Pinky and the Brain in Space?

NGC4676 smallThe Mice Galaxies are two spiral galaxies in the constellation Coma Berenices. They’re about 290 million light-years away and are in the process of colliding and merging. Their name refers to the long tails produced by tidal action—the relative difference between gravitational pulls on the near and far parts of each galaxy. The colors of the galaxy are peculiar. In the upper galaxy (NGC 4676A, to the right in the photo), a core with some dark markings is surrounded by a bluish-white remnant of spiral arms. The tail is unusual, starting out blue but ending in a more yellowish color. The beginning of each arm in virtually every other spiral galaxy starts yellow and fades to blue. The lower galaxy (NGC 4676B, to the left) is more normal, with a yellowish core and two arcs; its arm remnants underneath are bluish as well.

Image Credit: NASA

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