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Back in June of 2014, Judge Hazel ordered The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin to serve copies of the Second Amended Complaint in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness on all the defendants. He never bothered to serve Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, the National Bloggers Club, or me during the 120 days allowed for service.

Aaron and I have been proactively engaging with TPDK and his court filings. Stacy elected to wait until he was served with the intention of responding within the 14 day window after service. TDPK never served him, so Stacy never responded.

popcorn4bkBrett Kimberlin tired to outcrazy Stacy McCain while he had him on the witness stand during the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. trial. He failed miserably, but he didn’t learn his lesson.

He’s now seeking a default judgment against Stacy when, as Stacy so ably put it “Plaintiff hasn’t even bothered to provide a bad forgery of such alleged service.” Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4(m) failure to serve within 120 day is grounds for mandatory dismissal. Also, TDPK was ordered by the Court to effect service. Failure to obey that order is grounds for dismissal under Rule 41(b).

All TDPK had to do was mail Stacy a copy of the SAC.

All Stacy had to do was wait.


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  1. How is Kimberlin supposed to respond to this tactic. Its snowing! He should just get his way because snowdays.

      • As expensive and annoying that would be for the defendants, I would think it would be grounds for an appeal. And does Hazel really want to have his court room management skills (or lack thereof) brought up before the Court of Appeals?

      • Judge Hazel is on a path to impeachment – rare as it is – but if the rule of law is thrown out for a pedo bomber even the most jaded democrats are not going to road block it

      • Impeachment? Dems would expect accountability around helping BK?


        BK was valuable to the Dems. He helped smear Dan Quayle and defuse the drug use issue for Presidential candidates. Did you know our current President talks about (not admits, that would imply a sense of wrongdoing) his use of cocaine in one of his autobiographies?

        I am pretty sure that is why he was paroled. A Senator by the name of Joe Biden was very interested in BKs plight as a “political prisoner.” He is not unimportant in Democrat circles today.

        I am not saying that there is direct involvement of the Vice President in this trial. I am saying “Fellow travelers travel together.” Leftists love them some bombers. Ever heard of a guy named Bill Ayers? Any Dems distancing themselves from that guy? A guy who wanted to kill 25 million people?

      • Politicians distancing themselves would require knowing him. Any admitting to that? Seen him on any campaigns over the last few years?

        I’ve always thought the tiny terrorist was a wannabe mover and shaker, but not only never was, never will be. Especially after dragging his history through the courts and media. hahahaha WTG FMNR! Keep it up! hahahahaha

    • But the court ordered him to serve the defendants, not just mention his plans to possible defendants, whom he was free to serve or not serve, and he made no specific allegations,
      plus mcCain specifically asked the court for guidance,

      • Again, more of the genius of RSMs motions. He defuses the “he knew about it” issue by saying, yeah, I knew, but i wasn’t served so that’s why I asked you about it, Judge, and you didn’t say jack so don’t try to pretend like I am avoiding service.

        Hazel can still do whatever he wants and just say okay McCain you are served now you have to answer, but I don’t see how he could possibly move to default judgment from here.

  2. It seems to me that Brett’s criminal “genius” plan to evade service rules is just a tad undermined by all the different versions of the SAC he has floating around there.

    The more the matter is pressed, the more it comes out that Brett has illegally been using the following MO for years:
    – Fake efforts at service, e.g. by addressing mail in a way that it won’t get delivered,
    – When the unserved defendants don’t reply, ask the judge for a default judgment,
    – collect $100, declare victory,
    – Sue next batch of online critics.

      • samk,

        I agree – I don’t really think there’s any crazy in Stacy’s reply. But in John’s post above he notes that TDPK tried to out-crazy Stacy on the stand in the state trial, and failed miserably.

        I wouldn’t say Stacy was crazy then, either. Shrewd is an able description of both episodes.

        But TDPK is another story. Tried once to out-crazy him in court. Worked to salve his butthurt by trying again in the federal case, where no sane (and relatively few insane) person would think he’d accomplished the task.

