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One of the recurring themes in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s complaints and motions and such is that we <sarc>mean, nasty, evil RICO conspirators</sarc> have been spreading all our false narratives in order to drive traffic to our websites, improve our SEO rankings, etc.

Actually, I started blogging about Brett Kimberlin when I became aware of his anti-First-Amendment thuggery aimed at Aaron Walker and Stacy McCain. I intend to keep writing about him until he’s brought to justice.

But let’s get back to blog traffic. Hogewash! is a very minor league blog. It’s Alexa worldwide ranking (as of around 10 pm yesterday) was 619,019. To put that in perspective, my codefendants Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) and Michelle Malkin (Twitchy) are ranked 123,816 and 7,428, respectively.

To put it into perspective from the other direction, the top rated Kimberlin website is Breitbart Unmasked at 702,992. VelvetRevolution.US comes in at 3,594,532. The other Kimberlin sites that are ranked are Koch Watch (5,120,626), Occupy for Accountability (9,617,666), Justice Through Music Project (11,512,975), and Protect Our Elections (18,122,776). None of the other roughly 20 Kimberlin websites that I routinely monitor have enough traffic to be ranked.

You know, it just may be that a big part of Brett Kimberlin’s butthurt is jealousy that he can’t compete in the field of ideas with the likes of Michelle Maklin or Stacy McCain. Or even me.

29 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Wow. My puny site is roughly as popular as JTMP. And that’s with me in a rehabilitation/physical therapy facility and mostly offline for the last six months.

    Makes me wonder where I’d be if I was posting regularly.

  2. I have a dream…

    A dream that all of the defendants are keeping a detailed record of all of the pipsqueak pedophile’s sins, omissions, malfeasances, frauds, lies, perjuries, and the like.

    A dream that at the conclusion of this current insanity, they will get together at the end in a true RICO enterprise (Racketeer-Inspired Cleansing Operation) and put together an omnibus list that details all of these offenses.

    A dream that this list, with a list of the pipsqueak pedophile’s lawsuits and details of how each was resolved (noting that at least one victory was by default, not on the merits, and the pipsqueak pedophile has a lengthy record of playing games with service).

    A dream that these lists, a thorough native (at least co-wrote by RS McCain) of the travails of each of the defendants in the current case, and other relevant details (such as his threat to Patterico to file 100 lawsuits, which I believe he has never contested saying) are put into the form of a petition to have the pipsqueak pedophile formally declared the vexatious litigant he so clearly is.

    A dream that a judge looks at this work of art and comes to the legal, just, and long overdue conclusion that the pipsqueak pedophile is, indeed, the horrible person he has shown himself to be, over and over, and grants the petition.

    And a dream that he, Neil Rauhauser, and anyone else they can round up is locked up to finally face the justice they’ve deserved for years.

    That is my dream.

  3. On a whim, I looked up Ace of Spades and it ranks worldwide around the 27,000 mark. Not as good as Malkin, but pretty respectable, I’d say!

  4. My site is ranked 7,156,664, and that’s down by 3,211,014 from some unknown point. I guess when I started driving again and quit blogging heavily, my ranking plummeted. Go figure.

  5. One difference between Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt is Kimberlin already knows he’s going to lose. He just doesn’t care.

  6. So hey what’s the difference between a 29.95 pressure cooker from Walmart and a 11.42 gym bag from Sears?

    Life In Prison without parole

  7. Silly Hoge. Your higher traffic ratings are PROOF you must be cheating, as TDPK through experience KNOWS there’s no other way to get ahead in life… or at least that’s the only method he’s tried that works for him… please gnore the fact that’s the ONLY method he’s tried. Anyway your high traffic is proof of your shenanigans much the same way the lack of tigers in my house proves this tiger repelling rock is magical. Maybe TDPK would be interested in buying my magical reputation restoring duct tape. Simply wrap around mouth and fingers and the self-beclowning magically ceases!.

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