In Re a Show Cause Hearing

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt filed a motion to cancel the show cause hearing scheduled for this morning to determine whether he will be found in contempt for violation of the current peace order against him. Yesterday, I filed this opposition to his motion.

The hearing is on the morning docket in the Circuit Court for Carroll County.

48 thoughts on “In Re a Show Cause Hearing

  1. Again, the contrast is tremendous.

    Short, simple, factual, easy to follow and understand; v. long, rambling, angry, wrong.


    pleading v. screed

  2. Should redact BS address in service block, John. No reason other than the niceties to be polite to him, but you have observed them scrupulously up ’til now much to your credit.

  3. you can also compare johns serene dignified calm photos and contrast it with my avatar that Bill took and bothered to send to me personally

  4. Since now he can’t claim he’s dying from exposure Bill will probably start saying that he’s melting.

  5. Thanks for the support, everyone. I was concerned I may be going off the deep end. It’s very scary to catch oneself doing anything even approaching schmalfeldtian proportions.

  6. John’s auto-tweet about the noon “pondering” post was just cruel.

    Joking, of course, but I did sit straight up when I saw he tweeted something. hahaha @ me

  7. I hope he had the sense to get an attorney. It’s one thing to say I unthinkingly erred and I’m sorry and I acknowledge I must restrict my use even of automated services that send messages from my blog while the no-contact order is in place. It’s another to falsely claim he did not understand such a message would be sent in the first place. Another to claim he has no obligation to customize settings on his blog in order to avoid communication or notices sent on his behalf to Mr Hoge. If he gets caught in a flat lie, or tries to argue he has a right to use a wordpress feature that sends messages, he could end up with more than warning this time.

  8. Top of page 2: “The instant peace order was issued with proper regard for Petitioner’s due process rights.”

    Should that not be “The instant peace order was issued with proper regard for Respondent’s due process rights”?

    The back and forth, file and reply sometimes confuses me.

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