In Re RICO Madness Once Again

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has asked Judge Hazel to pay no attention to the letter request Aaron Walker and I filed last week.

UPDATE—I note that TDPK has opposed our request for a motion to strike but has not opposed our request to file responses to his surreply. Given his reasoning in his second paragraph, Judge Hazel should take that as TDPK having no opposition to our being allowed to respond.

30 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness Once Again

  1. BK says that the rules say that the defendants are constrained in what they may do, but that the rules say that he can do any old thing he wants.

    Hazel does not seem to disagree with this analysis, or at least he hasn’t to this point.

    • We’ll never know which offensive straw will break the patient camel’s back. If it isn’t already broken, I hope this insult to his intelligence does it.

    • Just had a thought (yeah, scared me too) –

      The tiny terrorist is so used to being a criminal defendant wherein the rules do attempt to give him every break while constraining the prosecution, that he can’t quite get the hang of being the plaintiff, and/or that’s it’s a civil case.

      I hope that confusion continues to cause him much more humiliation.

  2. Oh dear convicted perjurer and violent felon with shades of pedophilia – please attach said email – you know for the record from Stranahan

  3. Also, I don’t see that the CMO provides for a rebuttal to a letter request. But abiding by the CMO isn’t really required for Plaintiff.

    • Howard Earl, please pick up the nearest sooper seekrit courtesy phone.
      Howard Earl; please pick up the nearest sooper seekrit courtesy phone.

  4. Funny, he always invokes the constitution for “I can cause I wanna.”

    Still his bit about claiming a right to respond however he sees fit very well might sound to the judge like Nixon’s comment that if the president does it, it is not illegal.

  5. I appreciate the request that Hoge and Walker filed to alternatively strike the response or be permitted to file a surreply, but I think that the request coupled with TDPK’s vexatious behavior is going to appear, to the judge, that the endless stream of motions has turned into an endless stream of requests (and responses to requests, and surreplies to requests) to file motions, further complicating the case.

    I would hope that the judge actually looks at who is filing the frivolous requests (hint: it’s not the defendants) and act accordingly.

    But I really hold out no hope for this judge. His lack of control over this case, given the plaintiff’s various forgeries and perjuries, has been appalling.

  6. Wow.

    A very well written, concise reply.

    Even if I walked in cold knowing nothing of the case, it only took him three paragraphs to make you want to look up the Latin for “what a douchebag.”

    Truly a damaging shot, pity about his aim…

  7. “For the record, I did communicate with Defendant Stranahan both by email and by phone about his motion. He advised me that he had been sick and asked that I not file for default, and promised to get the motion in as soon as he could. I agreed and waited patiently for it to be filed.”

    This leaped out at me for two reasons.

    1) Is Stranahan actually willing to take Kimberlin’s word for anything, especially over the phone?

    2) How the hell is this leniency consistent with his expanding his suit against Mandy Nagy’s mother?

    This reeks of BS.

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