.

      And I got two weeks va-cay that ain’t doing nothing this year. I’ll bring the whole family!

      How **DOES** one start a Kickstarter, eh . . . ?


      • ISWYDT, Johnny Alamo – well done. 😀

        Filing fees are paid by the one who initiates the suit, unless a court orders otherwise. However, the respondents to the LOLsuit would probably appreciate whatever others can provide.

        If they choose not to pursue your suggestion, or in the meanwhile, I’m confident that our esteemed host would accept donations specifically noted as for this cause and use/distribute them appropriately.


  2. Remember, everyone, stalking and harassing aren’t the profession of the big BM, they’re just “arrows in [his] quiver.” No, his profession, he claims, is author/writer/journalmalist. And he wrote this in a legal pleading:

    The list of suspects is small and includes HOGE, but anyone with access to a copy of SCHMALFELT’S signature that HOGE proved he had access to would make him the lead suspect.

    That’s just a mess, but it appears to indicate: ‘…anyone with access to SCHMALFOOL’s signature would make him the lead suspect.’ hahahaha

    Don’t try this at home. Remember, he’s a professional. hahahaha

    • Doesn’t CBBS have access to his own signature?

      I think he just named himself as a suspect.

      • hahaha Great catch, Your Grace. Assuming, of course, that the big BM meets the other requirement of being anyone, you have likely just solved the mystery.


      • (overheard in several basements)
        “squeeeeee! Grace is the 13th Duke of Wybourne! I’m gonna collect that big reward money $$!”


  3. You know, according to him, his fingerprints and DNA shouldn’t be on the letter. As I saw in another comment somewhere, thank goodness nobody makes latex gloves or self-adhesive stamps.

  4. O/T – I hope others consider joining me in remembering Julia Scyphers. From the Wikipedia page about the Speedway Bombings:

    …While no motive was established at trial, prosecutors and police believe [Brett Coleman] Kimberlin went on the bombing spree to deflect attention away from an ongoing investigation of the murder of 65 year old Julia Scyphers. Scyphers “violently disapproved” of her daughter Sandra Barton’s relationship with Kimberlin as well as the “strange affection” Kimberlin paid to Barton’s pre-teen daughter who had accompanied Kimberlin on several long unsupervised out-of-state trips…

    See also:
    When Jessica Was 10, 11, 12 by award winning journalist R. Stacy McCain at theothermccain DOT com
    The Wikipedia page dedicated to Brett Kimberlin (linked at the Speedway Bombings page), which details more of his extensive criminal history.


  5. I apologize in advance for the coarseness of my comment which is directed to The Elkridge Horror.

    “The more you stir a tub of shit, the worse it smells”.


  6. When they do the fingerprint and DNA testing, do you think you can get them to record the process with all those cool CSI special effects, and post a link?

  7. Peal and stick stamps and envelopes are commonplace, I doubt there would be any DNA evidence on either. Likewise, with both the envelope and the letter passing though multiple hands, there is no way that fingerprints would be conclusive, even if there were in fact recoverable fingerprints.

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention handwriting analysis. It shouldn’t be too hard to determine if the signature was made by a pen. If someone actually wrote it, the chances of a forgery by means of photocopying disappear. Due to minor variations in ink chemistry, with enough money you could even determine the manufacturer to a certain level of precision. At that point, a handwriting expert could be employed, though all this would cost into the thousands of dollars, and would in all likelihood be a grand waste of money.

    Alternately, there is stylometry- where by enough samples of a person’s writing can be used to determine the likelihood of authorship of another work, and for which free tools exist. Mr. Schmalfeldt should be familiar with the concept if not the word, as it would be on this basis (although without the analysis to give the assertion weight) that he claimed that A Reader .. was it? ..was Mr. Walker. In the case of the accusation, samples of the writing of all parties involved, including Of course, Mr. Schmalfeldt and his associates, exist in excess.

    Though none of this is truly authoritative.

