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  1. Seriously?

    “I could just dismiss the case out of pity, but out of kindness I wish to drag her poor mother into this mess while she is nursing her crippled daughter. I am so kind.” (not a direct quote.)

    Did you see the 300? “For I am kind. I will not require you to stand. I will allow you to kneel.” (yes a direct quote.)

    Geez, this makes his other posts today seem positively human.

    • No, this just shows him as doubling down on stupid. I am completely gobsmacked that the pro-se diddler is this audacious. But then again, this is a man who resorted to suspected murder-for-hire, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

      • But then again, this is a man who resorted torandom bombings at high school sporting events, that blew a man’s leg off, to cover up suspected murder-for-hire that was quite probably in response to the victim removing her underaged grand-daughter from his pedophilic presence, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…


  2. Well, BK references the Sherrod case.

    This is a strategy. The Left is on the warpath.

    They want Breitbart, that is why BK is after Nagy. I am sure that the mother who is more interested in caring for her daughter than fighting an internet flame war would be an easier target, so he is going after it.

    Check. Your. Premises.

    • As for the Sherrod case, there was no question that Breitbart had passed away. Here, legal competency is not an issue that has been determined, and it is not a finding to be made by a party to the case.

  3. 1. Legal incompetence is a high bar to hurdle. Has there been a FORMAL finding that Mandy is LEGALLY incompetent? No? Does BK also fancy himself an expert in this area?
    2. Perhaps this is why no such notice has been given to the court? Also, perhaps, because BK had yet to file his omnibus brief, and many motions are pending?
    3. I have massive, MASSIVE doubts that Mandy’s attorney “admitted” much of anything to BK, other than exactly what counsel says he said in his letter to the court.
    4. Earl, BOOM. I think you are correct.

    • “without getting into FRE 408 discussions….” How very convenient. Is there a sworn affidavit attached to this, attesting that BK’s statement are true and correct, under penalty of perjury? No? Ah, I see.

  4. Nothing in this letter pertains to anything that is “ripe” before the court–at this time–in this case. Should be filled in file drawer 13, and sent back to the “plaintiff”.

    • But TDPK has a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to negotiate a settlement with the defendant.

      Don’t ask him to cite any authority for that, it’s his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to make arguments to the court.

  5. This is the second time that Kimberlin has referenced having conversations with Stranahan. I would seriously hope that Lee is not discussing other defendants with the terrorist diddler.

    • Parties have to communicate with each other. It is highly likely, and not inappropriate at all, for one party to reference the actions of another party to get desired results. I would not be surprised at all if one of the strategies here is to keep dropping Lee’s name to erode support for him and trust. Divide and conquer.

      • Notice how Brett Kimberlin went apeshit when some of the defendants were criticized for settling? Brett Kimberlin pounded the table about how unfair it was and how the reporting of some of the defendants were detrimental to his case. Aside from the obvious issues with sites such as bbu, and Bill Schmalfeldt’s antics, the efforts directed at Lee Stanahan seem calculated to isolate Stranahan from the rest of defendants to the detriment of Stranahan’s case. Maybe that issue ought to be brought before Judge Hazel. Perhaps, Lee Stranahan should raise it himself. That is, after, his motion to dismiss for lack of service is adjudicated.

  6. Lee makes mistakes sometimes. I wouldn’t be surprised if in good faith he made the mistake of attempting to reason with the minikin reptile, not understanding how every syllable was to be twisted in bad faith as far as possible.

      • Here Kimberlin says Lee approached him about settling (dropping) Nagy’s case. That would have been improper if it weren’tprobably mostly mischaracterized by kimberlin (IOW, a fat lie). Any attempt to coax Kimberlin to a humane or reasonable position …that didn’t come from her lawyer… would have been a bad idea, a mistake.

    • Intellectually, Lee absolutely runs circles around Brett. I didn’t really “get” Lee when I first started following the Kimberlin events. But now that I know a lot more about him, I can tell you there is absolutely no danger of Kimberlin outsmarting Lee.
      Add to that, Lee is acting in good faith and has honorable intentions. Not only does he harbor no illusions about what Kimberlin is, I’ve found Lee to be one of the most perceptive and insightful people Brett has ever targetted.
      Any one of those things by itself might not be much help. All of them together, though, make him solid as a rock.

      Since the early days of the lawsuit, Brett has leaked, via his enablers and toadies, rumors that Lee will switch sides and turn on his co-defendants. Notice how nothing of the sort ever happened? Instead Lee has some of the most cutting, well written, concise commentary on Brett, Neal, BS, and a couple of their side projects. Overall, all the defendants are probably lucky to have ended up with Lee included on the defendants list. Yes, even Dan Backer; though Lee dislikes DB’s political activism, Lee’s contributions to the efforts to contain Kimberlin are quite positive and likely compare very well to what any of us would manage.