        No doubt TDPK will keep trying. But pure crazy vs. crazy-tempered-with-shrewdness is usually a losing bet.

  3. I am having coffee now so maybe this won’t seem disagreeable.

    Judge Hazel has a lifetime appointment. He cannot have his pay docked, he cannot be suspended, he could actually commit some fairly heinous crimes before being considered for removal from office.

    So I do not believe for one minute that he cares about his rulings being appealed nor about being “rebuked” by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Plus, an appeal is only valuable to the defendants if they lose the case.

    I think that this case will go to trial. Sometime late in 2016 probably. I think that some defendants will be dismissed prior to the trial, but there will be some thing left of the case going into trial. And it will probably go like the state case, it will probably get a directed verdict.

    The whole key to the law fare strategy is that the process is the punishment. So if the judge keeps making appealable errors, but then the case fizzles out in front of the bench, who has been helped, who has been harmed?

    That is the beauty of RSM’s motions. He recognizes that the Judge is as much an opponent as the plaintiff. Because whether Hazel is purposely assisting BK or not is immaterial, because his failure to manage the case is harmful to the defendants and helpful to the plaintiff. Ask yourself, if Hazel were fully on Team Kimberlin, what would he have done differently? RSMs crazy is to not worry about annoying the judge, because not annoying the judge has not swung any decision the defendants way.

    Let me pull out another of my cliches: “Fellow travelers travel together.” It doesn’t matter if there is active collusion going on, these folks want the same things. Isn’t it exceedingly odd to think that he is worried about being appealed, yet has no problem making a series of decisions that seem, on the face, as appealable?

    I don’t think it bothers Hazel to have this case drag on and on. It doesn’t cost him anything if this case last ten years. So if he adds on a month or two here and there, no problem. This is not a concern to BK because it just helps him. It only harms the defendants. So, the failure to manage the case advances BKs interests.

    • To answer your question – a preliminary injunction would have been issued.

      I agree the judge isn’t bothered by the timeline – because it isn’t unusual in federal cases. I don’t think he considers that he’s adding time. I think he looks at each issue, one at a time, as it’s put in front of him. As I’ve written previously, without a history of the judge’s dealing with other pro se parties, we can’t know if he’s deviating in this case. Even if there is different treatment, we can’t know whether the bias is politically motivated, or whether the judge finds puny plaintiff pitifully inept.

      Things aren’t always the one way street some seem to think. While having the case hanging over their heads is an issue, and having to pay attention to the puny plaintiff’s many pleadings is time consuming, Team Free Speech is confident of victory, and probably worries about the case much less than does the tiny terrorist. So while I can’t say they aren’t harmed, in my view they aren’t harmed nearly as much as the one who sought to punish them. Each member of Team Free Speech has but one opposing party, and some have lawyers handling the comparatively small amount of work, roughly 1/20th of the load TDPK brought on himself.

      Also consider that with each new pleading, the bungling bomber gets a fresh round of mockery, humiliation, and even more interest in his long history of heinous crimes – the exact opposite of what he intended by filing suit. I expect at least one book will be written after the case is over, adding to the documentation of his criminal history. That can’t make him happy.

      I’m also not sure how dragging out the case really helps the pedo plaintiff; quite the opposite. Seems to me the process has punished him significantly. While this case drags on, all of the material he still complains of remains accessible. In fact, dragging this out has greatly increased the Streisand effect. I’d be willing to bet the number of people now familiar with his crimes has more than doubled (more than once), throughout the course of his brass knuckle reputation management strategy.

      I’d be the last one to suggest that anyone take anything the puny plaintiff says as being anything close to truth, but if he’s to be believed, these cases have cost him dearly before sanctions are ordered. He’s spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to be humiliated in such a grand and lasting fashion. His past and present are becoming more and more well known. He has lost funding. He has lost his contacts with the state department, and any other clout he may have had. Can you imagine any politician wanting to be connected to such a nefarious criminal? His community now knows who and what he is, and most importantly, are protecting their daughters from his attentions. The fact that he brought all of this upon himself, that no member of Team Free Speech had any hand in his claimed downfall, just makes it all the better.

