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Here’s another example of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin including an exhibit with a filing that refutes his own allegation. First, the allegation from his opposition to Aaron Walker’s and my motions to dismiss his first amended complaint for the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 29-41That’s from the second paragraph numbered 41 in his first amended complaint.

Now, here is the relevant part of his Exhibit Z. Notice that Aaron goes to great length to explain why Miss Kimberlin should not be held accountable in any way for Brett Kimberlin’s activities.ECF 29-ExZpopcorn4bkTDPK lost his Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit because he couldn’t produce any evidence to support his case. In the RICO Madness he’s one-upping himself by presenting evidence that supports the defendants.


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  1. He’s either hoping the court won’t read his ‘supporting’ documents, or declaring his daughter to be fully involved in his nefarious activities.

  2. You would have to be a manipulative cynic to take away from Aaron’s post the implication that by saying she should not be judged by the sins of the father he is saying that, wink wink, she should be judged by the sins of the father.

    • Indeed.

      And, a very sickening aspect of it all is that based on the domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s demonstrated character (or, lack thereof) I’d wager he would like nothing more than for his self-created enemies to treat his daughter as if she were fair game for destruction.

      Such behavior would go a long way toward supporting the victim narrative that the Evil Elf is so horribly fond of creating for himself.

      Unfortunately for the little creep, those he has opted to go up against are individuals of solid character. BK’s bogus claim is projection at its finest as he most certainly relishes and partakes in vile attacks on others’ family members.

      #Sick #Loser

    • I don’t think Brett Kimberlin grasped any notion of “she should not be judged by the sins of the father.” He simply read what he wanted to read.

  3. Kimbie simply can’t comprehend why the court takes his rambling, poorly constructed scribblings different from when he was a federal convict. The court bends over backwards to show the convict tolerance and give the benefit of the doubt precisely because the convict lacks resources. As a citizen outside, Kimbie doesn’t get these benefits, and howls like a six month old when he doesn’t get this bend over backwards treatment.

    There’s no intelligence or reasoning here. Like his father, the father of Lies, this is all about Kimbie and his Veruca Salt Complex — “I want it NOW!!!”

  4. Yes, the power of and.

    The daughters should not be held accountable for the actions of the father.

    But if they contribute by going up into court and lying? Well, that would be on them, wouldn’t it?

    They act like a crime family.

    RICO. It’s not just a projection in Egypt. Or something.

    • Speaking as a mother of a child who is VERY much in the same sort of position as the young Ms. Kimberlin, I urge you to realize the level of the psychological control her father holds over her. He has brainwashed her from the day she was born. He has taught her that even if she knows he lies, she HAS to believe him. Her very existence depends upon it. Because if he were to turn his psychosis upon HER? Oh the devastation it would wreak on her, someone who is in the most vulnerable position of all.

      I understand your cyncism and sense of justice. But please for the love of God I beg you to be more forgiving of a child in a world unlike any that you have ever known. My daughters have lived this life. I have lived this life. Only within the last year did I have the strength to free myself. And I only just managed to break my oldest daughter free from it. My other is still in psychological bondage. It rips my heart out on a daily basis.

      My youngest would go to court and lie for her father, yes. And I would forgive her every time she did because I know what compulsion she is under. She is not yet strong enough to break free. But I’ll be there for her when she does so that we can cry and heal together. I pray for Tetyana’s sake and for her girl’s sake that the same happens sooner rather than later for them.

      • I feel for you. I pray God continues to give you strength (and comfort!) to get through this nightmare, and that He protects both of your children. I can’t wrap my mind around the very idea, much less how difficult this is for your entire family, being especially painful to you and your oldest.

        As a decent person and a good mom, of course you’ll continue to forgive your younger daughter. At some point, however, it seems that you have to consider the greater good, and be sure that forgiving the younger for coerced but to some degree deliberate acts doesn’t create unreasonable harm for your oldest.

        Right now, it appears your youngest is an extension of your ex, not unlike the tiny terrorist’s oldest may act as an extension of him. (I can’t think of any specific instances for the latter.) They’re both being molded in the image of their sperm donor* and without some intervention, or incentive to make the changes necessary to become a healthy adult, that’s likely what they’ll become.

