In Re a Contempt Hearing

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s contempt hearing is over. Judge Stansfield wishes to review the evidence and the docket before ruling. He will issue a written opinion.

I’ll have more to say after I get some lunch. Also, a couple of Lickspittles attended the hearing and may have some comments of their own.

BTW, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin was also in the galley.

UPDATE—There was an interesting change in the Cabin Boy’s™ defense strategy. In previous hearings and trials he admitted to various writings, claiming that he had every right to send them in spite of any peace order. This time he claimed that the letter I received over his signature was a forgery.weltschmerz2015|201501301823ZI don’t believe that the Cabin Boy™ proved that the letter was a fraud. I made no such stipulation. (When TDPS was unable to find a copy of a blog post I made containing a copy of his peace order petition against Patrick Grady, I stipulated to the fact that I had made such a post. I made no other stipulation during the hearing.)

This change of strategy from a sorta/kinda First Amendment defense of his stuff to lying about sending it may mean that he’s figured out that there really might be real world consequences for his action.

Oh, and Team Kimberlin has already picked up on his forgery claim.TK201301301907ZForgers gotta forge?

I wouldn’t know. One of the convictions that make up Brett Kimberlin’s 51+ year aggregate sentence was about forging government documents. His sentence isn’t up, so he’s on unsupervised parole now. He’s admitted to forging a summons in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. He admitted altering a Certified Mail green card in the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. case. Perhaps he would be a better person for Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson to ask.

UPDATE 2—Army Vet was one of the Lickspittles who attended the hearing, and he has written a good summary of the action. It’s in the comment section.

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    • Given the fact that the Chief Judge could assign safely this case to Caption Obvious, I wonder what the decision to issue a written decision means.

      I can think of few possibilities. The first is that the Judge wants to throw the book at Bill Schmalfeldt for openly threatening John Hoge’s job and family. He might be checking if he has the authority to punish actions committed after the date of the Show Cause Order. He may have decided to lay down to Bill Schmalfeldt the Riot Act, and wants it in writing so that Bill Schmalfeldt cannot plead ignorance ever again. It could mean he wants the case to go away, and, he is searching for a legal basis to justify that decision.

      I’m not optimistic.

  1. If onr of the lickspittles could tell BK that BKWatch BEGGED you to pass on the following to him, i’d be deeply obliged:

    1. That I warn him to preserve the resale value of that Prius since it belongs to Sandra DeLong.
    2. Ask him if he’s romancing any 10 year old girls right now.
    3. Ask him if he’s murdered any underaged girlfriends grandma… lately.
    4. Ask if he is setting up bombs in hopes of using them to distract law enforcement from his crime spree.

    • Oh gee who could have forged his letter (if it was really forged, and not just sent elsewhere by “courier”, to be dropped in a box.) Bill doesn’t know ANYONE who is used to forging mail and other documents on a regular basis.

      • If you didn’t send that letter yourself, Bill, maybe you ought to consider THAT IT WAS SENT – consider who is intervening on your behalf and whether it might be friendly fire from someone you thought had your interests at heart.

      • I’m with you, Onlooker – IF it wasn’t sent directly by the cyberstalking freakshow, it was with his knowledge, consent, and assistance. But I think he sent it himself, thinking it would be considered “legal correspondence” and he could make threats with impunity.

      • The question isn’t who “sent” the letter. The question is who wrote the letter. If Bill Schmalfeldt wrote the letter, he is in contempt, even if he went to the expedient of having a third party place the letter in an envelop and/or mailbox.

        If someone else wrote the letter, then I would suggest that a felony has occurred. Given the quickness, apparently, in which Bill Schmalfeldt contacted the authorities over a prank, it would seem that he would be doubly interested in contacting postal inspectors, and, local law enforcement to report this alleged criminal impersonation.

        I’m reminded of Anthony Weiner’s response to an alleged unlawful access to his facebook account, and, subsequent posting of his “junk.” One commentator noted that had Weiner been making up this story, it would be the crime of filing a false police report for him to claim so to law enforcement, but, if his claim was truthful, reporting the crime could only help sped up the apprehension of the guilty party. The reporter then noted that as of that date Anthony Weiner had not filed such a report.

