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popcorn4bkThe Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has filed another frivolous lawsuit, and he is trying to proceed in forma paupers. He should have considered 28 U.S.C. §§ 1915(a) and 1915(e) before doing so. See Nasim v. Warden, Maryland House of Corrections, et al., 64 F.3d 951, 953-955 (4th. Cir. 1995).

He also should have paid attention to Fed. R. Civ. P. 11(a).

UPDATE—Corrected a typo.

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  1. You presume to know better than the finest legal mind in Elkridge Trailer Park, legal capitol of the world, home of The Schmalfeldt Supreme Court?

    OK then.

    • Well, you would think that Schmalfeldt would at least know how to create a proper signature block by now. The judge will want an excuse to kick this craziness, and a violation of rule 11, by failing to sign and include all the information he is required to (address, phone, email, fax) will provide that excuse.

      Really, while I will be mindful not to educate Schmalfeldt, i will say this. i am 90% sure that Brett Kimberlin didn’t help him on this. Why? Because it is too incompetent even for Brett.

      The question is, of course, whether he will continue the suit beyond a week. Especially if the Carroll County Circuit Court finds he violated the peace order.

      • I would have to ask if anyone is in danger of losing this suit other than Bill Schmalfeldt?

        Brett Kimberlin has shown a way to proceed that I find promising: Bill Schmalfeldt is incompetent and needs a representative. By his own account he is suffering from Parkinson’s Dementia. By his own account, he has sat straining to defecate only to realize that feces had long ago fallen into the toilet. By his own account, he had to ask his wife if she sent that letter to John Hoge. If Mrs. Schamfeldt is the person who knows whether, or not, Bill Schmalfeldt wrote and had sent the letter in question, then Mrs Schmalfeldt serves as Bill Schmalfeldt’s memory bank, and, therefore, as him. She ought to conduct his case rather than him channel her hear-say testimony.

        Bill Schmalfeldt has noted that “no competent psychiatric authority” “has diagnosed him as… deranged.” That, I suggest, can be arranged.

      • Even if BK didn’t help him (and you make a short but good case there) it still looks almost like an homage to BK’s case. Right down to trying to unmask your critics (although unlike BK, BS managed to at least file against john does and not blogs.)
        And as far as strategy goes, dragging Hoge into it could be read as a tactical decision encouraged by someone else trying to distract our gracious host. Opening a new front as it were. Something that has (IIRC) been tried before.

  2. Reminder:

    Just because the repeatedly adjudicated harasser seems incapable of learning (even strongly opposed to the very idea of learning), doesn’t mean his handlers are incapable of figuring out (eventually) that one shouldn’t touch a hot stove.

    Please don’t educated his handlers.

  3. That’s not fair. Implications and imputations are mentioned in that ruling. You have to find something written in basic shapes and primary colors. Preferably in crayon.

  4. Among his many errors is one that is so basic that I think its intended to fail. Obviously a stalking horse to obtain the good Mr Krendler’s ID in emulation of his pedophile mentor’s failed attempt.

    He will be unsuccessful.

  5. Rules of procedure?we don’t need no stinking rules! Those are covered In the Thursday class…..

    • I like how Bill Schmalfeldt describes your avatar as, “SCHMALFELDT’s face with middle fingers extended on both hands.” A more accurate description would be “Schmalfeldt’s face and hands with middle fingers extended.” An even more accurate, and shorter, description would be, “Plaintiff flipping the bird with both hands.”

      • I particularly loved that section of his screed. I was all WTF? That’s a picture YOU took, Blob. Not photoshopped. Well, except for that blue line. But the actual picture? Accurate. Whatta maroon!

  6. Doesn’t Bill Schmalfeldt own the trailer in which he resides? And, isn’t it the case that Bill Schmalfeldt owns the copyright to a number of books, which, presumably, earn royalties?

    • “What’s that? Ah — royalties? Don’t talk about — royalties? You kidding me? Royalties? I just hope I can sell a book! Another book.”

      Apologies to Jim Mora.

  7. I think everyone here knows I am really upset by Brett Kimberlin’s crimes but I have to part ways with some of you when it comes to Bill Schmalfeldt, and a few of you needed to be called out for the way you’ve dealt with him.