      We’ve all read angry pleadings by the tiny terrorist. And we also recall his threat of unending lawfare reported by DW. I’m confident the puny plaintiff remains in a constant state of anger and upset because these cases are working out exactly the opposite of what he plotted. Good.

      TL;DR Whenever one considers buying into a strategy crafted by FMNR, I strongly suggest they recall his ridiculous Themis yarn. Actually, imo, very soon we’ll be able to point to his lawfare strategy as yet another plot that blew up in his face. Oh, wait – it’s not really FMNR’s face/name that’s being plastered all over court documents, and all over the internet, is it? hahahahaha

      Oh my, how I hope TDPK and like minded others continue to listen to the man who comes up with a strategy to lose in ways so epic, his cures are much worse than the disease.

      • One word. ACE
        I fear our host and many others are red herrings thrown in to mask the scent of the weasel after his one true target. Oh, they bother the tiny terrorist and he’s quite satisfied to let them get dragged through the mud; but he wants ACE bad; real bad. Granted he seems to be really juiced about being an orifice to Mrs. Nagy as well. What can I say, other than Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile, drug runner, forger, bomber.

    • While its true a federal judge is hard to REMOVE, that doesn’t mean they are immune from professional pressure. Judges generally hate having something reversed on appeal. Even the biggest, most biased jerks will do everything they can to avoid a successful appeal.

  4. Riddle me this:

    What do you call a judge who does not follow the rules for one party, ignores grevious contempt for the honor of the court on the part of one party, and continually makes up stuff to favor one party?


    That is all the “due respect” that is due that bastard judge

      • Only when I’m in his courtroom.

        A little public shaming might be in order. A letter writing campaign to local papers and other officers of the court, if carried on for a couple years by lots of different people, might just leave a skidmark on his status.

        It starts after the instant case is over. If the Streisand Effect is distressing to a worm like Pedophile Brett Coleman Kimberlin, who has no good name to protect, imagine how it might upset Judge George J. Hazel, who was told upon his his swearing in that “he is the youngest United States district judge”:

        He may not care what we proles think, but he certainly cares what his peers think…

        It’s no fun being shunned by your peers for blatant incompetence…

        Calling out a judge during a case is a bad move, but publicizing his mistakes, afterwards?

        Fair game, free speech, and a constitutionally protected activity.

  5. I somehow have the idea that McCain, Walker, Hoge et al. understand that the process is the punishment. I only pray that knowing this gives them insight into effective strategy. If I knew more about the law, I’d be looking into ways to make this particular “plainitif” fear discovery more than he fears being beaten in court.

    • Kimberlin has NO fear of the discovery process. He WILL NOT COMPLY. He’s perfectly willing to let that be the last stage in this episode. He’ll simply find another case of butthurt and start all over from scratch.

      • Didn’t a judge hearing a Prenda law case contact the IRS and other agencies to follow up. It would be appropriate here considering the use of the non profit in this lawfare.

        But the judge in that case was competent so probably won’t happen here.

      • I think knowledge on the part of the defendants that “the process is the punishment” is key to their strategy, in particular the myriad possibilities for counterclaims (at the appropriate time). Turning the tables on the tiny terrorist would make a terrific twist in the tale.

        And Gus, you just used “scratch” and “butthurt” in the same sentence. I LOL’d.

  6. We all know that TK, being primarily populated by jobless reprobates living in their mom’s basement, doesn’t miss a single word any of us type in public spaces. I’m surprised that some of the more harsh criticisms of the judge haven’t made it into pleadings – YET. Well, except for when it was included.

    I wonder how much the tiny terrorist is encouraged by some insisting the judge is in his pocket? Again, none of us are objective. That we disagree with some rulings doesn’t mean the judge has shown any bias.