      • Exactly – and if the cyberstalker had ever just stopped, as he was repeatedly asked to do, the freakshow could have gotten out at any time before being slapped with a peace order.

    • Today just HAD to be the day that our host decided he wanted roast pork for lunch, even though it meant he had to dig a pit first…

  2. The only thing I will speculate on today, is that there is a Prius in Maryland with even saggier springs on the passenger side today. Uber for goobers.

    • For appearing at a public place? That the PUBLIC is allowed to attend? That’s called harassment and stalking. Just saying you little felonious felon in the making MJ. What a piece of turd he is. SMH

  3. Right on cue, his “friends,” Wee Willy, xcitizen10, and Janovic are whipping him up to shoot himself in the foot, yet again.

    • Does anyone know what Matt Janovic’s connection to all this is? He’s involved himself in Kimberlin matters for years (longer than I have been around, for sure) but I don’t get why he even cares about it. And the remarks of his I have read tend to be full of ignorance or misinformation.

      • “the remarks of his I have read tend to be full of ignorance or misinformation.”

        That statement pretty much sums up all of Team Pedophile, and Progressives, or Democrats or whatever they are calling themselves today

      • Well, let’s look at some comparisons.

        Neal was interested in Brett’s issues because Brett hired him. Neal transmitted lots of misinformation, which is deliberate and almost always trivially traceable to BK himself (Neal’s spin on Brett was actually not very creative and original and typically just repeated Brett’s lines through other peoples’ mouths).

        Matt Osborne is reasonably informed, usually knows the truth, and lies because, I suppose, he wishes American political discussion were less like a town hall meeting and a little more like an early 1990s Rwandan ethnic conflict. Additionally, Breitbart Unmasked was an attention getting platform for Matt Osborne to use so when Brett instructed Matt and other underlings to go attack Brett’s enemies, Matt Osborne felt obliged.

        Matt Janovic just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What is his excuse? He claims to be a writer and researcher. His writing and research is garbage.

      • Janovic is a piece of work. Wonder if his buddies know he uses the N word in talking about black people. Or that he called Fergie and Bill fools. Not someone I would want to be associated with.

    • Well I trust anyone to mishear proceedings it’s a person who has shown himself impaired comprehension, a known aspect of Parkinson’s dementia. And aside from his cognitive issues, he shown himself deaf to things he doesn’t want to hear and willing to invent things he does wish to hear. Because he’s deranged.

      • By “confused” you mean “serial liar who associates with a convicted perjurer, forger, and bomber”?

  4. Clearly, some people have spent so many years lying repeatedly about everything, that they believe everyone will buy into the lies. What is happening here is that BS is trying to make the ENTIRE show cause hearing about a letter he sent – oops, claims he did not send – when it is about other contact. Pingbacks, for example, to which BS has already confessed. In writing.

  5. So far, 15 tweets about Hoge or this blog since BS said Hoge was “dead” to him. Is he shooting for a record?

  6. I won’t say too much, but I talked to john in detail about it. There are only two possibilities: john is either lying to me, or it is not a forgery, nor written by anyone else with Schmalfeldt’s consent. At most, someone wrote the body and Schmalfeldt signed it. But honestly, doesn’t it sound like him, including the threat?

    And i don’t just mean that john would be lying to me about whether he forged it, but he would also be lying about details that point to its genuineness. This is where you are going to have to trust me, because i am not sure I should give away what John told me. I haven’t personally inspected it, but I asked detailed questions about it. Further, these are questions the judge is likely to ask and see the answer to right before his eyes.

    I know John well enough to safely conclude that Schmalfeldt sent it and lied. Since you don’t have the same information, i can understand a person being agnostic about it. Just as he lied about receiving notice to stop in the very first peace order hearing in district court. This is just accuse the accusers.