    @epwj/Mayberryville/ Eric (if that is even your real name):
    I have repeatedly tried, in private, to get you to tone down your obsessive argumentation against Bill. You never listened. You have this nice guy act you pull out when you think it’s convincing but I don’t buy it anymore. While the lawsuit is, let’s say, not very well written, you surely must sympathize with someone who would lash out against you after all you’ve done. Also, a purely legal note. Yes technically what Bill recorded and wrote is legally considered illegal child porn under the statute. But you know what? Prosecutors have quite rightly ALWAYS exercised their discretion to ignore such TECHNICAL violations so they can go after ACTUAL child porn. You have been drastically overstating the legal dangers to Bill for too long, I guess to try to play psychological games with him, and you finally got called out on it. Well, that’s what you get.

    Howard Earl I tried warning you a long time ago. I don’t think he will probably win the suit but now your name is out in public drawing attention to what you’re doing and, honestly, you kind of deserve it. Stop what you are doing. I warned you and now you have this long legal document warning you. Yes it has legal defects but with regard to you, it does speak for itself, no?

    Hoge, well I LOVE what you’re doing to put a stop to Brett Kimberlin. You always have my thanks for that. But consider this lawsuit (ridiculous as some of it may be) as another reason to keep your focus on the stuff that matters, and keep it AWAY from supporting the above two guys. Even if the legal claims against you won’t stand as written, I suspect that can be fixed so they pose a real threat to you. And what’s the point anyway? It’s not worth it for you.

    Krendler… you’re another one I tried to warn. Yeah the filing has lots of problems with it but some of them are actually just technicalities that might be overcome, and because of your relentless pursuit of Bill I believe you are truly vulnerable. And you know what? So be it. I am just bored by your constant drum beating about Bill Schmalfeldt, who doesn’t really warrant it, and your failure to help do anything about Brett Kimberlin, who really matters here.

    Lesson finally learned, guys?

    There are others of you who have exposed yourselves to problems in much the same way. You know who you are. Take this whole suit as a revelation that you can’t just go on doing what you’re doing. I for one am tired of it.

    • I have to say that I have to question the ethics of pushing the buttons of an individual who may in fact be a full-blown nutter. That said, I have to say that your criticism doesn’t correspond to the world in which we live. In the world of ought, Bill Schmalfeldt ought to have been prosecuted for numerous offenses related to stalking and harassment. In the world that is, prosecutors say things like, “If you don’t want to be stalked, stay out of Maryland!” Bill Schmalfeldt’s lawyer, himself, attempted to present to the Court the viewpoint is that what is happening is just two old men in a “flame war.” Bill Schmalfeldt has subsequently claimed John Hoge’s charges against him were an unfair tactic from someone involved in a “flame war.”

      Well, if we take the “flame war” rhetoric seriously, then, I have to conclude that this is a “flame war” in which one of the parties was incinerated and is whining in response. When Bill Schmalfeldt stated his opinion that some folks would be a lot happier if they ever forgot Brett Kimberlin even existed, and, then proceeded to inflict as many petty indignities upon people as he could muster he created the very world for himself which he has attempted to create for others. Had Bill Schmalfeldt considered the proverb, “What goes around comes around,” he never would have embarked on the course that he has. If any of critics have done anything illegal, that is one thing. But, to say that they have done something immoral is a highly subjective claim at best.

      Look at Paul Krendler. What has he done? He has written some parodies that are clearly parodies. Bill Schmalfeldt will go no further than Jerry Falwell. What else has he done? He has created a clearing house were those vicitimized by Bill Schmalfeldt can exchange their accounts in preparation for going to the authorities with the best possible documentation. That, to me, is both playing by the rules, legally, and, praiseworthy, morally. And, at what cost has Paul Krendler acted? He has had fun.

      And, what of John Hoge? There is no there there in claims that John Hoge “abused process,” “maliciously prosecuted,” “conspired,” or “libeled [or its “false light” restatement]” him. Bill Schmalfeldt even admits that “section 230” is a complete defense. He just asks the Court to ignore that law. Bill Schmalfeldt’s complaints can’t be “perfected” because they simply aren’t there. Bill Schmalfeldt’s only hope is to survive MTD by obscuring the Truth.