    It is said that the post office maintains a database of scans of mail that has passed though their hands due to the mailing of Anthrax and the events of 9-11, they could probably trace the letter back to their point of first contact, though I doubt they would. If there is a postmarked envelope, it was mailed. The postmark gives out certain useful bits of information. If it was mailed, even without inquiring against the post office, I wonder if the person who mailed it simply placed the envelope in question in their own mailbox? The postmark would vary depending on where it entered the system. That said, reasonable doubt and unreasonable doubt are different concepts.

    That said, the only reason that who mailed this particular letter and on what date it was mailed, and by whom is relevant at all, is that Mr. Schmalfeldt’s past behavior was such that a court found a peace order warranted. Offering grand conspiracies now is not going to be especially compelling.

    • Someone should also read the twitter terms of service and the warning that you are posting publicly to the entire world and the entire world will see it.

    • He gets in the heads of criminals right quick, that one does. Despite having no background in behavioural psychology, forensics, law enforcement, or even a day of post-secondary education, he seems to immediately know exactly by what means a crime was committed.

      It’s rather fascinating when you think about it.

        • Far be it from me to suggest anything of the kind. I’m far too much of a gentleman for that. My monocle, ascot and subscription to The New Yorker aren’t just for show.

          However, to quote Elkridge’s most celebrated maniac, “a pattern is developing.” When tragedy befalls him; be it Slovak horseshit or an e-mailed “death threat”, darn it all, it’s unfailingly untraceable. But when something occurs that seems suspiciously straight out of the trailer park, Inspector Jiggles is on the case with a suspect, means, motive and opportunity almost immediately.

          It’s interesting that someone brought up CSI earlier because Detective Schmalfeldt breaks cases almost as quickly – 47 minutes, if you don’t count commercials.

          It’s an eerie coincidence!

      • @Pablo
        “Not if you’re the one that committed them.”
        I believe you may have hit the a$$ in the bull hole.

    • see his xmfan site comments circa 2007 apparently another pattern emerges as well

      Again Bill Schmalfeldt needs to find this William Schmalfeldt Sr. guy who keeps writing books about Bill’s life, thousands of pages of personal details and all these twitter and fan site posts in the tens of thousands all to the public – heck even in an interview about his career the William Schmalfeldt invades Bill Schmalfeldts privacy by saying he shouldn’t have married his first 2 wives.

    • In short: Show me your cards, Hoge, ’cause I got nothin’.

      You are as transparent as a window, Inspector.

      A big, dumb, cuckolded, pees in his sweatpants, window.

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt
    The letter is also, at my request, in the hands of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. OOPSIE POOPSIE!
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    12:55 AM – 8 Feb 2015

    William found a police station where they don’t sigh and go on a coffee break as soon as his number appears on the call display. Congratulations

    Who wants to wager that this turns into nothing?

    And, not for nothing, William’s Twitter timestamp is now seven hours behind.

      • I believe Neal’s point is BS’s tweets should reflect the East Coast timezone with Blob being in Maryland and all. And, if I’m not mistaken that is an auto-function of Twitter.

        But, for some reason the timestamps on BS’s tweets are some 7-8 hours behind his timezone, which for that to happen a tweep would have to manually change their timezone settings.

        I think I’ve got that right. Neal?

        • Yes.

          They were three hours behind yesterday, eight today. And you need to manually change that in your settings. I checked.

          As to what that means, who knows? I long ago gave up trying to glean motives from lunatics. Crazy people, it turns out, do weird shit.

      • Shocking as this may sound, it appears either the one who admitted he has dementia and that his own words can’t be trusted, Bill Schmalfeldt, may have lied.

        Or, even more shocking – the authorities aren’t taking his ridiculous and malicious complaints seriously, and they lied to him.