    And of course if there was any doubt that Schmalfeldt is in the tank for Kimberlin and not acting as an objective reporter, it is the fact that he can only find the ability to denounce forgery when he claims John did it. Has he ever said Brett should be punished for his admitted forgeries? Ever?

    I will also ask john if i can hear a copy of the hearing audio. This will verify whether Schmalfeldt is telling the truth about any stipulation of forgery. I can say that talking to John before we even know Schmalballs was saying that, he indicated that Schmalfeldt had claimed it was a forgery, claimed it was from lifted Grady’s restraining order. He didn’t mention anything about stipulating he had posted a copy, but that isn’t likely to have been an important detail to John at that point. John felt confident that the judge was convinced that the letter was real.

    If the judge didn’t want to do anything at all, he probably would’ve done that immediately. If he was inclined to have Schmalfeldt go in the pokey, he probably wouldn’t have let Schmalfelt leave. So i personally suspect a fine is in the offing, if the judge feels like can do that. As you remember Ryon didn’t think so, but then again she was operating under the sanctions statute. She also said off the record to my lawyer that if the issue as contempt, she would have a wider ranger of options. She all but indicated that if this was a contempt petition, Kimberlin would have been fined.

    Of course if Schmalfeldt really believes it was forged, that begs the question: who did it? I mean just because a document is forged, doens’t mean it was John who did it. Maybe some third party did it, to frame Schmalfeldt, if we assume Schmalfeldt didn’t write it. Who does he know that might have forged a document? Who does he know who has a history of this kind of crap? Indeed, could it be that the person who forged it came today to see him go behind bars? Speculation, obviously. Occam’s razer says Schmalfeldt wrote it himself, but its still an intriguing theory.

    • IMO – he’s going to jail – been on the phone with the attorneys and detectives in both counties – there is little doubt now that one of them actually heard one of those vile child rape fantasies – its all over – hey did everything they could to not have to listen to the tape – but its going to be awhile but its not going to be pretty

  7. This is a flat out, bald-faced lie. I and many others predicted that he would NOT go to jail. In fact, in his contempt petition (you remember, the one BS said was on the wrong form so he would WIN, and was wrong about, yet again?), WJJH specifically DID NOT CHECK THE BOX ASKING FOR JAIL TIME. What kind of person tells lies like this that can be so easily checked and challenged?

  8. The way I see it, there are three possibilities:

    1.) Schmalfeldt wrote the letter, and lied about it in court.
    2.) Hoge forged the letter.
    3.) A third party is meddling.

    The first is hardly outside the realm of possibility.

    The second is stretching the bounds of credibility – Hoge has no history of forgery and has been fighting it tooth and nail with the Kimberlin lawsuit. However, I’ll say it’s possible.

    The third falls somewhere on the likelihood scale between 1 and 2. I’ve voiced suspicions previously that someone has been attempting to stir the pot to keep Hoge distracted and, perhaps, “punish” him. There’s also an outside possibility that someone that considers themselves a Hoge supporter did it in a false-flag operation.

    I need more popcorn around here. My little man has gotten a taste for it, too…

    • We already see third party thug puppets meddling on Twitter every time Schmalfeldt suggests he might stop harassing Our Gentle Host. It’s not that far from anonymous thug puppetry to false flag operations to keep Schmalfeldt all spun up.

    • I’m no handwriting expert, and not interested in becoming one – but that’s within the range of variance in my own signatures and other people I know. He should ask his tiny forger friend if he could do as well as that, in imitation

    • Just like he is “wheelchair-bound” except when he’s not, and when he loses his voice, except when he doesn’t, and when he can’t type, except when he can.

  9. Include in your list the possibility that the letter was handed off with authorization, or that it was mailed with the idea of killing two birds – both making improper contact and claiming innocence later.

  10. Bill wants Aaron to mention purge provisions. He already did when he mentioned fine possibilities. What I find funny and ironic about Bill wanting Aaron to mention purge provisions is Bill must be already entertaining a loss. Oh, and it should be noted, Aaron went to law school, and the man he likely relies on for his legal advice went to pokey. How many pokes in the pokey does it take to earn a law degree?