      And, what of EPWJ? While Bill Schmalfeldt’s technical violations of the laws against producing child pornography may very well be ignored by prosecutors, Judges deciding libel cases are bound by those technical definitions when asked to consider truth as an absolute defense. After seeing the aftermath of Brett Kimberlin suing for defamation for being called a “pedophile,” you would think that Bill Schmalfeldt would have the good sense to not drive the question of whether he has technically violated child pornography laws to adjudication. Bill Schmalfeldt might not like that outcome.

      I haven’t followed the Bill Schmalfeldt story as much as the Brett Kimberlin story as much because I don’t find it interesting. Nor, do I consider Bill Schmalfeldt much of a threat. Nor, do I consider dealing with Bill Schmalfeldt much more than a waste of time. Certainly, dealing with Brett Kimberlin, or Neal Raushauser is much more worthwhile goal. We seem to agree on those points. But, others here seem to find the story interesting. Bill Schmalfeldt seems to be as much the person issuing the heckler’s veto on the internet as Brett Kimberlin is such a man in our courts of law. I could see how folks who use the internet could take his actions more personally, and, consider them more threatening to their personal liberties. I don’t see the point in criticizing people on your own side over such a difference of opinion.

    • He’s earned every inch of the crap that has been delivered to his door.
      Maybe you haven’t been on the receiving end enough to appreciate the FUN he can bring. With nary a cognitive connection and one verbal cue he solidly concluded I am some guy in Tampa and to this day tries to defame me by calling me a felon. I’m insulated from his taunt because it’s not me but he has a definite negative effect on every that holds the name I have adopted as pseudonym. I’ll se the day where he gets to be a felon fro real and never let him forget it. He needs to drummed off the net adn going all weak sister on us is not helping.;

      • For every person we know about–that has been subjected to harassment by BS–there are likely 2 to 3 or more that we do not know about. With serial offenders their are alway 2-3 times more victims than the known number.

    • Dude, when it comes to child porn, the community at large must be self policing. Wishcasting for the Blob to be locked up for something that is so shocking to the sensibilities of the community at large is nothing to be ashamed of, even with the extreme hyperbole that EPWJ employs. Frankly, he can keep doing for all I care. And you can take a flying leap as well.

    • Kudos ladies and gentlemen; all reasoned and thought out arguments for and against the prosecution of the case against Bill Schmalfeldt.

      The only fundamental issue that I will bring is that like his mentor, Bill Schmalfeldt is a censorious asshat who would compel the government to control speech he doesn’t like. I don’t like Howard’s techniques but he’s known Bill longer than most of us. From what I’ve seen, Bill is a bully and a sociopath with a serious cognitive malfunction and a complete inability to associate cause and effect in re the social repercussions of his public behavior.

      Inasmuch as Bill wishes to suppress the ability of most people to, as to paraphrase RSM, discredit Bill Schmalfeldt by quoting Bill Schmalfeldt; this must not stand.

      Those who would taunt a clearly mentally impaired person should re-examine their premises. I don’t condone bear-baiting.

      • Yeah, Howard does say some things I wouldn’t. None of them are actual causes of action, for the big BM, but as I can’t imagine wanting to live as someone as simultaneously contemptible, pathetic, and hilarious as Bill Schmalfeldt, I’d never encourage such a person to end it all.

        But that’s neither here nor there, since the big BM is obviously desperate to continue living as the big BM, unwilling to become the sort of person who wouldn’t deserve every bit of mockery that comes his way.

        “Some men, you just cain’t reach… So you get what we (have) here… which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you…”

        Or any less. That “complaint” is swesome in its ridiculousness.

    • Lesson finally learned, guys?

      The lesson that lawfare works (on at least some)? That lesson?

      I for one am tired of it.

      This is a free country. You are free to leave.

      • Given the way people around here accuse Cabin Boy of guilt by association and using him as a whipping boy for Kimberlin, is it any wonder Worthing was accused of claiming ‘corruption of blood’ wrt Kimberlin’s family?