        Someone tell me again the penalty for filing a false police report in MD? hahahaha

        <a href=””<#RememberCarlDeLong

      • Ooops, totally goofed that up, didn’t I? Not the first typo/error I’ve made today. 😉

        <a href=””<#RememberCarlDeLong

    • How could it possibly be? It was submitted as evidence in court, was it not? Further, once a letter is sent and received, it is no longer the property of the person who wrote it, or was purported (to be polite, though I don’t believe for a moment that the letter was forged by anyone) to have written it.. So, BS can’t possibly have had anything to do with the disposition of said letter.

      • MAGIC!

        Although, knowing William, he’ll be asserting copyright over it in about two weeks. Stranger things have happened.

        • The last 36 hours have been quite the experiment in behavioral modification, haven’t they?

          Yesterday morning, Juicy Joe properly stated that William sucks at pretty much everything, which there appears to be no shortage of empirical of. For this, Joe was faildoxed and threatened with stupid, pointless and utterly fantastical litigation. It was a sight, but in no way remarkable We’re all used to the sideshow of utterly impotent rage and transparent self-importance by now.

          Then A.B wandered into our lives and, most importantly, Schmalfeldt’s. Not only did A.B have a mission, he has documentation!

          Am I the only one that has noticed the change in William’s demeanor since then? I trust that I’m not..

          Yes, the wholly unwarranted braggadocio is still there, but it’s been toned down considerably from just Thursday evening. Why, it’s almost as if he’s gotten shy!

          And that says more than Bill ever could.

          That lad is done.

    • On one hand, his memoirs have “raised hundreds of dollars for the National Parkinson’s Foundation.” On the other hand, he’s too much of a failure to be a public person.

      I think there’s a logical disconnect there.

      • Come to think of it, isn’t one of William’s causes of action that the National Parkinson’s Foundation no longer wants to be associated with his commercially offered products, almost all of which involve his private life?

        Or I could be bad at reading. Who can say?

  9. It’s almost sweetly naive that William still thinks his lulzsuit will even get as far as a public figure test or the establishment of “narratives.”

    God bless children and special needs litigants.

  10. So I am offering a substsnisl reward for information on the whereabouts of one William Schmalfeldt – this person has been described a serene, stately, and can be found near DC. He has written dozen plus books and made nearly 100 tracks of audio all attributed to Bill. Bill needs to find this guy as he is tweeting again in Bills name today – admissions against interest and other deep personal information that is public to the entire world and could be harmful to anyone especially Bill.

    Here’s classic example of his guy defaming Bill:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015

    Now, @mayberryville likes to talk about the copyright images he thinks I stole. But he has no standing to raise the issue UNLESS HE OWNS…

    note that he is actually contacting the man who he named in a suit that he wants to be left alone

    We need to find this guy and get him to stop trying to harm Bill.

  11. “Rudimentary fingerprint testing and DNA testing of the stamp and envelope should determine who sent it.”

    And who does CBBS expect to do this “rudimentary…testing”? The Sheriff’s office won’t do it for you as a favor for a civil suit (it’s been tried). And even if they did do the testing, they certainly wouldn’t send the tech who did the testing to testify during the civil suit. That’s how you get fingerprint evidence admitted, and the police definitely do NOT want to get that involved in a civil suit.

    CBBS can hire a fingerprint expert to examine the alleged “forgery” and testify to whatever he finds, but as pointed out above, this is not a cheap process. It almost certainly wouldn’t be covered by the court, assuming CBBS does succeed in his in forma pauperis petition.

    • I think William is implying that our host will be spending time in the Iron Bar Hotel. For the 63rd time in three years.

      But it’s hard to tell what he means. The boy can’t write for shit.

      • Isn’t Blob the same creature we have heard whining and crying for months-and-months-and-months that the constant threat of imprisonment courtesy of HOOOOOOOGGGEE is stressful and harmful to his health?

        But, it’s apparently perfectly okay for The Big BM to repeatedly hold the “possibility” of jail time over our Gentle Host’s head.

        Sure must be nice to live in old Blobby Boy’s world where nothing is ever his responsibility nor his fault, nothing ever has to make any sort of logical sense, and hypocrisy reigns.