  11. Bill called and left 2 threatening messages on my machine
    Sent a profanity laced email to me last year
    Called the Causeys
    Called the Gradys
    Wrote emails to people threatening their jobs
    Wrote that he wanted to assault and kill Law Enforcement Officials
    Probably Mailed poop to himself
    Has likely exaggerated the extent of his disability
    Faked my words in a review of a book
    Faked an Amazon account under his wifes name to harass me to stop exposing his fraudulent attempts to steal copyrighted materials for profit on Amazon – a crime BTW – if he sold any books.
    Stolen material on which he was ordered by a federal court to remove
    Vanderbilt Medical Center has confirmed that they are investigating his use of their name to sell porn
    Lied about a military action in Lebanon
    Possibly admitted to having gay sex onstage while in uniform in Japan
    Harassed grieving mother relentlessly over the death of her baby
    Posted death pictures of other peoples kids to harass them
    Posted sexually explicit comments over stolen young girls pictures – being investigated by Racine – waiting for parents to come in to file complaint
    Made sexually explicit child sex porn for sale worldwide in an effort to get sick men titillated to raping boy scouts and said he had more material
    Is possibly the most unsuccessful author in self publishing history –


  12. His proof of “forgery” = the signature is similar to his signature. It’s like four year old covered in oreo crumbs blaming the emtpy cookie jar on robbers – he has no idea what a terrible liar he is.

  13. but of course after 400 tweets 2 or 3 websites loudly screeching about this contempt hearing of course he is sooo well balanced that he would have never forged a threatening letter to the many years object of his sick twisted obsession

    seriously, he has a sense of boundaries………………………..

  14. Up to 40 tweets about Hoge, after stating that Hoge was dead to him and he was through with all of this. There, folks, you see the value of BS’s word.

  15. Personally, I am amazed at how easily BS could reconstruct a “forgery.” Why, it’s almost as if he wrote it himself!

  16. So, the idiot has a neurological disease which affects movement, including at times fine motor skills, and the fact that two or more signatures don’t make perfect overlays as if they were traced “proves” that one of them is a forgery?

    There’s more difference between my legal signatures wearing a wrist brace and those when I’m not than the difference in the samples he offers up as “proof” of a forgery.

    • His premise is that the signatures (while not identical) resemble each other “too much”. Seriously.

      • So, if they look too similar they are forgeries, though I’d hardly call those anything like that. Of course if the differences were any greater at all I’m sure he’d be screeching “forgery!” too.

        I must need more sleep or more caffeine, because it’s getting really hard to follow the idiot’s logic.

      • LG said:

        I must need more sleep or more caffeine, because it’s getting really hard to follow the idiot’s logic.

        This is the very definition of a non sequitur. It is not possible to follow Schmalogic.

      • It’s only around 7 his time, so he’ll probably hit triple digits in not mentioning John. hahaha And he wonders why he’s known as OBSESSED.

        Of course, since our host is virtually ignoring him, he is detouring into, projection and paranoia – comments in the Blognet thread that don’t mention him, don’t mention any planning, are about him and plots against him. hahaha And he wonders why he’s known as a NARCISSIST.

        So, he’s watching every comment on every thread on the website of the decent, honest man who is dead to him, while the decent, honest man hasn’t said anything about him, or related to him, since a brief update hours ago. And he wonders why he’s known as a LIAR. hahahaha

        Proverbs 28:1 indeed.

  17. God, this is Kyle again. How are you doing? I’m fine but you already know that right? I’m calling tonight to ask can you please make D.A. put out a Feldtchart? They do so fill me with joy and funny happy laughs. Now some people calls em “Heavy Flow Charts”, but I do my best to forgive them because even if you call ’em that they’re still hilarious.
    thanks, talk to you tomorrow night.

  18. As i was sitting here relaxing after supper, reread your post, this sentence just reached out and hit me:

    (When TDPS was unable to find a copy of a blog post I made containing a copy of his peace order petition against Patrick Grady, I stipulated to the fact that I had made such a post. I made no other stipulation during the hearing.)

