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The Dreadful Pro-Se Scmalfeldt was put on notice by my lawyer during the hearing for the extension of the original peace order that a contempt petition could result from further peace order violations. Seeking that civil remedy cuts out the middlemen of the State’s Attorney’s Office and District Court in enforcing the Circuit Court’s order. The Cabin Boy™ may not be facing centuries in jail or a zillion dollar fine, but he is facing the possibility of being held accountable for his behavior.

The Cabin Boy™ seems to think that my petition was filed for the sole purpose of making him come out in cold weather as a way of punishing him, as if I am using a false claim filed by a pro se litigant to cause him to have to unnecessarily defend himself.

Who would do a thing like that?

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  1. I’m drawing a blank.

    A big, fat blank.

    A big, fat, no-necked blank.

    A big, fat, no-necked, trailer-dwelling blank.

    A big, fat, no-necked, trailer-dwelling, sociopathic blank.

  2. Schmalfeldt is projecting. He’s unable to admit that his own actions have brought him to this situation.

  3. Who would have an elderly lady take away from tending to the needs of her severely disable daughter to attend a nonsensical trial over butthurt?

  4. His argument about the system unknowingly sending emails is specious. Doesn’t matter whether he knew nothing about pingback operations or emails sent off list servers, or his questioning of the WordPress engineers (I happen to be a software engineer and know a thing or two about software), he knows that contact is prohibited. He formulates questions that are by nature, deceitful, so as to project innocence or ignorance of “This is really technical stuff here! How was I supposed to know the system was going to fire off an email?”

    So when he chose to exercise his constitutional rights to continue to follow you, obsess over comments made by the visitors on your posts, and, ultimately, continue the writing campaign against you by linking back to your blog, he cannot claim “ignorance” of the system when he was doing all he could to skirt the limits the peace order. He could have talked all day about anything else while following your blog, or just made screen shots and spoke to specific content. Or even better, just not say anything and walk away. While he obsesses over our gentle hosts conditions of the “gentleman’s agreement” during the copyright mediation, he also had conditions to that same agreement, one for which he failed to follow and chooses to ignore.

    I have no sympathy for him and his disease. He uses it as a pity shield to deflect from his obvious deranged intentions. His meandering and pointless motion, and his conspiracy laced tirades of the “World against me with my frail wife and ever debilitating disease” for which he seeks to portray everyone else as big ol’ meanies, is hypocritical while he continues to troll away. I do have sympathies for his wife; he should never mention her or respond to people who attack her, except for the fact he has no issue going after other people’s family members, including falsely naming people he might associate with those who comment. Play by the rules, everything is fine. You cannot alter the rules to benefit yourself. Everyone gets the same rules.

    If you know your time is limited on this planet, and you want to make the most of it, you would think the Cabin Boy™ would just stop and let himself be filled with more precious and loving moments. Perhaps, attempt an olive branch to his estranged family and make loving memories to fill his mind before his last days come to end. Let the battles go by the wayside and make peace with yourself and your family so that when you take your last breath, you will felt the true love from those who saw good in you before you passed on. Instead, he insists on going out as an angry troll and wants his epitaph to read, “Here lies the most angry man on the earth. He tried to get on last victory in court over a peace order he chose not to walk away from, and it killed him.” Would be a shame for his kids and family to know that’s how others remembered him.

    • The peace order clearly states that I am allowed to write about YOU, and that is ALL I am doing.” (Emphasis added)

      Kinda surprised to see him admit that it’s all he ever does. hahaha

      • The peace order clearly states that I am allowed to write about YOU, and that is ALL I am doing.”

        (Emphasis added)

        Kinda surprised to see him admit that it’s all he ever does. hahaha

    • MJ,

      Well put, however his wife did actively participate including possibly entering into some types of bank fraud, and has been brought to court over financial issues – she was one that Amazon thinks hacked my account at a time that I was being coerced into changing reviews online and has used her finances to help fund his career of producing child porn

      • I didn’t know about all that. All that I have read up to this point has primarily focused on him. Too bad. That just makes this even more sad.