      I already held the opinions above, but they were strengthened a couple months ago when it surfaced that Lee had figured out by himself years ago, an odd fact about one of Neal’s side projects, which several veteran Neal watchers had been scratching their heads over for years since. He might release some articles or videos about it when other more interesting projects subside.

      Don’t worry about Lee.

      • I don’t disagree with you….and it’s no secret to anyone that kimberlin spins the faintest civility as suspect cooperation, and has been playing that old schtick wrt Lee for some weeks at least. Lee is a good faith operator but I have seen him make mistakes that seem to spring from good motives and without insulation of counsel he is vulnerable.

  7. I’m sorely tempted to file an amicus curiae motion requesting that the bailiff be directed to grab Brett Kimberlin by the ear, take him out back of the courthouse, and spank him with a leather belt until he cries.

    This is just another charming BK moment to be shared when and if someone tries to defend poor little persecuted Brett Kimberlin.

    Want to support a liberal activist? How about picking one that hasn’t gone after the caregiver of a person they sued, after that person had a stroke. Oh, and you might find one that isn’t a convicted terrorist bomber, perjurer, etc. etc. etc. I hear Sandra Fluke needs a case of condoms and a Norplant… And wouldn’t you rather fund ACTUAL fornication rather than FIGURATIVE fornication via the courts?

    • No one thinks “tough guy” when thinking of the tiny terrorist. Puny Plaintiff Pansy would cry the moment he thought he may be in danger.

  8. Contrast TDPK’s actions with Cabin Boy’s protestations and the cognitive dissonance alone ought to confirm that these scum are simply psychopaths.

  9. I shall preface my comment with the statement that what I am about to type is sinful and against God’s will and I apologize to all concerned and I will confess this sin tomorrow when I see my confessor.
    Please God, grant me three minutes in a locked room with Brett.

  10. The phrase “colossal douchebag” springs immediately to mind.

    (With all due apologies to oversized feminine hygiene products.)

  11. remember who this man is – the sick twisted man who has such a distorted view of women, he dates children, the rapist, the bomber the cruel warped personality who raped a 14/15 yr old repeatedly, a pervert who may very well be touching other underage girls, we don’t know, we really cant know, except that he’s never been in a normal relationship and judging by his misdeeds, he is continuing his brand of sociopathic behavior.

    • And because of all these big meanies (Especially you, Simon and Schuster!) wary parents won’t let their daughters have sleepovers in his mother’s basement! Such an outrage.


    • Unless you recorded the phone conversations you allegedly had with Brett Kimberlin, your “mistake” was allowing yourself to enter into a spitting match of, “He said; He said.” Communicating solely with Brett Kimberlin by e-mail would at least leave a paper trail.

      • Maryland is a ‘two party consent’ state, so recording the call without BK’s consent is illegal.

        So, no – I didn’t make that. But thanks.

      • Lee, you had the option of stating in a straightforward fashion that you would talk on the phone, but, only if Brett Kimberlin agreed in advance to the conversations being recorded. That would be two-party consent. I wasn’t suggesting the calls be recorded surreptitiously. At this point, anything said in those conversations is, “He said. He said.” Given how brazen, shameless, mendacious and intellectually dishonest Brett Kimberlin is that is not a good position to place oneself.

  12. Yet again Plaintiff places himself in the position of trying to tell the Court where “the best interests” of the defendants lies. While Brett Kimberlin might wish to assert that Mandy Nagy’s “best interests” lies in a settlement, more likely it is in his. In the last analysis, Mandy Nagy has no financial interest either way. She is indigent, and, apparently, will be for the foreseeable future. All that she has is her friends, family and her body of work. Why should she tarnish her reputation by capitulating before what she considers evil?

    If she loses the case, the Judge might order her words taken down, but, maybe not. And, if she wins, her words will not be taken down. Even in the worst case scenario of the Judge ordering her words be taken down, the resulting backlash and Streisand Effect will give her words more circulation than they would have had otherwise. But, if her words are taken down in act of capitulation, they will be sullied and forgotten. No person looking at Mandy Nagy’s best interest would settle with Brett Kimberlin.

  13. “Rather than raise the issue of substitution at that time, which I felt was more appropriately the ethical duty of counsel,…” -Brett Kimberlin

    I wonder if Ron Coleman is going to school Brett Kimberlin on the ethical duties of counsel towards his client.

    Here is lesson number one: the First Obligation of counsel towards his client is to try to keep him out of jail. Plaintiff’s counsel has failed miserably on that front.

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