        TL;DR – Of course children should be given special dispensation, and the respondents have shown great compassion. However, at some point, forgiveness should be withheld until it’s asked for.

        *Some really don’t deserve the respect due to those who’ve earned the title of father or dad.

        • Thank you Jane. It is only through the grace of God that I have gotten this far. My oldest understands far too well the compulsion her sister is under. Until she was able to realize what her father was doing, the level of hate she held for me leaving him – and by extension her and her sister – was unreal. But it was a reflection of what he felt for me, and she now knows it and has asked for forgiveness for it. Some day her sister will reach the same conclusion. And honestly I pray that their father comes to a realization of what he has done. Because unlike the tiny terrorist, my husband is a decent person underneath his need to control others. He has a warm and giving heart. If God allowed the scales to fall from his eyes about his behavior, the glory that would be had. It makes me cry thinking about it. I pray that that day does come as well.

          Brett Kimberlin’s manipulation of his children, especially in the realm of their mother, and also in the matter of this lawsuit, is reprehensible. He will find that his punishment for this kind of abuse will be astronomical when the time comes for his balance sheet with God to be reconciled. God will be far more forgiving to those girls, especially if their eyes are opened to what is going on around them. At some point it does become their fault, however I firmly believe that that level has yet to be reached. My situation mirrors that of their mother in far too many ways for me not to understand what is going on in that home. And it makes my stomach twist in knots just thinking about it.

      • I feel for you. I pray God continues to give you strength (and comfort!) to get through this nightmare, and that He protects both of your children.
        I echo Jane in this.
        God bless you and your children.

        • Thank you so much Paul. It is only through God’s grace that I have made it this far. He provides so much more than we deserve. We are blessed.

          • As a man who knows what falling from grace does to a life, I have been blessed by God’s forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ.
            To accept my faults, sins and crimes and begin the road of redemption was only possible through Him. I have been truly blessed and I praay that you and yours are doubly blessed and have grace poured out upon you through the power of the Holy Spirit.
            Please pray for me, a sinner.

      • I believe the words of Matthew are appropriate here, I like The Message translation:

        6-7 “But if you give them a hard time, bullying or taking advantage of their simple trust, you’ll soon wish you hadn’t. You’d be better off dropped in the middle of the lake with a millstone around your neck. Doom to the world for giving these God-believing children a hard time! Hard times are inevitable, but you don’t have to make it worse—and it’s doomsday to you if you do.

      • I will certainly pray again and again for your family, ashterah. That you not only see your ex as redeemable, but are willing to express it, proves you are a good person/parent. At this stage in the proceedings, it’s not all that common to be able to focus on the positives, and work toward good things for one’s family. Very good on you.

        Stress and anguish are inherent in your circumstances. Any time you’d like to vent, please don’t hesitate to contact me on twitter.

        May God bless and keep you and yours, ashterah.

      • Perhaps our kind and gracious host should consider moving the above exchange to a different thread so that those who are interested could continue to discuss there without tying up this thread?

      • I hope I didn’t give the impression I would believe kimberlin if he was claiming his daughter to be fully cognizant and involved in his various and nefarious deeds. I just meant that I had no doubt he would attempt to spread blame in such a way.

      • God bless, ashterah. The heart just breaks.

        Your strength, compassion, and understanding for your daughter’s predicament is precisely what she needs for the day her eyes are opened to this monster disguised as her father.

        Prayers for you and your children, ash. And, continued prayers for the domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s children. The sheer evil that defines this creature is astounding and beyond disgusting.

    • THIS.

      I have thought more times than I can count that BK and BS are unbelievably fortunate they are dealing with a man like our Gentle Host.

      Whereas he affords them no quarter, he has approached and challenged their lawless, destructive, and harassing efforts with character and much respect for the system and for justice.

      MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more than could ever be said for the domestic terrorist and his rectal mouthpiece — and, their blatant disgust for the system and blindingly apparent disregard for laws and the truth.

      • In this case, I would refer to a more modern author, Frank Herbert; specifically the bene gesserit Gaius Helen Mohiam as she addresses Paul’s mother, “…for the Father; nothing.”

      • A lesser man might have taken violent action. I hope nobody here would do that. I am not so sure that Team Kimberlin will avoid pushing the wrong guy’s buttons one day. Not a threat — just an observation that TK only picks on the lawful.

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