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  1. I was going to ask why the debris looks like an expanding ring. But then I did some RESEARCH and found out why. It’s pretty simple, really. As one looks toward the edges of the expanding sphere at points farthest away from the core, one looks through more material.

  2. As I have posted in previous papers, an overload of focused energy rifts/space time. The object within a strong, focused magnetic field should become a white dwarf, neutron star, pulsar, etc, but with too much energy, and ONLY IF the magnetic field is superbly centered, the object is not created in situ but rifted thru space/time to apperate some distance away.
    I believe this appearance of 3 objects within 1987A is an example of this.

  3. Stunning picture if the 1987A titled Hand Of God

    The team suspects a compact source or pulsar wind nebula to be sitting in the centre of the radio emission, implying that the supernova explosion did not make the star collapse into a black hole. They will now attempt to observe further into the core and see what’s there.

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