    He submitted/wanted to submit this into evidence?

  19. “Now, I take this account private. After the 30th, I am done with Twitter. No more feeding the hogs.”

    Technically, it’s not ‘after the 30th’ so the lying liar hasn’t told another lie.

    “I no longer use Twitter or Facebook because they are evil.” – Bill Schmalfeldt

    Evil evil-doers gotta do evil.

  20. It is interesting, but Maryland’s statutory language seems to establish a more aggressive right to have a purge provision than most states. Most states recognize that purging is not appropriate for non-continuing offenses. And contact is not typically a continuing offense, unless you have like a computer program automatically tweeting a person every hour on the hour or something like that. Each contact is a discrete act. Indeed that is why he built up 360+ violations–because each contact was a discrete violation.

    A classic continuing contempt would be something like this: refusing to testify without valid excuse. One of the Clinton Clan did that in one of the Whitewater cases and spent literally years in jail because she wouldn’t testify. She had to purge the violation by testifying. Or look at Shuler. he had published something the court told him not to, so his contempt continued until the page was taken down. Of course that order was questionable under the constitution, but putting that aside it was a continuing violation and he was not let out until it was purged.

    As late as 2007 Md courts only imposed this requirement in incarceration cases, and recognized that sometimes it just can’t be purged. But 2 years later the statute was amended and it might arguably be read to require the right to purge in all cases.

    So I will revise my prediction in light of this abnormal statute. If they interpret it as mandatory, the judge is very likely to actually impose imprisonment… with it being purgeable by paying a fine. Its kind of the reverse of what normally happens: the court commands you to pay a fine, but then if you don’t pay, you might go to jail for contempt. Now the threat “or you go to jail” will be built in.

    Or the judge might just wag his finger. Really, you probably can’t go poor overestimating the indulgence of the courts. But i lean toward thinking that the judge wanted to punish Schmalfeldt and wanted to make sure he was right by the statute.

  21. What I observed in court today and what Bill is spewing on this Twitter TL (with the encouragement and prodding of his handlers) bear only a slightly casual relationship with each other.

    Motion to Dismiss

    Bill made his impassioned plea regarding his motion to dismiss citing venue and HOOOOOOGGGGEEEE! as his reasons. (As an aside, the man does have a mellifluous voice. Strong and loud. Until he mentions his Stage Eleventy Parkinson’s. Then he stammers and stutters.) He hammered on the HOOOGE LIE! HOOOOGE didn’t remind me! and HOOOOOGE BAD!!! routine we have all seen on twitter. Really, if you want to know what this part of the hearing was like just go back and read Bill’s Twitter feed. Pretty much word for word what he tried to pull on the judge. Bill attempted to call Mr. Hoge as a witness. The judge patiently explained to Bill that you don’t get to call witnesses during a hearing on a motion. Then the judge patiently explained to Bill (sensing a theme here? Go back and read the other comments I made on the prior hearing I attended. Judges tend to do a lot of patient explaining to Bill) that in order to contest venue, one must actually, you know, show up to contest it. Since Bill was a no show at the Peace Order hearing he motion for venue was not considered. Bill said to the judge “I guess crime really does pay” in response to the motion being denied. Oh, I almost forgot…..Bill entered into evidence a picture of the Slovakian Horseshit (Slovak? Slovenia?, Slavonia?, or Moravian Slovakia?) and the Prison costume. Stay with me here folks…Did Hoge send these to you? I have no idea who sent them, but I’m entering them into evidence because HOOOOOOGE!!! You should have seen the judge trying not to laugh as he was handed the package and turned it over to see it was a prisoner’s uniform. Ah, good times. But seriously, Bill’s argument here was that he leaves Hoge alone and gets horse shit and Halloween costumes sent to him by people he cannot identify. This is germane to the motion to dismiss how?

