Closing in on Ceres

Dawn21050125The Dawn spacecraft took this picture of the dwarf planet Ceres last Sunday at a range of about 237,000 km. It is the first image of Ceres with higher resolution than pictures taken by Hubble a few years ago. The spacecraft will go into orbit around Ceres next month.

Image Credit: NASA

6 thoughts on “Closing in on Ceres

  1. Pluto is a dwarf planet. Pluto has five moons. The largest of Pluto’s moons is Charon. Charon, a mere moon, is larger than Ceres, an asteroid belt object that is also a dwarf planet.

    I am so confused.

      • Wishy-washy scientists have yet to define “planetary satellite” so Charon remains a mere moon. It can aspire to dwarf planethood, though.

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