      • Once you get past the smell of overflowing dirty diaper pails, empty gin bottles, unused doses of penicillin, feet, ass and dog excrement, it is probably Valhalla.

      • He might be implying that, but that would require a criminal investigation. You can’t put someone in prison by civil suit.

        If his allegation is that Hoge committed some sort of crime, he can bring it up with the authorities. Once the criminal investigation has concluded, or at least produced sufficient evidence, he could file a suit seeking damages.

        Two problems: First, this suit is necessarily premature. Second, the police aren’t going to give a crap.

  12. Again this William Schmalfeldt is apparently tweeting obscenities in Bill’s name and in the same twitter feed (which we call talking to himself) thw William Schmalfeldt is using Bill Schmalfeldts name to be saying he doesn’t do pornographic material while tweeting pornographic or explicit statements:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015

    For all the posturing and butt crack licking going on at Hoggyland and Zombieville, here is why I will win my lawsuit. The law is on my side

    Screen cap this everyone, Bill will need this for his case against William

  13. Remind you of anything?

    Part of From Wikipedia:

    On a previous voyage, the white whale Moby Dick bit off Ahab’s leg, leaving him with a prosthesis made out of whalebone. Instead of leading the Pequod on a whaling voyage for profit, Ahab seeks revenge on the whale and casts his spell over the crew-members to enlist them in his fanatical mission. When Moby Dick is finally sighted and hunted down, Ahab’s hate robs him of all caution and denies him revenge. Moby Dick drags Ahab to his death.

    (emphasis added)


  14. “… a pattern is developing that should prove an interesting narrative in court.”

    — William Smellfart, Twitter Attorney at Law, collector of multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking.

    • Well, I agree the pattern will be interesting, just probably not for the reasons the Big BM thinks it will. It will also probably provide great amusement for various court personnel.

      • “Provably” or “probably”? I’ve noticed some controversy between the two words in recent days.

  15. File this one under, “Ah ha! My tweeting has cornered you now, Hoge!”

    “All I can prove, through ACTUAL forensic testing, not the pretend Hoge kind, is that I did not send or sign it.”
    — William Smellfart, Twitter Attorney at Law, collector of multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking.

    Question: Is this letter actually a part of any ongoing legal action? I thought it was tossed at the show-cause hearing, but that the other infractions were going to be examined by the Judge. In any event, the judge’s decision is still looming. Popcorn for the masses!

    • Bill has already proven that he seems to believe that by affixing “pretend” to whatever he dislikes or finds inconvenient it will just go “poof!” and he won’t have to think about it any more.

      I suspect he may not be able to continue to indulge in this magical thinking, at least with regard to the legal system, for much long.

    • So, if someone received a letter with no discernible fingerprints or DNA on it, that would prove that no one sent it.

      ACME Forensics, no doubt.

      • hahahaha

        Apparently ACME is so advanced, they can do extensive forensic testing on something the multiply adjudicated harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt, claims he’s never touched (so couldn’t have provided to them); that was accepted into evidence by the court on 1/30; and according to the dementia-addled Bill Schmalfeldt who admits his own words can’t be trusted, is “also …in the hands of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.” (emphasis added)

        Maybe the letter really is, as Neal noted, “MAGIC,” and can be both in evidence and “also with the Sheriff. Or maybe Bill Schmalfeldt has been caught in another lie.

        Of course, it’s also possible that someone at the Sheriff’s office desk in the midnight clerk’s office lied to the repeated cuckold. If that’s the case, then apparently the big BM was too stupid to ask whomever he spoke with (who likely had an “African tinge” like he described another official), how the letter could be in two places at once. Or would that make it three places – the court, the Sheriff’s office, and the lab?

  16. If Schmalfeldt wants that letter forensically examined, he’ll need to pony up a few thousand dollars to get it done. Plus a few hundred more to have an expert testify about it.

    • Maybe the public affairs officer at the court house will do the forensic examination of the letter for Bill for free, if asked nicely in a late evening phone call on Christmas eve.