    With that out of the way the judge moved on to

    Show Cause

    Mr. Hoge did, in my opinion, a fine job. He had his papers in order, he spoke briefly and to the point. At no time did the judge interrupt him. (Bill did once to object to John admitting more evidence than the Pingback. Apparently Acme Law didn’t inform Bill that contacts SINCE the contempt petition was filed were allowed. Hence how the letter came into play. ) All together I think he spoke for maybe 5 min. When given the opportunity to cross examine him, Bill thought for a bit and decided that was not a wise course of action for him. I’m just spitballing here but I expect he wanted to but remembered how John eviscerated Kimberlin when Kimberlin had him on the stand in the state case and Bill decided discretion was the better part of valor in this case. I have to say, it was one of the only times I’ve seen Bill make a smart decision.
    Bill went next and presented his side. What’s the old saying? When you can’t pound the facts, pound the table? Bill pounded the table. Literally Pounded. The. Table. Again I refer you to his Twitter timeline for details. I didn’t send the pingback, WordPress did. Anyone could have sent the email from ReverbNation. I just had the widget on my website and despite being on notice to not contact Hoge I didn’t take any precautions to ensure that emails to his address were not accepted. I spoke to a Happiness Consultant to prove it!! But the main focus of Bill’s invective was the letter that John included as Exhibit A in his recent filing. (No I’m not linking to it…because I’m lazy) Bill declared the letter a forgery. Why? Because he can’t write his signature twice the same way and the signature on the letter was almost the same as the one he signed the Grady PO petition with. Almost the same. A.L.M.O.S.T. Let that sink in. I can’t sign my name the same way twice, and although this signature is NOT the same, it’s ALMOST the same. Just like all these other signatures are ALMOST the same. Oh, and his wife didn’t remember sending it. Yep, those were his only arguments. Interestingly, he alluded several times to the letter being a forgery because John didn’t bother to enter the actual letter into evidence. At this point John reached into his case and brought out the original along with the envelope and turned it over to the court. If Bill is so upset about an alleged forgery, why did Brett Kimberlin, a CONVICTED forger, and an ADMITTED forger in both the State and Federal case drive him to the hearing? Man our Billy boy has some seriously fungible morals doesn’t he?
    All in all, an interesting day topped off with some delicious lunch. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Kimberlin was seen to be laughing and smiling again when Bill was taking his lumps from the judge. One day Bill will wake up and realize that he is being used. Nah, who am I kidding? Bill will continue to do whatever it takes to get the pat on the head and the “Good Boy!” from Kimberlin and the rest of his handlers.

    Well damn, this was a “Jane” worthy post. Wall of Words indeed 🙂

    • So, it appears that BS spent most of his time railing against a peripheral issue in the grand scheme of things. My favorite part has to do with calling witnesses. People here warned him, but he just called them names.

    • Let me wrap my mind around this, he was trying to prove the letter was a forgery by comparing it to a document in which he likely perjured himself?

    • If Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t send the letter, he would have no reason to ask his wife if she sent it. Assuming for the sake of argument Bill Schmalfeldt was telling the Truth about asking his wife if she sent the letter, what could possibly motivate his query? One possibility is that he wrote, sealed, and handed the letter to his wife to put in the mail. If she didn’t remember sending that letter Bill Schmalfeldt would know he could safely deny sending the letter in the full knowledge his wife didn’t remember sending it, and, therefore, couldn’t testify against him. Another possibility is Bill Schmalfeldt’s mind is so addled with Parkinson’s Dementia that he wasn’t sure whether, or not, he sent the letter, so he double-checked with his wife. Yet another possibility is that he sent the letter, knew he sent the letter, didn’t involve her wife in the mailing of the letter, and asked a question for which he knew the negative answer in preparation for falsely claiming Parkinson’s Dementia should his act of perjury he exposed.

      Apparently, it was Brett Kimberlin who drove Bill Schmalfeldt to the hearing. I wonder if they talked about the upcoming hearing. One merely has to ask, “What would Brett Kimberlin have done?”

  22. Glazed and Contused @weltschmerz2015

    And the judge is not going to put me in jail with that forged letter in the mix. Tomorrow, I will get on with my life. Get on with yours.

    Attempting to defraud the court
    Obstruction of Justice

    Its not the ping that’s going to ding

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