    If only we had a super secret site where Team Free Speech supporters could discuss and analyze without tipping off Team EVIL…

    • Perhaps BK is encouraged by the fact that the judges are actively siding with him more than the fact that people are noting it?

      Let’s just take service of Breitbart, for example. First, BK got it all wrong. So, instead of the judge saying, hey, you can’t just serve a website, so this service is improper, he got a tutorial from Judge Grimm on exactly how to serve a corporate entity. And then Judge Grimm not only gave him the method, he researched who the agent for the corporate entity was and gave that name and address to the plaintiff. But then it gets better – having been given that tutorial, the name and address of the agent, and additional time in which to get it right, BK did not even bother following instructions and serve Breitbart properly! And Breitbart is still a defendant in this case, who no doubt is paying their attorney to defend against this.

      Now, it could be that BK has not noticed that the courts seem to let him drag cases on and on over ridiculous claims, and that he did not notice that the judge gave him free passes on Breitbart and Ace of Spades and Hoge and Walker and Ali. He might not have noticed that neither the State of Maryland nor the Maryland Federal District court have been moved by his forgery of evidence enough to actually punish him for it. He might have only have figured that out by reading it here.

      • There can be no doubt that the tiny terrorist has had some luck with his claims of being an idiot. There can also be no doubt that he has gotten direction not usually afforded to counsel, but do we know that it’s unusual with pro se parties?

        Your view of what constitutes dragging something on and on may differ from the views of others, particularly the views of federal courts. Federal cases commonly drag on and on. I really don’t see this as a special circumstance for only this case.

        At least some of what you consider to be “free passes” have not yet been adjudicated. In fact, the various MTD have not yet been adjudicated either. That these issues have not been resolved does not mean they won’t be, or that they’ll be resolved in favor of the pedo plaintiff.

        While some tend to focus on the leniency shown to the puny plaintiff, perhaps he has noticed his many losses. For example:

        Judge Hazel made short work of Kimberlin’s attempt at sealing – he both ruled on the request and placed both his ruling, and Kimberlin’s profferred sealed filing, on the public record.

        It looks to me as if Brett Kimberlin is digging himself a deeper hole with every paper he files in the Maryland federal litigation…

        If, in his narcissism, the tiny terrorist tends to overlook those losses, some make sure to point them out. If his much-over-inflated-ego causes him to see standard, expected rulings to be encouragement, some will point out that he’s not really winning, but instead is “digging himself a deeper hole” as Mr. Levy wrote.

        But if you feel a need to ignore his losses and focus only on what you view as bias in his favor, please don’t even consider my differing opinion or the evidence offered.

        But also don’t expect everyone to buy into the theory that the judge is in the puny plaintiff’s pocket, or that he has even the most minute chance of winning anything.

      • I’ll just leave this letter order right here.

        It’s the order that calls the puny plaintiff a liar, in so many words, and slaps his tiny hands in other ways. Kind of a fun read for those following the lead of the parties in keeping a positive outlook.

      • Evidently you have missed my many, many predictions that BK will not win this case in a trial. I have stated over and over that BK never intended to win this case. I am not saying that he would not prefer a victory, just that it is not necessary for his goals. He has indeed managed to quell speech. He has gotten some stuff removed, and, like terrorism (it’s like terrorism because it is terrorism) it has the effect of warning others off. Again, I will point out that discussing this case on Ace of Spades is a bannable offense. So while the material that BK complains about hasn’t been removed, that speech has been squelched. Look at all the plaintiffs in this case – really only Mr. Hoge continues to write much about it all.

        All of the losses that BK has racked up are not things that have been costly to him. Sure, he got dunned for attorney’s fees in the State case, but 1) the amount was minimal and 2) he hasn’t paid them. But I don’t think that BK considers the requirement to respond to a bunch of defendants costly to him – it is what he does. Given the quality, he can’t be spending a lot of time on them.