      • I always wonder how Kimberlin can blithely allege in court papers that someone said x, when that some said so plainly the inverse of x. And I also wonder how a teeny little fellow trying to puff himself up wouldn’t at least *try* to learn what impute means and how it is properly used. I’m guessing it’s a schizophrenia spectrum personality disorder with organic dysfuncition that interferes with language ability. Perhaps a bad case of weasel-brain. One or the other.

    • Cease all communications with me, email, Twitter, DM’s or replies to my comments. No contact via any electronic means including telecommunications and all forms of written communication including the USPS, effective as of this comments timestamp.
      I’ll pray for your immortal soul and that you come to your senses.

  8. The complaint is more than technically flawed. It’s UN-amendable in essentials. So,
    It troubles me that “BK watch” adopts the language of Brett Kimberlin and whines of neaL Rauhauser in Ihis “call out”, because my early intuition suspected that poster, along with “Howard Earl”, are two ends of a sock both designed to draw out useful information or elicit specific claims or behaviors from others….social engineering. I’m always cautious about that, maybe overly so, but being circumspect about outliers you don’t know is rarely a mistake.

    Bill schmalfeldt has a wicked heart and a propensity to be vicious, and not all of that is the result of mental illness. Ken White at Popehat wrote the definitive piece on what drives the good works of Billl schmalfeldt. But His “schmycle” as it has been dubbed, is. He is demented. He has no insight let alone wish or ability to amend that can survive a quarter hour. He is supremely and pathologically selfish and self-absorbed in the way of a narcissist, obsessive, impulse driven, grandiose and even delusional, and IMO not only a line crossing harasser, but dangerous, as all mentally unstable people are, IMO.

    He’s both tool and liability for Kluster K, and they leverage his awfulness as best they can, without any real concern how things might turn out for him. The plot for BK is at a pinch point. Schmalfeldt can damage him.

    It isnt libel to say schmalfeldt produced kiddie porn, technically or otherwise. He did act out sex scenes between two minors. Pointing to the actual recordings and the statute, anyone is free to form the assessment that he is not only deprived, but guilty…and I do, having also noticed along with a lot of rational beings, that his “fantasy” pieces tend to have a sadistic and homoerotic component that he appears to be deriving pleasure from…that the work of fiction was something designed for his personal sexual gratification, and he had sadistic pleasure at the thought of others being exposed to his little plays.

    • IIRC, there was also the matter of a picture of our host as a minor that was photoshopped into a degrading sexual encounter. That one is a little more straightforward.

  9. I am kind of astonished that someone would write to a judge, “hey, this guy is bad for saying I am producing child pornography when I only wrote….”

    That is supposed to be convincing?

    No takebacks on that.

  10. He filed this in Federal Court? This one is easy to deal with, at least for one of the defendants. Once he is out, the others should have an easy time as well.

  11. Mr. Hoge,

    I have a suggestion for future references to the United States Code and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Creating hyperlinks for these legal citations is pretty easy. For the U.S. Code, the generic URL for the link can be constructed from the following, which I maintain as an AutoText entry: In this instance, the title is 28 and the section is 1915, so the URL for 28 U.S.C. § 1915 is .

    The generic form for a link to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is as follows: To make a link to a particular rule, you just add the rule number to the end of the URL. The URL for Rule 11 would be as follows:

  12. Three conclusions that might be derived from Schmalfeldt’s failure of a legal action:

    Kimberlin doesn’t care what happens to Schmalfeldt, as long as whatever Schmalfeldt does is useful for Kimberlin.

    Schmalfeldt doesn’t care what happens to Schmalfeldt, as long as whatever Schmalfeldt does is useful for Kimberlin.

    Schmalfeldt admires a convicted sociopathic bomber, forger, and perjurer who associates with a convicted child pornographer.

  13. What accusation is that? Is BS mentioned by name where this accusation is made? Is said “accusation” made in a factual piece if he is mentioned by name? The answer to both questions is “no,” so I have to wonder why BS and Willy are spending so much time on this. Is it part of any pleading or contempt hearing? No. I, for one, want to add that it was very kind of BS to show the world how he, oops, I mean someone, is “forging” evidence. All those tweets, saved for posterity, will make useful exhibits.

