Blogging May Be Slow Today

I’m sitting in a hospital family waiting area. Mrs. Hoge is having surgery to repair a compression fracture in her spine.

UPDATE—She is out of surgery and in the recovery area. The surgeon says that the operation when well.

UPDATE 2—She’s awake from the anesthesia and has been moved to a private room. She thanks everyone for their good wishes and prayers.

42 thoughts on “Blogging May Be Slow Today

  1. Mr. Hoge, I’ve been through something similar in my family. Prayers coming your way. Very important to have top notch PT and a good pain management program in place.

  2. remember – don’t hug her tight when she’s wheeled out of the operating room – best wishes – God Speed Connie!

  3. Best wishes to Mrs. Hoge and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    And for good measure, to the inevitable, vile commenters of TK who will never get out of moderation, a hale and hearty GFY!

  4. Thank you Heavenly Father for guiding the surgeon’s hands. Please, we beseech you send your healing spirit upon your servant Mrs. Hoge; in Jesus’ name we pray.

    • Amen, Cousin Roy. I second your prayerful sentiments.

      Godspeed, Mrs. Hoge. And, may God bless our Gentle Host as he cares for his lovely wife during her recovery and healing.

  5. I could make some joke about some spineless pro se paedo bomber, but I won’t.
    Instead I wish Mrs. H a speedy and complete recovery.

  6. Glad to hear the surgeon said it was a success – hope she has little postop pain and can get back to her busy rewarding life

  7. Dear John,

    I am praying for Connie and for you as her caretaker. Remember that Jesus is always with us in our suffering.

    Sending my best wishes for a full and complete recovery!

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