        So, yes, it may be that Federal courts are just slow. Well, that is part of the reason to use them, if your goal is to keep people tied up. He takes on people who actually might suffer reputational damage because he knows that they actually have something to lose.

      • As to the letter order, yes, note it denies in part, and grants in part.

        Regardless, it served the purpose of furthering the harassment of those it targeted even its failure.

        So, in the letter, the judge basically calls him a liar? And?

        Kim Jong-il: Aw, Hans Brix!
        Hans Blix: Let me look around, so I can ease the UN’s collective mind.
        Kim Jong-il: Hans, ya-breakin’ my barrs here, Hans, ya breakin’ my barrs!
        Hans Blix: I’m sorry, but the UN must be firm with you. Let me see your whole palace, or else…
        Kim Jong-il: Or erse what?
        Hans Blix: Or else we will be very, very angry with you… And we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.

        Remember the Judge in the state case who was just really angry about the forgery? She was really upset! Just not so upset that she did anything about it.

      • Before I begin to reply to your most recent comments, I forgot to thank you, Earl, for not defending public attacks on the judge, and for not denying those comments may reappear in future pleadings. So, um, thanks.

        And I feel I must again wistfully point out what a terrible shame it is that we do not have available a sooper sekrit site where there is little danger of any comments providing help, encouragement, or moral support to Team EVIL.

        Oh, if only there were a sooper sekrit site where Team Free Speech supporters could debate without making it (falsely) appear to Team EVIL there is dissension in the ranks, rather than just a lively discussion. They’d never guess that I’ve challenged Earl because of his superior intellect, and ability to de-personalize; not because I disagree with his overall aims and positions, but mostly because it’s FUN to debate and he’s very good at it.

        And as the wise Prince of Parody (may FUN be upon him) has taught us: All we have is FUN. 😉

      • I’m aware of your views, Earl. I just don’t agree with all of them. It’s not as black and white as some, including you, seem to believe. (Something, something, correlation, something, causation.) In fact, a TL;DR for most of your comments on this topic could be: BK will not win this case at trial, but has already won, and continues to win, in his real goal of process = punishment.

        Shall we check the premise of “the process is the punishment”? Who is more punished so far? I think I’ve made a compelling case, way above, way long comment, with several examples, that the tiny terrorist has caused more harm to himself than to any of his litigation targets. I’m confident he didn’t foresee the possibility of his daughter’s friends not being allowed to visit him her (surely he’d count that as grave harm), or that she’d have to change schools. The absolute anger he displays in most pleadings and as reported by DW shows things aren’t going quite how he’d plotted.

        Contrast that to what some of the core defendants have written, where it appears they get a lot more laughs from this case than consternation. And I haven’t noticed them being “tied up” or unable to pursue other interests. RSM has virtually ignored it for months on end while pursuing other stories, and writing a book on feminism.

        This debate began with my challenging your perceptions about the judge, and indefatigable efforts to spread pessimism give a reality check to those who have a hopeful attitude, or who express various (occasionally/rarely, unfounded but nonetheless their own to which they’re entitled), opinions regarding what is typical in similar cases. That some defendants may choose to follow legal advice to be quiet isn’t something I’m challenging, or complaining about. Nor do I automatically count that as a win for Team EVIL.

        For all I know, those being the most quiet are writing books to be published when the case is over. For all I know, slow down in reporting by some others is because there just isn’t a lot going on in the case, or it’s just not important enough to them to think about it all that much right now; or at least not more important or interesting than other things. For all I know, you could be 100% correct and no mention of Team EVIL will ever pass their lips, or publish button, again. But until we know, I think it’s premature to assert it as fact that Team EVIL accomplished anything of lasting significance* – particularly when contrasted with the ever rippling Streisand effect.

        I’m not trying to stop you from focusing on any and all negatives to the exclusion of anything contrary – I’m not even trying to slow you down. However, I (and any others so inclined), may choose to reply with differing views and the reasoning upon which they’re based. Just because you’re convinced, doesn’t mean those who disagree are naive, or otherwise not seeing the big picture.