      • I just hope that a DNA sample is required. Back when he was flooding the XM boards with stupid, William had awkward suggestions about how they should be collected.

  17. Court staff are really busy with legitimate matters, but I imagine they don’t mind the occasional case like this one. I imagine when all is said and done the Midnight Society of Holiday clerks at the Greater Baltimore Federal Courthouse and buss pass center will send Cabin boy a letter of appreciation as well as a medal or tinfoil hat or something for his bravery in the line of lickspittle fire. He can put it next to his silver star or whatever it was that he won back in WWII or whatever. These of course will come right after he gets his Pulitzer for his hard hitting reporting on buttstuff that he published on Kos or Huffpo or whatever liberal rag let him spew his nonsense. At least after his shuttupery lawsuit, he will finally once and for all vindicate himself, and once his reputation is once again unsullied, his books will finally start selling and he can move into a nicer trailer.

    • Schmalfeldt’s best-selling work could result from writing about Kimberlin. But Schmalfeldt isn’t interested in his own success, as evidenced by all of the attack propaganda he tries to pass out through Amazon. He seems to only care about Kimberlin’s success, while making his own life a disaster.

      • Not exactly. It can’t be said any better than Ken White said it:

        It’s easier to reconcile when you realize this: Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.

  18. Bill! Oh Billy boy!

    Would you care to comment on the tweet that was posted (@schmeltdown) showing your DD-214 and awards? Specifically any comment on how someone who was the Distinguished Honor Graduate of two DIS courses and the winner of the the Navy Chief of Information Merit Award in 1983 for Editorial Writing does not have even a Letter of Commendation listed on his DD-214?

    Just curious.

    Those are the types of things that WOULD be on a DD-214 because they are important……..

    • Well this is awkward…..
      Additional Honors & Awards

      Navy Chief of Information Merit Award, Editorial Writing
      Department of Defense Information School, Distinguished Honor Graduate, Journalism
      Department of Defense Information School, Distinguished Honor Graduate, Broadcasting
      Department of Defense Information School, Award for Excellence in Radio Production
      Navy Chief of Information Merit Award, Radio Entertainment Programming

      And yet not even a Navy Achievement Medal, Letter of Commendation or Certificate of Appreciation in his DD-214 about those awards.

      You would think that the Navy Chief of Information (a rear admiral mind you) would be able to give out some sort of tangible benefit to someone winning such a prestigious award.

      I mean my Carrier Strike Group commander (a rear admiral at the time also) managed to sign his name to a Flag Letter of Commendation for my being a good supervisor! And yup it’s on MY DD-214…..

      • As posted on twitter @schmeltdown I can imagine Bill struggling to NOT mention any of those at an interview for a GS-12 position as Writer-Editor at the NIH.

        And I can imagine those awards were NEVER on any application or resume sent to the Federal Government for consideration in his hiring.

        And I can imagine he has NEVER used those awards to justify his hiring at any of the dozen or so other media organizations he worked for over 40+ years.

        And I can imagine that if he DID have those awards the Navy would have seen fit to put them on his DD-214. Because all of my awards are on mine from my lofty single Navy Achievement Medal (ha!) to my two Flag Letters of Commendation (one from a one-star admiral and one from a two-star admiral) to my lowly Plane Captain of the Quarter and Safety Professional of the Month commendations from my commander (a poor ol’ O-5).

        But I’m sure Bill has some awesome story explaining away why those honors and achievments he blasted all over the internet and in resumes and applications are NOT on his DD-214. I just can’t wait to hear why they are not on there.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 3m 3 minutes ago

        “I wonder if @Schmeltdown has noticed that everything he has posted completely matches my description of my military service.”

        None of the DIS or CHINFO awards and recognition he has ever posted about are on his DD-214…. other than that everything matches what Bill said.

        Ok then.

  19. Bill…. couple things you should know:

    1. Saying “I don’t have to post my DD 214 to prove yadda yadda yadda” is an AUTOMATIC red flag on Stolen Valor/military embellishment.