  5. The whole cold weather thing is as transparent as a window. Of course the Commodore knows that John couldn’t care less about the weather on any particular day. And the notion that the minute the Elkridge Trainwreck emanates from his wheeled Hell, signals the bringing of charges on Professor Hoge is ludicrous.

    And Shakey knows it. He F*CKED up. Pay the man. Then go away and keep your sausage wallet shut.

  6. I after discussions with both counties detectives and SA’s it is not unthinkable that he is going to be charged soon.

  7. Let me rephrase that – they are waiting for him to do more – so they can catch it live – then its a slam dunk
    my daughter was a witness in a case this week where a Military Schmalfeldt type was convicted and sentenced for online harassment, and DOXING!! The posting without permission of pictures on the internet from other people’s facebook. This trial has huge consequences as 4 state DA’s and the FBI were in attendance and despite an award winning legal defense team including some Volokh type lawyers – who were sanctioned and almost went to jail with their client, the face of internet harassment just changed. They used first amendment, they used internet journalist, they used political speech – failed on all counts…

    Just to show how important this case is – they flew my daughter out of a remote base in Afghanistan to America – just to fly her back as the defendants legal team got yet another meaningless trial delay along with 24 other officers all over the world 3 times as this thing dragged on nearly 2 years

    I can guarantee you that I involved Aaron years ago to find this guy – and others – he started as a cadet and is going to jail and faces years if not decades of prison time in 4 more state trials including…..

    Wait for it……

    Montgomery County Maryland – don’t harass generals daughters – don’t post that they are sluts, don’t post pictures over porn, don’t do stupid stuff – wonder if we know anyone in Maryland who has done that?

  8. MJ said, “Let the battles go by the wayside and make peace with yourself and your family so that when you take your last breath, you will felt the true love from those who saw good in you before you passed on.”

    And here we have a key element to this entire ordeal: the refusal to walk away. In the beginning, in my opinion, based upon his behavior, he believed he had the right to contact Hoge incessantly, despite being told not to, because he claimed to be a journalist investigating a story. That did not fly in court. Specifically, the court made it clear that there is no “journalism” exception to harassment. Over time, his story has morphed into more of a “innocent bystander who wrote a story or two, and for ‘some reason,’ Hoge wants me in jail!” He could have walked away after the first PO, but chose not to do so. It’s a hard thing to do, but many times the best choice for one and one’s family.

    • And when I say, “walk away after the first PO,” I don’t mean he shouldn’t have appealed it. It was his right to do so. After the court refused to hear his appeal, however, that should have been it. Instead, we are on PO no. 3, plus 2 in Arizona and one in Illinois.

      • He had multriple opportunities to comply and deescalate. There were moments of radio silence, and at least one face to face meeting w/Hoge in which Schmalfeldt apparently promised a new online attitude.

        Still, the moth flies near the flame. Please, your honor. Get this guy help, and take away his keyboard for a while.

      • Didn’t Bill Schmalfeldt finally “let it go” when he explicitly threatened John Hoge’s family and employer?

        The only thing left for Bill Schmalfeldt is state the date he was planning to act on his threat. Perhaps he’ll opt for March 15th.

  9. It is shameful and disgusting how certain thug puppets egged on Schmalfeldt. From time to time he showed some glimmer of self preservation and restraint, but ultimately he chose not to resist the manufactured provocations and bad advice from those he considered his tribe.

    Who was it that said “the purpose of some peoples’ lives may ultimately be to serve as a warning to others”?

