In Re RICO Madness

On Friday, Stacy McCain filed a response to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s request to have McCain found in default in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

Stacy also filed a motion to dismiss.

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  1. Stacy’s arguments were a blast to read, and he’s got BK dead to rights on each of his criticisms. These filings were maybe the most fun to read since the whole suit started.

  2. Best line is that “Plaintiff hasn’t even bothered providing a bad forgery of the service.”

    This is why I have said that the best answer to the Dread Pro Se will come from other pro se’s

    Really these motions are works of art.

    • Brett Kimberlin is out on unsupervised parole. So he has no parole officer. Thus it takes considerable effort by the general community to hold him accountable for his current crime spree.

      This situation is quite unfortunate for Sandra DeLong.

  3. I enjoyed how Stacy used the Judges own lack of control of the matter against him.

    Basically – you let this get so screwed up and ignored so many rules\procedures that as a pro-se I had to ask for direction; which you failed to rule on.

  4. I liked this part..

    This court may draw its own conclusions, but the reality of this case seems obvious to me: Brett Kimberlin is not only a liar, but an exceptionally incompetent liar.

    That pretty much sums up the entirety of Kimberlin’s cases against the defendants.

  5. A very good motion and argument from RS McCain. If Mr. McCain hasn’t been served, then dismissal is not just allowed, it is required by the FRCP.

    Whether the dismissal is with or without prejudice would likely be within the court’s discretion, but given how long TDPK has drawn out this process (solely for the purpose of harming the defendants), dismissal with prejudice would not be inequitable.

    • I wholeheartedly echo Onlooker’s sentiments.

      I have long followed Stacy McCain, and have always enjoyed his well-researched take, his succinct clarity, and his bold and honest approach with regard to any topic or issue he has ever tackled.

      Stacy’s Response to the court and his Motion to Dismiss are no exception. Admirably written in tried-and-true RS McCain fashion.


  6. Once again, I’ve been proven totally wrong. I used to think I couldn’t possibly be a bigger fan of the work of Robert Stacy McCain who writes at The Other McCain. I thoroughly enjoyed being corrected. 😀

  7. There is both clarity and simplicity to R.S. McCain’s written words. It is clear he has been perfecting the skills of his profession all these years.

  8. What is the order at the end of the second document. Did RSM include it for the convenience of the judge? Is it just a standard inclusion?

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