    2. You already posted your DD 214 online you big lummox. So according to your own self posted DD 214 you don’t have ANY of the awards you mentioned.

    3. Significant awards like Distinguished Honor Graduate also come with things like…. oh, Letters of Commendation from the school house. And BIG awards like CHINFO merit awards also come with things like…. oh NAM’s. You don’t have any of those and if you did they would be on your DD 214.

    4. Thanks for the screenshots! You have no idea where I am going with this documentation or why.

    5. Fair winds and following seas.

  20. Oh, SWEET IRONY!!!!!!

    Bill Schmalfeldt
    How much do you want to dig up dirt on someone that you would sift through a forum I took part in 7 fucking years ago? Nothing better to do?
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    9:55 PM – 7 Feb 2015

    • An admission against interest? I am trying to follow the logic. Either he embellished his record, or he did not. If not, is there any dirt to be dug? It seems to me (though admittedly I am a little odd) that if I had an opponent who was wasting a lot of time digging where there is no dirt to be had, I’d hardly discourage the effort.

      Changing topic. Has the Witless Wonder given any clues on what Acme Law has told him about limited purpose public figures? We are pretty sure that Acme has its own unique take on the meaning of defamation per se and the protections accorded to expressions of opinion. But let’s suppose that one of the John Does did actually post something that could reasonably be construed as a statement of fact rather than opinion or parody (and does not involve time travel or stolen ponies) and that the statement was false. Hurdles remain if the great BM is a limited purpose public figure. Has he attempted to intrude on the public’s consciousness? It may a be a case of first impression whether someone who tried diligently to establish a public audience is not a public person with respect to his audience because that audience is disappointingly small and overwhelmingly disapproving. That is the kind of case on which law journal articles feed. I hope Acme is up to the legal subtleties ahead.

      • Shhhhh. William isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

        And just look at what he’s done with simple legal concepts in his filings. Throwing complicated ones at him may cause my premature demise from a lulz ,muscle tear. And you’ll be hearing from my estate about that, Jeff!

      • Oh I am fully aware that my pal william is not as bright as he thinks he is: actually no human in history has been as bright as that. He has a very high opinion of his merits, capabilities, and achievements.

        As for your estate, I think I have a cast iron defense of assumption of risk. Anyone who reads my pal’s legal effluvia has deliberately and knowingly threatened the lulz muscles with permanent, and potentially fatal, strain.

    • Bill: You are getting what you deserve just as I am still reaping the consequences of what I did (justifiably so). Admit your lies, make amends, reform your life and start rolling down the lefelong path of redemption. It’s your only valid option.

  21. Bill Schmalfeldt
    I know where you’re going, AB. You don’t want to, but you will. Coward. You’re heading right for subpoenaville.
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    10:00 PM – 7 Feb 2015

    Jimmy Buffet’s least-loved song.

  22. Bill is under the impression that no one except him knows how military awards, personnel files and documentation works.

    And you know what? I’m fine with him having that impression.

    “Oh look. A triple-double!”

  23. Every. Single. Embellisher. Has. Said. This. To. Me.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 52m 52 minutes ago

    @schmeltdown does not HAVE my DD-214. Either one of them. And I am not going to scan and post to prove shit to a troll.
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    Just another screen shot for…. my evidence file!

    • Waitasecond, A.B

      You can’t use “evidence folders.” William will claim copyright on the term.

      “Incriminating documents spread out on the coffee table” is fine, though.

    • I must be under a misapprehension. I thought the Witless Wonder had established ground rules that an accusation is presumed to be true unless promptly rebutted. Guess I was wrong.

  24. I’ve been holding off on this for a few days, but my conscience is now at a point that I have to say something.

    The way some of you are beginning to dox Schmalfeldt seems uncomfortably similar to the way Schmalfeldt doxed McCain, Stranahan, Hoge, et al. Just needed to throw that out there. Please don’t do anything that might hurt Hoge’s and others’ efforts, especially not right on their blogs.