        *Other than the claimed KU defendants, I’m ignoring those who have settled, and will continue to do so, and encourage others to do the same. Even so, the “relief” received by the tiny terrorist with these settlements is but a drop in the ocean of Streisand effect he has caused himself. A single line in a single book? Pffft. Compare that to daily posts at Hogewash! And so on.

      • What I note, and also the “And?” is it so greatly restricted the parts it granted, and put the puny plaintiff on notice about the court’s skepticism, that he decided not to file the granted motion after all. And it’s another example of how the judge doesn’t always rule in his favor. But by all means, please do continue to focus on whatever parts were not 100% against the diminutive diddler, while ignoring the bulk of the order and the result. You’re really helping me out. 🙂

        IIRC, the defendants were pleased with this letter order. That there is a case is harassment, no question. I don’t see how this order helped further it, given the results (especially the many laughs). In fact, I’d bet the puny plaintiff’s tiny hands are still stinging from how badly they were publicly slapped, on the record, available to all.

        BTW – I’m not attempting to defend the state court’s failure to do anything about the forgery, and won’t. It was appalling. That said, I do think the adjudication may prove helpful in the federal case, and any future cases the tiny terrorist decides to file. You may scoff at this being on his permanent record (oh noes!), but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it, especially if he hasn’t learned his lesson about following FMNR’s explosive self-defeating advice.

      • Regarding the sooper sekrit site, well I guess I am not one of the cool kids on that one. I occasionally drop by TMZ, but Fat Bastard is a side show.

        As to defending public attacks on the judge – well, I am critiquing the case management and other decisions. I do not encourage others to venture into the realm of personal insult. If you want to take people to task for that, take them to task. But I don’t do it.

        If the Judge is concerned that people might think that he is politically biased, well maybe he shouldn’t act as if he is politically biased. Aside from requests for delay to the trial, I don’t think I have seen a single motion or request from defendants that have been granted. Of course, by this time, with all the water that is under the bridge, I could be misremembering. I guess you could say the show cause on the forgery was a request from defendant (that shouldn’t have been a defendant!) that was granted, but as the result was to simply bury the issue, it’s a win? Yay?

        Yes, I know, I am a ray of sunshine. My position is that the courtroom is not a level playing field. I think NR got the lawfare game from BK, not the other way around. He took the concept of the judicially enforced dox to heart, as doxing is one of his tools of political activism/harassment. He is the one behind going after Ace’s identity.

        And here is where the real focus of this thing is – it isn’t really about BK’s butthurt. I think that his complaints about lost revenue and little girls coming over are greatly exaggerated. It is what he says to claim damages. I think that this is really a partisan driven attack on “teabaggers” and a bunch of amorphously defined people of the right. The attempt to dox Ace came from the aftermath of the defenestration of Weiner – which was by and large a Breitbart joint. Look at how many of the defendants have touchpoints with Breitbart.

        It is of a piece with the Left’s plan to harass the Right out of business – I don’t think it is a mere coincidence that Bunny Boy is a part of this, and part of Stop Rush. The point of getting a concession out of Simon and Schuster was not to get rid of a line in a book – it was to warn Simon and Schuster or any other publisher away from publishing something by O’Keefe or from any Breitbartian.

        So, fun is a good thing. We should have it. But we should not underestimate what is really going on. This isn’t some wild-eyed Team Themis conspiracy theory. The attacks on the Right are real. And they are spectacular.

        And that the judiciary is on the other side is probably something important to know. NR’s observation was that the targets would be people who did not have much experience in the courtroom outside of a traffic ticket. These would be people who think that it works like it does on TV – that truth must be told in court, that if you lie you get in trouble, and that by and large people follow the rules. That’s not how it works at all.

        So, yes, Coleman and Smith and the rest of the attorneys write wonderful legal documents. Mr. Hoge writes what appear like a good engineering approximation of legal documents (no, really, that is a compliment!). They know the law, they know the rules. And they get denied. Is that focusing on the negative? Well, that’s because there aren’t a lot of positives to point to.