    • have you ever dealt with a union in one on ne negotiations? Its the face of the democrat party – they are thug, they threaten, they threaten your job, and your family. Remember what happened to the guy on Hotair who used to do they parodies on Fox – they punched him and they torn down their table and tent at a peaceful rally and these were electrical union people – highly paid and educated and – thugs

      • Steven Crowder was his name – at one point the union thugs were so embolden they were threatening to kill all of them in that booth – including women – thugs – the face of the democrat party

      • I think I remember that.

        I was impressed with the guy’s restraint. I was prescribing 9mm or .45 ACP responses, which is what thuggery SHOULD be rewarded with.

  10. Important to remember – BS doesn’t believe any of the crap he is pushing. Everything is a lie in order to work some angle.

    This is why hypocrisy is not an effective charge, because he doesn’t care that he said something completely different the other day.

  11. The courts order adding the Cabin Boy™ ‘s arguments from his Motion to Cancel to the show cause hearing, has made all the threats in his letter mute. This is now a hearing that the Cabin Boy™ requested–one that he is likely to regret.

    • Can you explain that in more detail?

      I don’t see it that way at all. How are the threats rendered moot (sorry, but the inner language Nazi must be fed occasionally) by the addition of arguments? The threats are still just as real and just as criminal, and to my mind, no less relevant to the court.

      But I don’t pretend to be a lawyer. I only pretend to pretend to be a lawyer. When I’m not making bad audio CDs and Ktrl-C/Ktrl-V books.

      Oh, wait, I’m thinking of someone else.

      • Double LOL. Lulz muscles strained but not beyond repair.

        Yes, the attempt at extortion has not been rendered moot. LOL

        But the underlying theory that Hoge is causing the large BM to appear has now been superseded and thus rendered moot by the court’s scheduling a hearing on the great BM’s own motion. LOL

        And of course if the horrific BM is rendered mute, the world would be a slightly better place (although a little less fun).

      • Ah. That, I understand.

        By the way, I will never be able to unread the phrase “Hoge is causing the large BM to appear” and for that you will never be forgiven.

      • I meant mute, Cabin Boy™ can never use that whine again, even a grand jury or a DA in Travis County TX. would laugh him out or the building if he tried to follow through now.

        “The threats are still just as real and just as criminal, and to my mind, no less relevant to the court.”

        They are now very relevant to the court, and it appears as if the court is taking an interest in them.

      • “But I don’t pretend to be a lawyer. I only pretend to pretend to be a lawyer.”

        But only when you’re handing out advice on AVVO. 😉

    • Here’s what he is saying – that BS is trying to say that he only has to go to court because of HOOOOGE!!!! but actually he asked for this hearing, so it is on him.

      But really, that doesn’t matter because all arguments made by BS are lies – he doesn’t believe any of them anyway.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t want a hearing. Bill Schmalfeldt wants summary judgment in his favor before John Hoge even has an opportunity to answer.

        It would be interesting to watch Bill Schmalfeldt react to the Judge asking him what proposed relief is he seeking. Could Bill Schmalfeldt resist the temptation to blurt out, “Have John Hoge shot. Sterilize his family wiping out his seed forever. Burn his house down to ground. And, till salt into the soil that remains.”

    • The Cabin Boy™ is about to learn to “be careful what you wish for, it can come back and bite you in the a$$”.

  12. Mr. Hoge, I wish you the best of luck tomorrow in court. You don’t need any luck on the merits of breach, but you may need some on getting a meaningful sanction imposed.

    By the way, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the great BM of Elkridge having to deal with the legal process. I seem to remember a time when he was rejoicing gleefully over all the harm that BK’s lawsuits were going to cause the defendants. I also seem to remember him dragging someone from Illinois to answer a frivolous charge. Jail would an appropriate sanction, 30 days maybe. Even Witless might find that a sufficient deterrent.

  13. Was something supposed to happen today? Because the “something interesting tomorrow morning” teased yesterday hasn’t been mentioned anywhere yet.

  14. Maybe somebody could offer Senor Neckroll a bottle of Midol at court tomorrow, if he bothers to show up.

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