    • I was one called a concern troll for voicing similar concerns. Let me disabuse you of the notion that anyone here has done anything even remotely as heinous as the cabin boy has done to others. He regularly faildoxes his perceived enemies, her calls their employers, he publishes their home addresses and telephone numbers, he claims that doing so is somehow journalism. He is a sick man who if he would simply stop harassing others would not receive any flack-back whatsoever. The problem is he can’t help himself, he is a malignant troll who cannot help doing what he does… and worst of all he relishes the negative attention. It makes him feel important, instead of feeling impotent and unimportant he feels a rush of adrenaline every time he attacks, so that has become his sole, pathetic existence. Attacking, harassing, faildoxing, and being the recipient of no-contact orders. Sad.

      • Everything you say is most certainly true. I just think some of our efforts have become a little misdirected, a little unnecessary, given that Schmalfeldt is pretty much done with his own self-destruction.

      • No one is doxing Schmalfeldt. He is not anonymous. None of us are disclosing any of his private information. We’re not publishing his contact information or SSN.

        His military record is publicly available. A.B. has just gone to the trouble of asking for it, to compare to the statements and claims Schmalfeldt has made about his service. That the two don’t match is no one’s fault but Schmalfeldt’s, and while it speaks to his credibility as a man, it has nothing to do with his LOLsuit.

    • Let me restate this a bit.

      Over the past couple of years the Kimberlin/Schmalfeldt situation has morphed a couple of different ways.

      For one thing, Schmalfeldt is a done deal. Over the past year he has become so obsessed (focused?) and angry that he’s picking up court orders left and right. Now he’s facing contempt of court. He’s done. Hopefully, now he’ll leave Hoge alone and then Hoge won’t have to obtain any more peace orders.

      Another thing that’s morphed: Kimberlin going berzerk with the RICO madness, maybe as an attempt to hurt as many people as possible financially and legally, maybe as an attempt to find out who’s who so that he can try to hurt them in other ways. That’s what demented sociopaths do, what they focus on.

      Anyway, Kimberlin is the issue front and center. Schmalfeldt is just a sideshow that has played out. Doxing Schmalfeldt is like stomping on a dead snake.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt is not being d0xed.

        There is not an aspect of BS’s life that he has not willingly splattered and spewed ALL OVER the Internet.

        BS has willingly put forth military records, and numerous accounts of his military service.

        The information he has willingly shared and shared and shared and shared… is simply being verified.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt will be a “done deal” when he chooses to stop harassing, threatening, and stalking good and decent people on the Internet.

        And, again… Bill Schmalfeldt is NOT being d0xed.

      • Unfortunately he is NOT a dead snake. He is continuing to harass Mr. Hoge through abuse of the legal process: this latest suit, however farcical its legal theories, is still vexatious in purpose and effect.

        And quite frankly, I have no interest whether he is a dead or living snake. I want the snake to leave people alone. So long as he refuses to do so, he deserves all the mockery, all the contempt, all the sunshine he gets.

      • Ok. Mortally wounded snake? He probably still has some bite left in him, so yeah, no need to let our guard down. We’ll see how the contempt judgement turns out.

      • Perfectly stated, Jeff!

        Yeah. Bill Schmalfeldt is such a “done deal” and such a “dead snake” that he continues to add more and more people to his Harassment, Stalking, D0xing, and Vexatious Litigation Hit List.

        Heck. I’ve lost count as to how many people he has threatened and added Just. This. Past. Week!

        And, it’s not just Lickspittles he goes after. He’s faild0xed three, different, innocent people in the past few days — who I’d wager have NEVER even heard of him — thinking they were one of us. Bill Schmalfeldt is far from done.

        And, I say all of this with all due respect to Charles. I tend to agree with his take on issues far more times than not (and, his Twitter Attorney Bill Schmalfeldt comments crack me up!)… but, in my opinion he is pretty off base here.