      • The issue at hand is whether, or not, Bill Schmalfeldt left the message, not how he left the message. Whether the caller used his home phone, a pay phone, a VOIP phone, Skype, a cell phone, a pre-paid cellphone, a home phone over cellular network phone, or proxy service such as “prank dial dot com” doesn’t matter.

        It is interesting to ask how a third party possibly could know about a call place to the Hoge residence. One possibility is that he doesn’t. The claim may be misinformation. Another possibility is that they knew the source of the call, and, therefore, the where, when, and how of the call.

        Also interesting is how William A. Furguson could appear to be referencing the contents of a message submitted at 1:51PM that was still awaiting moderation at 2:21PM?

      • BigSkyBob: “Also interesting is how William A. Furguson could appear to be referencing the contents of a message submitted at 1:51PM that was still awaiting moderation at 2:21PM?”

        Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (or sock puppet).


    @sub_aetha: @WhoIsNumberNone @weltschmerz2015 All BKW did was call out some folks for their douchebaggery.
    2/5/15, 1:42 PM

    Is “douchebaggery” the same thing as Libel Per Se?
    Is “douchebaggery” the same thing as False Light Invasion of Privacy?
    Is “douchebaggery” the same thing as Abuse of Process?
    Is “douchebaggery” the same thing as Malicious Prosecution?
    Is “douchebaggery” the same thing as Obstruction of Justice?
    Is “douchebaggery” the same thing as Unlawful Interference with Business Relationships?
    Is “douchebaggery” the same thing as Conspiracy?
    Is “douchebaggery” the same thing as Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress?

    Asking for a friend.

  15. Doesn’t everyone find it interesting that BS gets a mysterious email with no name, and he blames Hoge’s son, and then he claims that a letter is forged, and he blames Hoge, and then he claims that a phone call was faked, and he blames Hoge, and all of this was preceded by tweets suddenly asserting that there was a “shit-stirrer” out there who was causing all the problems? I find that very interesting. Prescient, you might say.

  16. Anyone out there know the general timeframe for a judge to evaluate evidence in a contempt of court case and issue a judgement? My popcorn is getting low. Might have to visit the Hogewash store and order more.

    • What’s telling is that Schmalfeldt tries to downplay your significance, then spins around and screams, “SOMEONE GIVE ME READER1!”

  17. Bill Schmalfeldt
    And that’s me being nice.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    6:26 PM – 5 Feb 2015

    Oh right, the “sterling character” that you’re going to tell a jury all about! Is that it?


    Schmalfeldt is melting down from desperation. Either that or he’s drunk. Maybe he’s just worried that none of his friends will give him a ride to the county lockup.

  19. And now Schmalfeldt has protected his twitter account again. That was a very brief, very intense, very bizarre Schmeltdown. I wonder what it means? Is he losing it?

  20. I just got here and won’t have time to read all to catch up – apologies if this has already been noted.

    It’s good to have an idea of how A Reader #1 got to be so intelligent. Apparently, A Reader #1 is able to swipe IQ points from others just by standing near them.

    Seriously – the adjudicated stalker and harasser Bill Schmalfeldt, of Elkridge, MD, said so (quoted below), so you know that unlike the constant lies that usually come out of his ugly maw, and despite his admitted dementia and his own admission that his words can’t be trusted; and unlike the so-ridiculous-it-has-to-be-a-joke-because-no-one-can-really-be-that-stoooopid idiocy that he usually spews, this must be true.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 58m 58 minutes ago

    Standing next to A Reader #1 will cause your IQ to drop 1 point for every 15 seconds you are exposed to him.

    What I’m curious about is how A Reader #1 was able to tolerate standing near the disgusting freak with multiple restraining/peace orders slapped on him from multiple states, Bill Schmalfeldt, for so many minutes seconds that the moron who looks like a walking penis, Bill Schmalfeldt, now appears to have a negative IQ.

    Considering that Bill Schmalfeldt is so vile and repugnant that he’s been banned from The Daily KOS and most other places anyone would ever want to be online, it must have been difficult for A Reader #1 to stand there long enough to absorb his entire IQ.

    Bad break for the repeated cuckold, abject failure at life whose own kids (like virtually everyone else), want nothing to do with him, to not only have lost any intelligence he may have had, but to lose it to someone he hates so much, A Reader #1.