      • “There can also be no doubt that he has gotten direction not usually afforded to counsel, but do we know that it’s unusual with pro se parties?”

        I’m pretty sure the tolerance shown pro se plaintiffs has never before extended to excusing admitted forgery of court documents.

      • What Mr. Crawford said. If anything, the court not wrapping the diminutive pedo in chains for forging a federal court summons then admitting it is, to me, a stunning miscarriage and indicative of how lightly the court treats Kimberlin’s misdeeds.

  7. Idiot pedo worshipping child porncreator stupidly confesses not once, not twice but three times on twitter that essentially he created childporn daring law enforcement to club him

    OMG…… just in though Vanderbilt Medical Center Legal and police department are contacting the parties involved and are confirming the non permission of use of any images or documents or any part of their services and or name and were pointed to the numerous sites and web archives.

  8. The people associated with BK can not have this case to go to trial or even discovery for that matter.

    • Oh, it may very well go to discovery; but it will never come out as a viable complaint. Kimberlin will induce either a default judgement, dismissal (w/o sanction or prejudice) or a directed verdict (not sure if 1= 3).

  9. “This isn’t some wild-eyed Team Themis conspiracy theory. The attacks on the Right are real. And they are spectacular.”

    I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both are happening at the same time.

    Sorry for the Gumpism but I think there is both paranoia and vendetta and cynical political machination at work. And the NR BK nexus is partly comical because each is a selfish and ruthless psychopath thinking that he is using the other successfully for very personal ends.

    Any larger common goal for them is completely subsumed by their individual desires to be perceived as, if not actually be, a big shot.

    • Plus, there are others in the axis who are used, all the while believing that they are key players and decision makers. One has a bunny fetish and fancies himself a great writer, another is obsessed with anal rape and male genitalia, and a third is a former prostitute. Nice bunch of people. Classy.

    • Exactly, very well said, Onlooker.

      And they’ll never be other than wannabes, except maybe to even bigger losers than themselves, whom they will use and discard whenever they become inconvenient.

      Kinda like that big rock-n-roll recording contract is gonna come through at any minute for the 60+ years old, no talent, horrid voiced hack.

  10. I appreciate the reply, Earl, despite it not addressing the main points I raised.

    Glad we agree that public attacks on the judge aren’t a good idea. How about casting aspersions in public where those words may end up in a puny plaintiff’s pleading? Is everyone ok with that?

    It appears to me that Michael Smith doesn’t think the forgery issue is dead. RSM has specifically requested referral for charges. Perhaps we should wait until the court denies his request, and the sanctions or 12(b) requests, before we assume the puny plaintiff got away with it.

    So, it’s your position the judge is politically biased in favor of the tiny terrorist because… because… he made some rulings we don’t like and hasn’t ruled on everything yet? It’s pretty difficult to refute that with anything other than the examples I’ve already provided of times the judge ruled against the diminutive diddler. Would even more examples of pro-Team Free Speech rulings help? Didn’t think so. And what was that scorching order I linked and quoted? Political bias cover-up?

    As for the rest of your comment, well, I may be underestimating. But I think it’s possible that you’re overestimating his worth to the dem party, and their knowledge of his activities. Mark Singer sure didn’t seem to think him too valuable an asset to write the truth about him. And to my knowledge, Ayers hasn’t been accused of pedophilia. That’s still frowned upon in most circles.

    Again, I choose to follow the lead of the defendants. To paraphrase Aaron, I choose to be a happy warrior.

    • Nearly 10 months have passed since BK admitted that he had forged documents on behalf of the court. The court has said nothing about it. Nothing. It could be that the Judge is Just. That. Busy.

      Too busy to rule against someone who is impersonating his court to send out summonses to people/entities that were not named as defendants in the complaint. Who, now more than a year later, are still having to defend themselves against a suit that they were not named in, and served fraudulently.

