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I have @WhoIsNumberNone blocked on Twitter, but occasionally his handle shows up in my time line because he’s been @mentioned in the same tweet I have. That happened today and led me to finding this exchange.ku201501302056ZZing!

Kimberlin Unmasked got in another good one with this observation in a post yesterday evening:

We understand that Brett was in the courtroom during Mr. Bill’s contempt hearing. It’s a shame that Brett’s being unable to testify in Maryland courts because of his perjury conviction prevented Mr. Bill from using him as an expert witness on forgery.


UPDATE—A zombie shares his thoughts on the matter.

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  1. Pingback gratefully accepted!

    Because even though I have been blogging for less than a year, I understand how the Internet works. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. It’s a cooperative thing at it’s core, and for the booger-crunching, bootlicking bungboil, with his dozens of blogs and hundreds of Twitter accounts, to pretend otherwise is the very height of stupidity.

    • A simple blood test can determine whether he is full of crap or not

      Hey he forged a complete passage by me onto the jacket of one of his books and refused to remove it, thereby establishing forever that he will resort to criminal conduct, including theft of material wholesale. and making up material

      I was really glad that Vanderbilt followed up that they are watching and investigating him.

      • It sure seems like someone is getting his jollies by framing members of the Hoge family. Obviously, said person is not Christian: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

      • A little of both…I’m reading a novel right now by Christopher Moore which is set among Shakespearean characters, and many insults are flung. But this is original, while definitely in the spirit.

  2. Given the unfortunate events of Bill forging a forged letter by himself to John – the following is being transmitted on Monday to the NIH – Bills last real employer:

    TWere you aware of any child porn manufacturing activities while Mr. Schmalfeldt was employed at the NIH?

    Are you aware that Mr. Schmalfeldt routinely mentions his employment at the NIH in the marketing of his child rape fantasy audio CD’s?

    Are you aware that he has confessed to forging reviews on his books some of which mention the NIH and contain graphic and sexually explicit material?

    Are you aware that a NIH employee has allegedly endorsed Mr. Schmalfeldts books?

    To your knowledge has Mr. Schmalfeldt forged any employment documents?

    To your knowledge were you aware of his violating his military duties while reportedly having gay sex on stage in uniform in Japan and then writing about it?

    To your knowledge has he ever embellished or outright made up stories and units he served with as he reportedly said he was hired as a veteran?

    Are you aware that he is not totally disabled? That he routinely writes volumes of material, produces hundreds of hours of podcast and audio material and is able to get around with a minimum of assistance?

      • Personally, I blame HOOOOOOGGGGGGEEEEEE!!1! for the Black Death, the burning of the library at Alexandria, the Hindenberg, the Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, and my 7th birthday party which was ruined when all the kids came down with chicken pox that week.

        All it would take is a time travel machine. Except that last one, maybe. It’s all so obvious. And nefarious. Or nefarious and obvious.

      • Now that you mention it I have in fact seen discarded hot dog wrappers and empty mayo jars (and the occasional Fro-Yo cup) at each of those sites.
        Didn’t think much of it at the times.

      • The Firefly thing… yeah, no. Not even our humble host is *that* evil.

        I’m pretty sure he may have had something to do with the demise of “The Facts of Life,” though.

  3. So did anyone notice as soon as the Zombie posted his blog last night that back in the hidey hole the feldtdown went? Criminals got be criminals . Oh please dear god . Someone tell me someone saved the heavy flow charts from last night?

    • Look, I’m not suggesting that the freakshow has any brain cells that function, especially that function in a way that is helpful to himself. However, it is possible that some heretofore dormant survival instinct kicked in, and he somehow realized that Aaron, being a real lawyer who went to law school, may know more about the law than his excellent “friend” who went to prison.

      After the idiotic display encouraged by his puppeteers yesterday, someone may have explained to him that if the judge was inclined to do nothing, it would have likely happened yesterday, not at some future date.

      How funny would it be if the end result is the court didn’t initially want to jail him, but his insistence on a purge swayed the court into exactly that result? Does anyone believe his caretaker will be in a big hurry to pay the fine to get him released? bwahahaha

      • Poor BK the chiseler will have to part with some postage money – forsaking BS could be a very expensive gamble.

      • Of course, BK can try to instruct his pal in the old ” forge your own release order” gambit – as he once did, hiding rolodex cards to thwart double-checking, and forging all necessary signatures

  4. Beleagured by Morons @weltschmerz2015 · 11m 11 minutes ago
    This should come as no great surprise.

    Only to people are too stupid to understand that there’s a difference between page views and comments.

  5. There is one loose end that I would appreciate someone tying up for me. Where is Bill Schmalfeldt’s beloved tub of horsesh#t? Is it now State’s evidence, or, has it been returned to take its place as the centerpiece of his shrine of victimization?

    • He submitted a photograph of it into evidence during the motion to dismiss. He also submitted the actual prisoner costumer into evidence. I guess he’s attached to the tub o shit since he didn’t part with the actual item.

      BTW, can anyone come up with even a tangential reason that either of those items would be valuable evidence in his motion to dismiss? He claims he always leaves Hoge alone and then someone sends him those things. Of course they didn’t come from John so I’m not sure what his point was supposed to be. Person A sent me something so of course I had to go back to harassing Person B.

  6. So Willie Ferguson wants to maintain that the simpler explanation is that the letter is forged rather than Schmalfeldt is stupid.
    Willie needs to change his handle to @Sub-Moron.
    I’ll bet William of Occam would have a use for that razor if could see all the maroons who abuse it.

  7. A Reader #1 wrote: “It sure seems like someone is getting his jollies by framing members of the Hoge family.”

    IIRC — The Big BM has expressed in no uncertain terms that he strongly desires for our Gentle Host to suffer, and for John to pay dearly for Blob’s Stage Eleventy PD symptoms.

    Based on the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s history of lawless behavior, and his proclivity for demented antics, I am of the opinion that BS will stop at nothing until he feels he has accomplished as much.

  8. According to my calendar, it is most assuredly AFTER the 30th. Why is The Big BM’s Twitter account still active?

    Oh. That’s right. BIG, FAT LIAR per always.

  9. Matt Osborne needs to show proof that both his parents have PhD’s, believe me that is highly unusual and would have come up by now

    Oh and Matt Osborne is on record supporting child rapists, terrorists, and makers of audio child porn marketed for resale.

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