      • Thanks for the feedback. Everything you’ve all noted is absolutely true, which is what started this whole thing – stating the truth. Nowdays it seems to require a lot of effort remain free to do that. Stating the truth.

    • Respectfully, I disagree. Not with your suggestion that we do nothing that might embarrass our host. But I cannot see that publishing BS’s military records is similar to calling a man’s wife a whore, to reporting or threatening people for child endangerment without evidence, etc. Indeed, all that could possibly be awkward for BS in making public the details of his military and government service, for which after all he was paid by the taxpaying public, is if some conclude that he has a tendency to embellish what even by his own telling is an utterly undistinguished career. Nothing has been disclosed that would hold him up to public obloquy or to any reasonably likely source of danger.

    • I know your heart is in the right place, Charles. Honest.

      But it seems to me that William set the ground rules of “public information isn’t doxxing.” It seems that he’s been doing it for a decade now. Certainly he can’t complain of being held to that same standard, can he?

      Okay, don’t answer that. We all know that he will. But that exposes a larger truth about character, and The Might Winter Lulzsuit is all about character.

      Why is that? Because William made it so. Something about reaping the whirlwind comes to mind.

  25. Off-topic: Looks like Lyin’ Williams is on an indefinite Leave of Absence until such time as he can return and be trusted once again.

  26. I posted my email on twitter for Bill to send…. whatever.

    I wonder what it will be:

    a. a virus?

    b. a trojan?

    c. some other executable software??

    d. nothing

    e. signing me up for spam?

    f. trying to dox me?????

    g. greeting card? (including subpoenas???)

    h. his DD 214 (ahahahahahahahahaahhahaahah……. yeah right)

    • I made the mistake of checking out Schmalfeldt’s site a few years ago. My desktop immediately picked up some form of asian syphilis. Never went back to that place again.

    • Heh. If you want a DD-214, I’ll send you mine. Real short-timer but I did get a NDSM and an honorable discharge. Then I disgraced myself about thirty years later. What a ridiculous fool I was!

    • LOL! That is fantastic, Neal! +1 for Team Free Speech!

      And, all the while Team Kimberlin goons just can’t seem to get enough of that Streisand Effect.

      I’ll be sure to help you out with some contributions moving forward if you’d like.

    • I may be able to help with the “whatnot,” but as I’m not familiar with WordPress aside from posting comments, I may be of little-to-no help with your formatting needs.

      But, hit me up in DM with what you’re looking for, and of course I’ll help if I’m capable of doing so.

  27. Some idiot with over 100 twitter identities

    100 x 1000 tweets each x 15 words eh = 1.5 million words written on the internet up to half of it about himself. Add in the 25,000 posts on XMFAN and 1500 pages of autobiographies and you have some guy talking about himself on the internet

    900,000 words in the bible
    1,500,000 written about himself on twitter and also about others
    500,000 on XMFan
    Plus the autobiographies

    You have the equivalent of 3 bibles of original material he volunteered to the world about himself

    3 whole every page different bibles


  28. Again, someone is using Bill’s name and tweeting just stupid stupid stuff…

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015

    Defamation, false light invasion of privacy, they both raise first amendment issues, thereby a federal question.

  29. oopsie poopsie

    Answered about 20 hours ago. You are allowed to sue someone that has a no contact order against you IF you have a valid cause of action.b> If it is frivolous then you could run yourself into trouble. And counsel is correct, you should not attempt to do this yourself without an attorney as you could also get yourself in trouble. You could elect, through counsel, to have service of process made by the sheriff’s office to prevent any accusations of wrongdoing. Consult counsel before doing anything.

    Whhooosie ooopsie poopsie:

    First, you should not be suing anyone who has a no contact order against you without a lawyer doing this for you, as you may very well violate the order acting on your own.

    • That was my first reaction. Especially if you HAVE NO real reason to sue, or if you are being a knothole by doing so. Not sure there’s a legal term “knothole” but there should be.

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