      Smith and RSM are having to ask the Judge about this forgotten misadventure because the Judge has said not one word about it. Yes, it has not been ruled on yet, but that means it hasn’t been ruled on. What possible reason could there be for the delay? There is no question of whether the forgery happened -BK admitted to it. Is the judge trying to decide whether it is actually wrong for someone to forge a summons from the court? Is he unsure of whether he has the power to do anything about it if it is wrong? Does he feel like the deterrent effect of punishment would be diminished if the punishment happened too soon after the offense?

      As of now, in the Fourth District (and in the State of Maryland), it is precedent that you can forge service and/or a summons and not only not be punished for it, but be allowed to continue your case, and the subjects of your forgery are obliged to play along.

      I have written before that someday these courts will rue this precedent.

      Thank goodness I don’t live in Maryland.

      • Precedent comes from the appellate courts, so MD is safe at the moment.

        The current judge wasn’t on the case ten months ago.

        I think we’d all prefer the courts move more quickly. Mark Steyn has written more than once about that proposition.

        You may be right that he’s Just. That. Busy.. Or it could be he’s following rules and custom. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the rules of MD federal courts, but using those context clues that my kids learned in elementary school, it appears they like to do things in a certain order. And that order pushes sanctions off until a later stage of the proceedings

        In this letter order the prior judge DENIED yet another of the tiny terrorist’s requests writing:

        In my view, it is not appropriate at this time to allow the parties to file recursive motions for sanctions arising out of earlier filed motions for sanctions. Twitchy’s motion currently is pending before the Court, and Kimberlin has had the opportunity to respond to the claims therein. Should it become apparent that Twitchy has acted improperly in violation of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, there will be ample opportunity to explore that possibility after the substantive issues in this case are resolved on their merits. Until such time, Plaintiff’s Request is DENIED without prejudice.

        (I concede that I can’t prove this DENIAL wasn’t just more cover-up of political bias, like the sanctions against Aaron, Patterico not being granted, and the other letter order I linked and quoted.)

        What the puny plaintiff has been allowed to get away with so far is egregious – both in and out of court. But I don’t see evidence of political bias. Perhaps reason for some tort reform, but I already thought we needed that. As you’ve previously written, real courts are very different from tv courts.

        There have been some important changes over the last several years (Iqbal in 2009, Twombly in 2007), but there should be more, including severe punishment for abusing the process; and automatic criminal referral for perjury and forgery for all litigants in all cases. Meanwhile, the same rules that some think unfairly help the diminutive diddler will also apply to any counter-claims.

        Hogewash! continues to gain in popularity, year after year. That shutuppery strategy seems to not be working nearly as well as advertised.

        TL;DRFederal courts are hard. I know lawyers with decades of experience who won’t go near them, hiring other counsel when it can’t be avoided. Mark Steyn is drawing attention to the slow pace and punitive value of process = punishment. Reforms are needed. But the problems are across the board, not unique to this case.

      • Exactly, Earl.

        The forgery (read: IMPERSONATION OF THE COURT!) was enough of a travesty. But, the blatant unwillingness of the court to address it, and rightfully act upon it (TEN MONTHS LATER!) while the victims of the forgery continue to have their time, efforts, resources, and lives disrupted by the Tiny Terrorist’s criminality is beyond a perversion of justice. And, it goes without saying, and I’m sure most decent and honorable people would agree — ANY and ALL perversion of justice is the most sickening and debilitating travesty of all.

        IMO — What some may interpret as you presenting an “Eeyore” view of this RICO Madness, I view as simply a concise and clear take on the events as they have unfolded.

        Tis maddening, frustrating, and disappointing to say the least.

        “But we should not underestimate what is really going on. This isn’t some wild-eyed Team Themis conspiracy theory. The attacks on the Right are real. And they are spectacular.”

        THIS! And, anyone who remains asleep and/or oblivious to this truth needs to be smacked wide awake.

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