    Yes, of course, that hatred is motivated by jealousy. At bottom, all of the massive and many hatreds of the loser whose wife gets mad at him for crying, Bill Schmalfeldt, are motivated by jealousy. Because even though A Reader #1 was cruel enough to leave the poor freak with a negative IQ, even he’s smart enough to know what an abject FAILURE he is, in any way one would choose to measure a man. But he’s not a man, is he? And the whining crybaby knows that too.

  21. If he posts video of himself biting the head off a chicken tomorrow, my reaction is going to be “Oh. Right. Stands to reason.” I was going to say he never ceases to amaze, but that’s not true, it’s no longer amazing to see him hit new heights of stupid every time he pops out of his hole. I’ve actually become jaded to it, and I expect tomorrow to be straight out of a carnival geek show.

  22. I’m wondering if the signatures on Bill’s DD-214’s will match also. Well they will be in my mailbox soon enough.

    And I do wonder if the DD-214’s match all the other Navy records that were FOIA’d. Because so far none of those documents are matching what Captain “Butt” Crunch of the Pedo-Navy has been saying… for years apparently. It’s been a LOOOOOOOONG read and I actually had to pay money for documents ($160 for the Navy and DoD FOIA’s amounting to 350+ pages and pictures!) and I think the stamp was $0.49 or so to NPRC for your DD-214 and units of assignment. But damn it all…. Bill’s sea stories (bullsh*t to land lubbers) just seem to fall apart in the face of historical evidence. It’s almost like his natural inclintion is to lie, lie, lie.

    Bill. Bill. Bill…. disability separation? Tsk. Tsk.

    And you say you served on the USS Midway? Really? And in what capacity again? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Are you sure you may not want to walk some…. claims…. back a bit? There’s so many so you might as well start covering your trail…. not that the internet is forever (I love that Barbara Streisand song).

    Beirut? “What’s a FOIA’d operational record from Task Force 61? What’s a FOIA’d manifest for the USS Coronado and the LCU that made the run? What’s a FOIA’d commanders assessment pre- and post- operation? Where was the Marine unit you were assigned to ACTUALLY at during the operation? (I can tell you they for damn sure were not on an LCU headed to Beirut)”

    What do DoD Directive 1308.1 (June 1981), OPNAVINST 6110.1A (1980) and OPNAVINST 6110.1B (1982) have to do with Bill’s military history? Among some other amusing anecdotes…

    Oh I do love following paper trails! And it makes such interesting reading especially when compared to all the stuff you write on the internet about your bullsh*t military adventures. You’re career was a plain jane honorable one… for the most part… but yohave to go shooting your fat mouth off about sh*t and think no one will follow up on. Well someone is following up on it.

    And it’s gonna be a doozy when it hits the screens.

    Fair winds and following seas crotchweasel.

    PS. Before you go whinning to mommy google United States vs. Alvarez it will save you some time banging your fingers against a keyboard uselessly.

    • And we know this because, iirc, during the “pity me” part of one of his many schmycles, he described his typical day. He has virtually no human contact outside of his caretaker providing him meals, according to his own description. He just sits there and stares at his computer, according to his own description.

      No wonder he’s so bitter, angry and full of hate. I would be too if I was such a total failure.

      It must be very difficult to live with having someone telling the entire interwebs every time he craps himself, and ever other indignity and failure he suffers. Since he doesn’t have the self-control to stop doing that to himself, he must lash outward. So he blames…


  23. 2 hours and his Twitter feed is still up and not protected?

    Bill, I hope you’re ok? You didn’t warble garble so bad that you had a heart attack did you??? Bill can you hear me? Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!



    Oh those poor firemen…. I hope they have a crane or something…. a front end loader? Lift with the knees boys! Lift with the knees!

  24. “Some people got to learn the hard way, I guess.”

    Every once in a while, a flash of self awareness is…wasted on him.

    Cousin Bill, I’m gonna write a country-western song in your honor when you are gone, titled, “Cousin Bill – cain’t larn me nothing!”

    A boom box, and a six pack o’ Schlitz, and we’ll have ourselves a graveside party!

    Don’t be late!

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