6 thoughts on “A Worked Example

  1. Yep. The welfare state has very nearly run out of money and is reaching for more like the eternally grasping behemoth that it is. It is insatiable, and will be the ruin of us all. God save us from those who would force us to help others. Because it always ends up badly, with those forced in ruins and those helped no better off. How come no voluntary charity has ever sucked an entire country dry? Oh, that would be because it is VOLUNTARY and people can give according to their ability. SMH

    • If an arrogant prosecutor is willing to abuse her power to jail a critic from a co-equal branch of government with a higher pay-grade will can only imagine how she would treat an average citizen.

      • Oh, yeah, she’s a real piece of work, that one. No matter what party she supports. Expecting Demanding she be allowed to drive drunk (or whatever else she pleased), without consequence because of her position, and her assuming others are just as corrupt, totally justified Rick Perry’s statements and actions, imo.

      • Really, the whole thing gets better. The reason Perry dug his heels in and threatened the veto was because her office refused to dismiss her over the DUI. Hell, I’d have done the same in his shoes.

        Pretty pathetic, really. She must be a loyal member of the Party to get this kind of backstopping.

      • “…She must be a loyal member of the Party…”

        I know, right? And add to all of that her clear corruption and expectation that others were just as corrupt. I’m as against witch hunts as the next libertarian leaning conservative, but I wouldn’t complain about an investigation of whether she’s ever excused others based on partisanship, or other improper reason, or been previously excused.

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